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New-March JBO TV Column in Chesapeake Angler Magazine, read it here first!

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By Jim Baugh
Reporting from the flybridge in Hampton Virginia

TITLE: New from Carolina Skiff and Suzuki Marine-2010!

Last Spring Jim Baugh Outdoors TV had the pleasure of heading down to Waycross Georgia to pic up our new show boat, the Go Green Fishing Machine. This was a JVX20 rigged out with smart tabs and a new second generation Suzuki 90hp four-stroke engine. We thought we had an idea of just how fuel-efficient this boat and motor package would be, figuring that average fuel expenditure for a day may be around $20 bucks. Well, we were off quite a bit, our fuel expenditure for a day of fishing actually ranges between $1.50 and $3.00. Hard to believe, but this rig is really just that good. No longer can it be said that a boat is a hole in the water one throughs money into. Now, you can actually, fish, boat, have a great time on the water without even breaking a twenty dollar bill. Now in this economy, that is something to be excited about.
Some other things to get excited about are some of the new products for 2010 from Carolina Skiff and Suzuki Marine. We will start with the boat first off.

The NEW Carolina Skiff 25 Elite SS, designed as a multi functional boat; 3 in 1 as they it…a deck boat, a bay boat and an offshore boat.

Complete with all the functions of a deck boat with a plush cushion bow seating area with optional deck table with cup holders. The cushions and table stow away easily in the boat to transform the bow into a fish-able bay boat and offshore boat. The stern has open seating with removable cushions to complete the bay and offshore boat transformation. This boat wouldn’t be complete without the step down walk-in console with port-a-potty or the optional full flushable head.

The performance is outstanding, a smooth, dry and comfortable ride. The boat tracks very well at high speed allowing you to maneuver without any problems of control. The boat handles the open water with a soft and dry ride, the bow entry is sharp and cuts through the choppy waters comfortably. This exciting new boat was featured in Miami at the International Boat show, more info is on their web site at Jim Baugh Outdoors is making plans to feature this new rig on our show for 2010. We will post performance data on our web site as well.

Suzuki has some VERY exciting new product for 2010, one of which is my all time favorite HP, the 9.9! My first engine I ever had was a 9.9 on back of a 12-foot aluminum boat, that leaked of course. As a child, my brother and I ran a 9.9 all over the York river catching Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs and catching, Spot, Flounder, and Croaker. I am so excited about the new 9.9, I may start looking in the paper for Jon boats today!! Perfect for the Hampton River. Here is some of the latest straight from Suzuki!

Suzuki’s new DF8A and DF9.9A give boaters two portable power options offering significant enhancements in size, weight and user-friendly operation. Even more important in today’s tough economy, Suzuki’s DF9.9A 4-stroke is more fuel-efficient than its predecessor, especially during low to mid-range operation. This translates into more time on the water trolling, fishing or exploring, with less time (and money) spent fueling up. The Suzuki DF8A is available with 20-inch shaft, tiller steering and manual start. The Suzuki DF9.9A is offered in both 15-inch and 20-inch shaft lengths with tiller steering and manual or electric starting. Remote steering is available on the DF9.9A 20-inch electric start model.

New 60HP Four-Stroke Outboard Delivers Compact Size, Lightweight Design andTop-Level Fuel Efficiency for Wide Range of Fresh and Saltwater Boats. This all-new in-line 3-cylinder outboard will bring a new level of performance, durability and efficiency to a wide range of fresh and saltwater boats. Suzuki’s DF60A is the most advanced powerplant for everything from pontoon boats and aluminum fishing boats to center console skiffs, bay boats or large RIBs.Also new from Suzuki- DF60! The DF60A is available in a 20-inch (L) shaft model. In addition, an available tiller handle kit makes this advanced new 4-stroke an even more versatile choice for a variety of boating and fishing applications. The introduction of this newest Suzuki 4-stroke follows last year’s successful launch of second-generation 70, 80, and 90 horsepower models that offered boaters significant improvements in size, weight and fuel economy. Suzuki was able to develop an outboard that is the most compact and lightest in the class (229 lbs.) while providing boaters with a higher level of performance and fuel efficiency. Suzuki achieves this through a combination of proven and pioneering technology.

Compared to the 60HP 4-stroke it replaces, Suzuki’s testing has demonstrated this model will run approximately 50-percent farther on each liter of fuel at trolling and cruising speeds — and an impressive 30-percent farther at wide open throttle. Fuel consumption per hour for Suzuki’s new DF60A was tested to be about 40-percent less at trolling speed, 45-percent less at cruising speed and still a significant 20-percent less running wide open.

Now that is going green and SAVING GREEN!!!! Something that will make all of us boaters and fisherman live a little easier! For more information log on to or Also be sure to check with your local Suzuki dealer as to availability and pricing. These are HOT new engines, order yours today! The season is coming quick!

With the “close” these past early winter months of Sea Bass fishing, all I can say is my freezer is not as full as it should be. I really miss those offshore Sea Bass annual trips. We will be heading out with Captain Jim for some deep drop Tile fishing and will report here on how we do, looking forward to it!!

I would like to invite everyone to check out all of the celebrations in our home base port of Hampton VA. The 400th anniversary of Hampton Virginia is a huge celebration that you and your family do not want to miss. For a list of events and festivals just log on to or the Hampton CVB web site for accommodations and lodging info. (

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Tight Lines!
Jim Baugh
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