Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New BBQ Recipe, Sat night Downtown Hampton

This one is just fantastic! We fixed for our company a great dinner Sat night before heading to Downtown Hampton for the block party. We went over in the Go Green Fishing Machine and really enjoyed all the music that was going on at Queens Way and in front of the new Crowne Plaza.
You can see by the picture how happy the girls were with this dish, (Ruth on the left, Cindy on the right). It is our famous BBQ Nachos.

You start off with our own 12 hour hickory and apply wood smoked BBQ. Once done, keep warm and spread over a large tray of chips. Then put some BBQ sauce and con queso cheese sauce on top of the BBQ. Top off with sour cream, guac, and fresh shredded cheddar cheese.
This one is fantastic, try it. Once you have tried this dish, you will prefer it over ground beef any day.
The downtown Hampton Saturday night block parties are still going on, yall come down and join us. The fishing is great and the music is good!
Cindy and Joe had a blast, and Ruth even ran into a bunch of folks from church downtown on the docks at the Crowne Plaza, great to meet everyone. This was the first time that our friend Cindy had been on the water in downtown Hampton and she was just floored. Could not believe how beautiful it was. It really is nice at night downtown on the water.

If you have not yet made reservations for Bay Days, do it soon!

Back to rigging Sheepshead and Trigger fish rigs.

Jim B

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ben Baugh on Mt. Baker, Washington State

When I ask my son Ben what was he up to, he said maybe around 10,000 feet. That is how tall Mt Baker (Koma Kulshan) is in Washington State. Ben and nine of his fellow grad students climbed up the mountain to help their fellow geologist and friend Melissa Park. Melissa is studying the glacier INSIDE the crater on top of Mt. Baker.

Mt. Baker is an active Volcano, and aside from Mt St, Helens, is the most active volcano in the Cascades.

The pictures on the mountain are stunning and have included some here.

Well, that's what Ben is up to! Good job boy! What an Eagle Scout!!

Jim Baugh

A view from above

This week JBO TV has been concentrating on a special Aerial photography project featuring a lot of Jim Baugh Outdoors home base port of Hampton Virginia. Hampton CVB had wanted our production company to produce camera crane film\ video footage as well as some nice aerials.

We produced both digital film video and still photography all off of one rather unique Blimp Cam operated by Brad Sindle. Brad has been specializing in this type of photography for years now and is an excellent associate to work with.
We have complete control of pan, tilt, and even zoom all through a remote unit that is linked by microwave from land to air.

The blimp cam is also great to use on the water. We will finish shooting the entrance to Hampton Roads and the Chesapeake Bay next week
Here is a sample of some of the stills we took. Below are some shots of the Hampton River and Salt Ponds.

Some of the video will be seen on Jim Baugh Outdoors TV during our 2010 series.

If you would like info on these production services just e mail us at

Photo Credit: Brad Sindal, Jim Baugh. * Special thanks to Ruth for all your assistance with the camera on the Hampton River.

Jim Baugh

New From Suzuki!!!! Check it out.

SUZUKI MARINE "POWERS 4-WARD" ONCE AGAIN WITH NEW 2010 DF60A New 60HP Four-Stroke Outboard Delivers Compact Size, Lightweight Designand Top-Level Fuel Efficiency for Wide Range of Fresh and Saltwater Boats June 11, 2009 - Suzuki Marine continues its long tradition of improving 4-stroke outboard engine technology for the benefit of all boaters with the introduction of its next-generation DF60A 4-stroke for the 2010 model year.

This all-new in-line 3-cylinder outboard will bring a new level of performance, durability and efficiency to a wide range of fresh and saltwater boats. Suzuki's DF60A is the most advanced power plant for everything from pontoon boats and aluminum fishing boats to center console skiffs, bay boats or large RIBs. The DF60A is available in a 20-inch (L) shaft model. In addition, an available tiller handle kit makes this advanced new 4-stroke an even more versatile choice for avariety of boating and fishing applications.The introduction of this newest Suzuki 4-stroke follows last year'ssuccessful launch of second-generation 70/80/90 horsepower models that offered boaters significant improvements in size, weight and fuel economy. "We are committed to providing the most advanced technology to the greatest number of boaters," says Larry Vandiver, Marketing Director for Suzuki Marine. "The DF60A is the logical next step as we continue developing motors that are lighter, stronger and more efficient in every horsepower class. We strive to make each new model not only superior tothe competition, but even better than the Suzuki 4-stroke outboard itreplaces."

