Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Hunters Moon Oct 15 2019 Magothey Bay Eastern Shore USA JBOTV

We had clouds all day but a rare clear night for the Hunter Moon. This was filmed looking East over Magothy Bay. The single moon shot was the first exposure. This location was featured in our award winning short film the Milky Way Galaxy our Home.
Photos were takin on an SL2 50mm prime lense F1.8 stacked in PSCC.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Rare find on the Chesapeake, Adler & Muhlhauser Enterprise Brewery Bottle over 138 yrs old

Out walking Jazz our dog on the beach castin a few lures and looking for sea glass. Here on the Eastern Shore of Virginia there are lots of places that regularly one can find some real treasures that have been washed up on shore.

I was pretty shocked when I saw this bottle that was just sitting on the edge of the Bay. On close inspection I realized it was an old bottle, but just how old and could it be rare?

Well researched all the info I could and turn out this is a bottle from the late 1800s. To be exact, 1881 to 1883 Enterprise Brewery was established in Baltimore and was just open for two years. This bottle would be one of the few if any collectables remaining from that brewery.

On the back of the bottle it says “Bottle Never Sold”. Back in the day bottlers would own the bottles and “Lease” the glass container to whoever. This was a way of protecting and re using their bottles.
We have cleaned up this find and now sits in my wife’s incredible sea glass collection, that honestly is the largest I have seen.

Great day for a beach walk and ya never know what the tide will bring!


Jim Baugh