Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It is Just Getting Better!!

I just back in town today and arrived in Hampton around 1pm. Captain Bill called me and suggested we fire up the twin Suzuki 250's and bust across the Bay, try to get on the massive Rockfish bite that was happening! A 55 and 62 pound had been boated and needles to say, I pulled into the first live bait stand I could find and got to the Hampton\Suzuki show boat as fast as I could.

We FLEW to the fishing grounds, baited up, and within minutes I had LOST my first big Rockfish for the day, but that would be the last of loosing fish. Next up Captain Bill lands a whopping 43.5 inch fat Rockfish, what an awesome Rock, only 1\2 inch away from a release citation!!!

Next up- saw the outrigger line be pulled off the outrigger. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZING!!

This one I landed and was a hungary 34 inch Rockfish. Well it had only been abut 15 minutes of fishing, and we had already limited out, just in time for one fast boat ride back to Hampton. This time of year the sunsets coming down over the Bay coming back from the Eastern Shore is quite a site to see. Tis the season!!

Speaking of, in the picture of Bill and I you can see the Jim Baugh Outdoors 36 Trojan in the background, we decorated her out real nice with Christmas lights this year. The downtown Hampton waterfront during the holiday season is something you have got to see, everything is decorated downtown and just looks fantastic.

Next day on the water is Thursday, it will be an all dayer in search of the new state record!!!

Tight Lines, and yall get down here to Hampton and experience the best Rockfishing in the World!!
Jim B.
PS. Glad you did not run out of gas Mike!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Rockfishing with the Chesapeake Angler

Hello everyone!!! MAX KING is da man! Fantastic day on the water today. Plantation Light was hot, the entire area was hoppin. We started out late today, but ended up with a great catch of a nice batch of Rockfish.
Captain Max has really got the live bait fishing down, and I highly recomended to book a charter today and get on these monster fish.
Look for upcoming columns in the Chesapeake Angler about this fantastic trip!! Jim Baugh Outdoors TV also shot a show today featuring this great charter, look for it during our 2008 broadcast season.Hey, the fish are getting bigger everyday. Don't miss out on this fantastic season.

Tight Lines!!


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jim Baugh Rockfish Holiday -49 pounds of pullage!!

Hello Everyone!!
Things have been a bit busy in Hampton here at Jim Baugh Outdoors Central. We have been filming everyday and the Rockfish bite has just gotten better and better. The time is now to be fishing out of Hampton for Rockfish.
Today the annual Jim Baugh Rockfish Holiday was won by Allen Meetze with a whopping 49 pound monster Rockfish. Allen won a NEW SUZUKI 2.5 HP FOUR STROKE ENGINE- their team also caught a lot of other fish weighing in the 30-40 pound range. Just some awesome catches. Check out this pic of the winning fish, AWESOME!! Yesterday I fished with Mike Wilburn and his buddy Jeff, GREAT CREW!!-and we had one catch and release citation, another one close, and one other 30 pound fish!! Jeff's boat was an awesome rig "TIght Lines" was a great ride and that hull raised fish!! Tomorrow we Will also again be live eeling, but with legendary live bait angler and writer Max King with the Chesapeake Angler Magazine. It has been a full week of filming, camerman Sean Finnegan is about wore out! Captain Earl has also joined me all week to get in on this fantastic Rockfishing. Captain earl hails from the Smith Mountain Lake and Gulf Coast areas and his fav is catching monster Rocks out of Hampton.
BOOK your charters today and don't miss out on what looks like the best year of Rockfishing yet-they are just getting BIGGER!!! The weather is fantastic, fishing in 70 degree weather, light winds, it just does not get any better than this. Yall come join us!!

Tight Lines