With the new DF60A, Suzuki engineers hit the mark in a variety of ways,beginning with a new Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC) 12-valve power head with 941cc displacement. Because each of the 12 valves are controlled directly by the camshafts, rocker arms (and their need for periodic adjustment) are eliminated. As a result, DOHC design provides enhanced reliability and cuts down on maintenance. Drawing on its vast experience in 4-stroke engines for motorcycle, automotive and marine use, Suzuki was able to develop an outboard that is the most compact and lightest in the class (229 lbs.) All while providing boaters with ahigher level of performance and fuel efficiency.

Suzuki achieves this through a combination of proven and pioneering technology.For example, Suzuki's advanced multi-point sequential electronic fuelinjection - which helped the original DF60A win the company's firstindustry Innovation Award for 4-stroke technology - is combined with Suzuki Lean Burn Control Technology and Suzuki's Easy Start System toprovide smooth starts, crisp acceleration and reduced emissions (the newDF60A meets 2009 EPA exhaust emissions standards and carries a CARB3-Star rating). The new DF60A is engineered to optimize the fuel efficiency of anyvessel - especially important given today's high fuel costs. Suzuki'sproven EFI system gathers data from key sensors on the engine, processesit with a powerful 32-bit computer and calculates the optimum fuelneeded based on constantly changing operating conditions. Suzuki's advanced Lean Burn Control System (first introduced on the DF70/80/90)predicts fuel needs according to operating conditions, allowing the engine to run on a leaner fuel-air ratio. This benefit is realized overa wide operating range, so boaters can stretch more out of every gallonwhether idling, trolling or running at cruising speeds. Suzuki's Easy Start System provides instant, effortless starts with the single touch of the start button, along with more efficient combustionand better fuel economy. Adding to the DF60A's superior fuel economy isan overall mechanically efficient design that reduces energy loss. For example, a new oil pump design allows oil to flow through thelubrication system with less resistance.This improved efficiency will make a significant difference to boaters in real-world conditions.

Compared to the 60HP 4-stroke it replaces, Suzuki's testing has demonstrated this model will run approximately50-percent farther on each liter of fuel at trolling and cruising speeds- and an impressive 30-percent farther at wide open throttle. Fuel consumption per hour for Suzuki's new DF60A was tested to be about40-percent less at trolling speed, 45-percent less at cruising speed andstill a significant 20-percent less running wide open. Suzuki's latest 4-stroke offers several firsts for the horsepower category, including Suzuki's self-adjusting, oil bathed timing chain that's virtually maintenance free. The DF60A incorporates a trim and tilt limit system that protects boats from possible damage when tilting the outboard. This unique design functions as both a tilt limit and trim sender and uses a step-free continuous type tilt limiter. This allows the DF60A to be installed with confidence on nearly any type ofboat. To deliver the charge today's boater needs, Suzuki's designed the newDF60A with a large capacity 19A alternator. Specially engineered to generate 11.5A at only 1,000 rpm, this alternator keeps batteries charged and lets boaters run a full array of fish finding and navigationelectronics. The DF60A also features a specially formulated anti-corrosion finish applied to directly to the aluminum surface for superior protection and long-term operation in saltwater environments. For more information on the new Suzuki DF60A 4-stroke outboard for 2010- or the company's leading line-up of advanced 4-stroke outboards from2.5 to 300 horsepower, contact Suzuki Marine at (714) 996-7040 or visitonline at

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dolphin Fishing out of Hampton Virginia!

We now are getting our 2009 shows up on line at It takes a while to get our master tapes converted to digital streaming media, but we are getting them up now, we should have most posted on line over the next 30 days here on the JBO BLOG,, and facebook. So if you happen to miss the broadcast, you can watch them here 24\7 at you leisure. Our strems are incoded for 256k, broadband. Windows media.

This is on of our new offshore shows for the 2009 season. Check it out now by clicking the link below
or just go to our streaming page on

Other great features that we produced during 2009 included, loads of fishing and cooking from Hampton Va, Surf fishing in Hatteras, Miami International Boat Show, The Rockfish Shootout, cooking at Dirty Dicks, and some great Suzuki engine segments.

Stay Tuned!

Jim B

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Croaker Bite is Still On!!

I took my buddy Kevin Kelly and his girlfriend Amy out yesterday on the Go Green Fishing Machine to see if the Croakers were still hitting, and they were!!

We had a very hard incoming tide but the fish were still biting in the 50 foot zone. Cut squid was our bait using standard bottom rigs.
Over the last two weeks, I have found that at the MM Tunnel, the incoming tide is the better producer. Try it! Come on down to Hampton and get on these fun fish. They are great in the Skillet as well!

Today I started off at 4am putting 20 pounds of BBQ on the smoker. Ruth is coming back today from PA visiting family, and I wanted to have a special Sunday dinner prepared for her return.
Actually here at the condo, one of my neighbors thought something was on fire. He ask me if I knew what it was and I told him it is a combination of hickory and apple wood somkin on my grill, flavoring 20 pounds of pork butts!

