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JBO Column, Dec. 09 Chesapeake Angler Magazine

By Jim Baugh
TITLE: $3.69 Rockfish Trip! Limited out!
The great thing about our new Go Green Fishing Machine is that we can now fish in places that are larger boat could not access. Fishing literally under the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel has provided some excellent early season Rockfishing. The other great thing about this new boat, is that even in a down economy, usually we can afford a fishing trip that cost under $4 bucks!! Lets see, three people on board, average unit cost per person would be,,,, $1.23? Guess so! However folks, as the captain of the Go Green Fishing Machine, I did not ask for gas money. I covered the $3.69 in gas myself. I did ask my cameraman at the beginning of the day if he would rather pay the fuel bill, or buy the cooking oil for frying the fish for dinner. He said, and I quote, “I will buy the cooking oil for sure”. Well, he spent more on peanut oil than I did in gas for the day. Hard to believe, but true!

We fished three days in a row last week at the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel and we limited out on Rockfish almost every trip. We were fishing the outgoing tide and wire lining the pilings in about 20 feet of water using bucktails with trailers. This is a sure fire way to put Rockfish in the boat. All fish were in the 18 to 23 inch class. The Go Green Fishing Machine just performed fantastic fishing in and out of those pilings. We left the Hampton River, fished all day, and only burned 1.3 gallons of gas!! That means our trip only cost $3.69 cents. That is not bad considering we loaded up with a cooler of Rockfish! Great trip! The fuel efficiency of the JVX20 Carolina Skiff powered with the NEW Suzuki 90 hp four stroke has to be seen to be believed. It is truly awesome! Never have we fished a boat that was this efficient and easy to run and fish.

December the larger fish will start to show up and live Eeling is usually the ticket. We have caught Rocks in the 20 pound class during the day simply drifting the Eels over the HRBT. We do like the outgoing tide the best and be sure to use a strong leader fishing around the rocks. December is also a great time to be night fishing the HRBT. The fish will be larger and stacked up in the light line. Usually you can see the rockfish you want to catch, and simply cast to it. The fishing is that good. Try again, to catch the outgoing tide and fish the up current side of the pilings or bridge tunnel.

Go Green Recipe \ Rock N Eggs!
Here is a great breakfast recipe that will use some of your leftover Rockfish filets you had for dinner, that is, if there are any leftovers! Combine cooked flaked Rockfish in a mixing bowl with one cup of cooked yellow rice. Add a teaspoon of chopped tomatoes and some crumbled cooked hot sausage. Chop and cook in a small pan two spring onions with a little olive oil and fresh garlic, then add to the mixing bowel. Stir it all up and pack the mixture into a four to five inch greased cup or bowel. Pack the mixture firmly into the bowl. Next, season a cast iron skillet with a little bacon grease and heat. Then, firmly place the bowl with mixture upside down into the hot skillet so that the entire mixture holds shape. To finish, scoop out a small section in the middle, large enough to put in two eggs. Once the eggs are in, cover the dish and heat until the eggs are poached in the mixture. You can top off this dish with some hollandaise sauce or a bit of Texas Pete, or both. AWESOME BREAKFEAST!!

Hampton for the Holidays
Come join us for all of the downtown Hampton holiday festivities. My favorite holiday activity is the Downtown Hampton Lighted Boat Parade. We would like everyone to come down to see the incredible floating parade and you can see the Go Green Fishing Machine dressed out in her full holiday splendor! For more info on the parade and if you would like to enter your boat, just contact the Hampton Public Piers at 757-727-1276, ask for Greg the dock master. Also during this weekend is the downtown holiday Christmas lighting, book your rooms now downtown at the new Crowne Plaza. For complete lodging info just check out the Hampton Convention and Visitors Bureau web site at

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See everyone in Hampton on the water for Rockfishing and the Holiday Boat Parade!!
Happy Holidays, and GO GREEN!
Jim Baugh
Jim Baugh Outdoors TV
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