Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! Hampton Virginia

Halloween in Hampton is quite big this year! We started our day off heading down on our go green bikes to the Downtown Hampton Farmers Market located right on the water by the Virginia Air and Space Center.
PICK YOUR PUMKIN! They had some great vendors there today and also had a wonderful live band playing. Perfect weather for a Farmers Market.
We saw some great dogs, one was from the Great Dane rescue, a very sweet pup only a year old. Had remembered this dog from the Neptune Festival. Glad to see he found a good home!

When you visit our home port of Hampton, be sure to check out the Farmers Market on Saturdays, a great way to start your Saturday for sure!
We are heading out to do some trolling for Rockfish, and then back this evening to see Slapwater play live on Queens Way. All the restaurants and pups are celebrating Halloween with all sorts of entertainment, hope to see everyone there!

HALLOWEEN NIGHT DOWNTOWN HAMPTON VIRGINIA. The roads were closed off, the stage set, and three bands rocked the Halloween crowd all night. People were really in the spirit this year, and folks were dancing in the streets.

Happy Halloween from JBO TV

NOTE: Tomorrow JBO TV will be filming with Barry Buchanon featuring chunking for Rockfish at the HRBT! Will report here.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Offshore fishing on the "Jil Carrie"

Jim Baugh Outdoors TV has always enjoyed featuring the Jil Carrie with captain Jim Brincefiefld at the helm. Captain Jim has become a legend in this area for his success at offshore wreck fishing.

We have now posted on our streaming server our 2009 program featuring Captain Jim and one awesome Sea Bass excursion. If you have not yet been on one of these trips, this show will give you a glimpse of the excitement that you can expect.

To watch the show, Click HERE NOW We also have a fantastic three pepper shrimp sauce and Sea Bass recipe that we filmed in West Palm Beach and is in the second half of the program.

Captain Jim is currently booking his Rockfish trips for the fall Rockfish season. Be sure to contact him at

Jim can fill you in on the recent Sea Bass regulation, closures, season, etc, and also book you one one of his great Rockfish charters! Don't miss!

Tight Lines
Jim B Book it all here (Hampton CVB)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ben Baugh -- Workin on the rocks

My son Ben is always scaring me half to death with the pics of what he is doing out west for his masters degree in geology.

However, they are great pics!!

Ben is in the mountains in Washington State, and my daughter Casey is in college in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and I am down here on the Chesapeake Bay filming Rockfish. Looking forward to everyone getting together in Hampton for the upcoming Holidays!

PS: One of our 2009 Sea Bass offshore shows will be posted here to view this week, stay tuned!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Oyster Roast and BBQ on Buckroe Beach

We had been planning with some friends who live on the beach at Buckroe a fall Oyster Roast. It was at the Hampton Cup Regatta when we decided to do what probably will now be an annual event. Our friends Karen and Jake live right on the beach near the new Buckroe Fishing Pier, and wow, what a beautiful new pier it is. If you have not yet had a chance to check out the pier, fall is a great time to do so and Rockfish season is in!! This is also a fantastic time to visit Buckroe, Hampton has done a great job at managing the beach area, it is now very large and well maintained. A pretty and wide beach that also has a children's park area, and nice bike trails.

JB here was put in charge of the NC style BBQ, and I smoked 30 pounds of it Saturday in Hampton right here by the Hampton River. Here is my BBQ tips for what may be the best BBQ you will ever have.Start off with some Boston butts, and soak them in apple juice for 24 hours, then drain. Rub the meat with your favorite pork rub, then inject the meat with a 50 \ 50 mix of Texas Pete and apple cider vinegar. For the sauce, use a third Texas Pete, third crushed red pepper, and a third of vinegar. Coat the butts with the sauce and place in a large pan.

We usually smoke three or four butts at a time, or approx 30-40 pounds of meat. Smoke the meat at a temp of 225-250 degrees for 10 hours. For wood, my favorite is a mix of 75 percent apple, and 25 percent hickory.

When done, let the meat stand for about an hour, then start pulling the meat off the butts. Most of the meat will just fall off.