We will smoke the pork for about 13 hours, have dinner, then vacuum seal the rest for company. Loads of fun.
As of now, seven hours left to smoke. Might even be able to make Buckroe today! Our Go Green Bikes are ready for a beach trip!

Jim B

Friday, July 17, 2009

Blown out today, time for a double burger stuffed with everything, JBO Style!

We tried to get out twice today to film and got blown out!
Heavy storms were all abound this afternoon with tornado warnings. BUMMER. So, at the end of the day, I had had enough, and was ready for dinner. Cooked up something that is really different and very tasty.

Jim Baugh's, "Double burger stuffed with all the fav's"
Here is the recipe,
* Mold two large low fat beef patties, and refidge so they will hold shape, or just buy some from BJ'S, Cosco, wherever.
* In a mixing bowl chop fresh tomatoe's (Summer only, I like Beefsteak! this is not a winter dish), fresh Onion, Basil, Garlic, a little olive oil, Bam spice, some sea salt, fresh cracked pepper, and jalapenos. Chop finely and put in the bowl.
* Next, place the mixens along with some fresh cut extra sharp Cheddar cheese onto a beef pattie, be sure to have everything neatly centered into the middle of the bottom pattie. Then, place the second pattie on top and mold the two together with your hands. Very important to get a tight seal with the patties, that way all the moisture and stuffing stays inside. Very important.
* Cook on the grill at about 250 degrees for the first 15 minutes. This will help bond everything, then flip and crank up to about 300 for another 15 minutes, watch carefully.
Serve with your favorite bun, and whatever else you want on the burger. It is a BIG meal, you don't need much else.
You will not believe how good this is, try it!
Jim Baugh

Sunday, July 12, 2009

No Sea Glass Today-Storms a commin!

Today we had ventured out to find some sea glass on a wonderful stretch of beach located in Hampton just above Grandview. On the way there, the radio sounded off a warning of a tornado, heavy winds, and to take cover. So needless to say, our sea glass hunt was cut very short.
We have had an entire week of awesome weather here in Hampton, low humidity, no rain, just fantastic weather. We have fished and filmed five out of the last seven days, so a rainy Sunday is a blessed thing, especially for our herb garden on the balcony!!
Once we have a chance to get back out to Grandview we will post pics of what we found here on the JBO BLOG. Tomorrow we are getting ready for the big Sheepshead hunt!

Tight Lines
Jim B

We fished all day- FOR ONLY TWO BUCKS!!

I wish all our fans could of seen the face on the gas station attendant at Bluewater Yachts when we pulled up to the dock and ask for $2 bucks of gas. He said "what??" I said, well, we checked our Suzuki fuel flow meter, and only burned less than a gallon of gas all day, so two bucks should be about right, and it was. I spent two dollars in gas and fished all day, cruised from Hampton to Newport News, fished the MM Tunnel and had a cooler full of fish. The Go Green Fishing Machine has got to be the most fuel efficient fishing boat I have ever seen, with the exception of my canoe.

We had a real treat while we were fishing, the Poker Run was going on and we had some unreal offshore racing boats fly right past us. Some had helicopters chasing for photos. a lot going on the water yesterday. great fun!

After our fishing trip on Saturday, it was time for the downtown Hampton block party. There was a fantastic Jazz band playing dockside at the new Crowne Plaza called AAO (against All Odds.) Now, I am a HUGE jazz fan and these guys were just terrific. Check out there web site at Slapwater was playing on Queens Way. Slapwater is one of the areas most popular dance bands and the keyboard player is a good friend of mine, Brad Sindle.  Brad owns crows nest photography and does excellent photo work. The night really ended up great with a visit from JBO Cameraman Wayne Baker. Wayne was up from West Palm Beach FL and was doing some work on his sailboat. We caught up with Wayne downtown at Marker 20, all enjoyed the music and entertainment. It does not get any better than Saturday Night in Downtown Hampton. Great fishing, boating, and lots of live music everywhere. Just fantastic.
Well, got to go, getting ready to get on our go green bikes and head to one of Hamptons awesome beaches and look for sea glass. We looked at Buckroe last weekend and found some, today we will try up above Salt Ponds. Hampton has some of the nicest beaches, from totally remote that can only be gotten to by water, to public beaches with all the amenities, including weekend concerts!
Next up this week is a fishing trip for Sheepshead, we will post pics and info here after the shoot.

Tight Lines!!
Jim Baugh
Hampton VA
Suzuki Marine
Carolina Skiff
Tidewater Sensors
Bluewater Yachts