The 30 pounds of BBQ only lasted about 45 minute at the Oyster Roast, everyone really enjoyed it. There was also some fantastic smoked ribs, and jumbo hot dogs that was a big hit.

We all had a big treat and had the wonderful live music of Phoebus Rio playing right on the beach. It was just awesome, Robin also showed up to play some classical guitar and did a great rendition of classical gas, Ruth just loved it.
Phoebus Rio plays twice a month at the La Bodega wine and cheese shop in downtown Hampton, be sure to check them out, they are a great group!
Fall is a great time to be here fishing, the Rockfish bite has been decent, but the real night time bite should be happening this week. All you have to do is get to Hampton, fish the HRBT with an outgoing tide and cast to the pilings. Remember there is a two fish limit.

Jim Baugh Outdoors will be filming Rockfishing here in Hampton this Wed through next week, and will be reporting here on the fishing action. We will be chunking during the day and casting at the HRBT at night, as long as we catch the tide right!
Thanks again to everyone for putting on such a great Oyster Roast!! Buckroe Beach was beautiful!
Tight Lines!
Jim B

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nov. Dec. JBO TV Column in Travel Virginia Magazine

Hello everyone!
Here is a sneak peak at the new JBO TV Column that will apear in the Nov-Dec issue of Travel Virginia Magazine.

Grllin and Outdoor Livin with Jim Baugh
Reporting dockside from Hampton Virginia

By Jim Baugh

TITLE: Rock On For The Holidays

I cant think of a better holiday gift than an awesome Rockfishing trip out of Hampton Virginia. Right now we are catching Rocks at night at the HRBT and chunking them up big time at the MM Tunnel. If tournaments are your thing, there are a ton of them happening during the season, Get Hooked On Hampton Rockfish Tourney, the Bluewater Big Rock, CCA, and of course later in the season the Frostbite Challenge and the massive Rockfish Shootout. The holidays are the best time to be here fishing, and nighttime casting at the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel is about my Favorite. There is also nice dinner size Rocks right here in the Hampton River in the light lines. The great thing about our new Go Green Fishing Machine is that we can now fish in places that our larger boat could not access. Fishing literally under the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel has provided some great Spot and Croaker fishing during October, and the fishing for Rockfish in the evening has been great, and will only get better!

Go Green Rockfish Recipes and Freezer Tips.

Rockfish \ Striped Bass, is one of the favorite seafood fares in the Chesapeake Bay and there certainly is a lot of ways to prepare them. But before you cook, Store those extra filets!! There is no better way to help conserve and stretch out your grocery bill than to properly save and store your catch. For years, I have tried everything with only marginal success. During the last two years, we have been carefully vacuum sealing our catch with a foodsaver machine and it has worked flawlessly. There is no better way to store your prized catch and once you reopen your sealed bag, the meat is just like you had caught it. FRESH! A couple of tips, use a piece of paper towel and stretch inside the bag near the top under where the seal will be. This will help catch any moisture from going into the machine and provide a better seal. The cost of the bags is almost a wash, as long as you bulk buy them on the Internet or from a wholesale club.

Jim’s Holiday Rock “Feast” dinner.

When you come to Hampton and load up your coolers with Rockfish, Sunset Boating Center has about the best fish cleaning station around. Also Sunset is a great place for fuel, groceries, and of course dry dock storage. Once you clean all those Rockfish, here is a wonderful and simple recipe that your family and friends will love.

Take several large filets and place in a large baking pan. Pour one cup of white wine in the bottom and place five cloves of chopped garlic on top of the filets. Spread fresh cut parsley on top of the fish along with a dash of black pepper, sea salt to taste, and some fresh bay leaves. Bake at 350 until done, remove, and then turn on the broiler. Next, spread a teaspoon of butter over the filets. Once the broiler is ready, broil off the top of the Rockfish for only about a minute, until the butter is melted and turning brown. Remove from the oven.

Place the fish on a large white serving dish and top off with the following home made picante. Mix in bowl fresh cut tomatoes, chopped onion, one clove garlic, fresh parsley, dash of red wine vinegar, and a some crushed red pepper flakes. Ad one teaspoon of olive oil and stir together. Then, pour picante over top of the Rockfish and serve with a side of white rice. This is one festive holiday treat, -give this one a try for sure!

A Special Recipe from Burtons Grill.

Recently I had the pleasure of being ask to be a guest at Burtons Grill In the Hill Top area of Virginia Beach. Jim Baugh Outdoors TV wrote a review of the restaurant and it is located on our facebook page and on our JBO BLOG. Burtons was just a fantastic place, and all of the seafood we tried was about the best we have ever had. The following is again a simple dish, with a bit of a twist that we really loved. The dish is called Baha Mai, however the preparation works just as well with Swordfish, Rockfish, or even Tuna. Pictured here in our column is the Bahi Mai prepared with a delicious filet of Sword.

Take your favorite filet and bronze the meat on the grill. When we bronze fish, we use a combination of Cajun seasoning with butter and cook on a gas grill. The big key with this dish is the relish, (topping) that is put on top of the cooked filet. This savory delight is a combination of crabmeat, fresh cut avocado, and diced tomatoes along with some fresh lime juice and spices. I highly recommend going to Burtons Grill and trying this dish. Also Burtons has some of the best sea scallops we have ever had, a must try for sure. Check Burtons Grill out at You will be glad you did!

Hampton for the Holidays
Come join us for all of the downtown Hampton holiday festivities. My favorite holiday activity is the Downtown Hampton Lighted Boat Parade. We would like everyone to come down to see the incredible floating parade and you can see the Go Green Fishing Machine dressed out in her full holiday splendor! For more info on the parade and if you would like to enter your boat, just contact the Hampton Public Piers at 757-727-1276, ask for Greg the dock master. Also during this weekend is the downtown holiday Christmas lighting, book your rooms now downtown at the new Crowne Plaza. For complete lodging info just check out the Hampton Convention and Visitors Bureau web site at

--Also! Don’t forget to log on to to receive your FREE Hampton Roads Fishing Guide and Hampton Virginia Travel Guide. Just click the link on our first page, and they will be shipped to you free of charge. All the info you need to fish and travel in Jim Baugh Outdoors Home Waters!!! You can also request both guides toll free by dialing 800 800 2202. Everything you need is right there! A great holiday gift, and it is FREE!

Don’t miss our next column in Travel Virginia Magazine where we will feature Suzuki Marine and Carolina Skiff at the 2010 Miami International Boat show, and romancing recipes for Valentines Day from Key Largo to Key West! Stay Tuned!

Bon Appetit, Tight Lines, Happy Holidays, and GO GREEN!

Jim Baugh

Jim Baugh Outdoors TV

***For information about Jim Baugh Outdoors adopt a pet drive, log on to our web site at

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New commercial production by JBP Inc.

Jim Baugh Productions Inc. just finished a new 30 sec. spot for the Magnolia House B&B in Hampton Virginia. This spot will be seen on cable tv and featured on their web site as well. The Magnolia House is one of the most beautiful B&B's you will ever see. For the upcoming holidays if you have friends or family that are coming to the Hampton area, the Magnolia House would be the perfect gift for them.
I had the pleasure of staying there, and stayed in the Ellington Suite. That was one of the most enjoyable stays I have ever had. John Coltrane was playing non stop, just a fantastic get away, and, right here in Hampton. Talk about a staycation!

Rockfishing in Hampton, season is now!

JBO TV will be filming most of this week at the HRBT for night time Rockfish. Fishing the light line at the HRBT is an awesome experience. You can actually see which Rockfish you want to cast to. We don't usually get trophy fish at this time of year, but we will catch upwards of 20 pounders later in the month.

We will be fishing out of the Go Green Fishing Machine and report our fuel expenditures for the week. I doupt we will even burn five bucks in fuel, and limit out everyday!!

Only in Hampton! Fish On!
Jim Baugh.

JBP INC today is posting some commercials for the Magnolia House B & B here in Hampton. Ruth and I stayed there this past spring, and for sure, it is the most incredible B & B I have ever stayed, and it is convenient to everything downtown as well.
If you are going to be coming to Hampton to fish our fall season, or especially if you have family coming into town and would like them to have an incredible experience, contact the Magnolia House B & B. You will be glad you did!