Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New 2011 JBO TV feature filmed today at the CBBT, High Rise.

Today we had the pleasure of filming with Captain Dale Carlson on board the Jeanie Lee. A great boat, and a great crew. Our guest was JBO TV regulars for the past 22 years, all on one show. Joe Dudley, Captain Mike Wilburn, and Captain Earl Williams.

We started off quick catching some keeper Flounder and Bluefish. We then moved off to catch Spadefish off of the fourth island.
Was a great day of summer time fishing. I highly recommend booking a trip today and get on the bite.
At the end of the trip, on the way in, we spoted and fished for three Cobia, one was in the 40 pound class. Great fish, we will get um next time.
Thanks GUYS!!!!!!
Captain Dale Carlson, buzz him today 757-715-3474

Friday, July 23, 2010

Heat Wave Recipe for a 109 degree day TUNA GYRO'S!!

Recipe: Blackened Yellowfin Tuna and Grilled Shrimp Gyro’s with Beefsteak Tomato relish and Greek Tzatziki Sauce.

Chesapeake Angler Magazine Aug-Sept Issue. JBO TV Feature

The summer of 2010 has been a hot one for sure. When we experienced those stretches of 100 to 110 degree days, most of what I craved was our swimming pool. That pool has certainly seen my arse just about every day during July, it has been a blessing. Probably my favorite summer time dish that I love to make and everyone just goes crazy for it, is homemade seafood Gyro’s. This is a very healthy, light, and super tasty treat that can be served with a variety of fillings. So, lets get started!! Time for a “Pita Party”!!

Home Made Pita Bread Recipe:

First up, take two cups of AP Flour and one cup of whole-wheat flour and place in a mixing bowl. Add two teaspoons of salt, 1\4 cup of olive oil and a 1\4 cup of honey. One package of fast rise yeast, and one cup of warm water. Mix in mixer for several minutes then place dough on a floured granite surface and knead for about five minutes. Let dough rise in an olive oil coated bowl for two hours, or double in size.

Then, knead the dough again and cut the dough into about 13-15 two inch round balls. Place them on a floured pan, and let rest for another 15 minutes. Then roll the balls out on a floured surface, and using a rolling pin, roll out the dough into oval shapes about 8 to 10 inches in width.

I like to use a grill, it is easy and can crank heat up to 500 degrees plus. Get the grill to 500, and be sure to have a Pizza stone on the grill. This is the surface of which you will cook the bread.

Using a pizza peel, place the rolled out dough on the pizza stone for only about three minutes, or until it gets puffy and brown. Flip the bread over for another couple of minutes, or until brown, take off the grill and place in large covered bowl to keep moist while cooking the rest of the pita bread.

You will be AMAZED at how good this Pita bread is, you will want to have it on hand all the ime!
Beefsteak Tomato Pepper Relish:
I use locally grown large beefsteak tomatoes and my own grown peppers. Just cut vegetables and place in a bowl and add half cup of red wine vinegar, ¼ cup olive oil, a little sea salt, cracked pepper and fresh oregano. Mix, and chill in fridge. Simple recipe, and good on anything!!

Greek Tzatziki Sauce:
Two cucumbers sliced and seeded place in food processor with two large cloves of Elephant Garlic. Blend for one minute. Then add two tubs of plain yogurt, salt, white pepper, one fresh squeezed lemon and three tbls of dill. I also add a little fresh spicy oregano. Once blended, chill for several hours or overnight.

Seafood: I used our fresh Yellowfin Tuna and Shrimp seasoned woith a little blackened seasoning, fresh lemon and lime and grill at 350 degrees. I put the Shrimp on skewers because it is very easy to cook and handle them on the grill this way. Cook until done, then set aside and keep warm.

This part is very easy. First, place some of the seafood into a fresh folded pita bread, next top it off with the Greek Sauce, lastly, put on some of the beefsteak tomato relish and serve.

One FANTASTIC light cools and very tasty summer dish.
Have yourself a “Pita Party”, it will be one you wont soon forget!

Chow! And do yourself a favor, get a Suzuki today!
Jim Baugh

Monday, July 19, 2010

Average Daily Fuel usage For GGFM Summer 2010

Check out our latest average fuel expenditures for the Go Green Fishing Machine. All the specs are on the page as well!
We spend more on a six pak of soda than we do on gas!! Love it!
CLICK HERE more info.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hatteras is Rockin Now!

Get your self to Hatteras Landing, Hatteras Village NOW, the bite has been terrific. Lots of charters out of Hatteras Landing and economical to! We will be heading there this weekend threw next week for the Dolphin Blitz. Check out this pic from the Stormy Peterol. We featured this charter during our second quarter airing on the Sportsman Channel. Great Charter!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

JBO TV AUG. Column for the upcoming Chesapeake Angler Magazine

NEW Column!!
"Go Green, Fish Green, SAVE GREEN! "
TITLE: No longer a hole in the water
By Jim Baugh
Ever since I was old enough to walk on a boat, I have always heard the old saying, “A boat is a hole in the water you pour money into”. In large part, this has been true in the past. In my own experience over the last 30 years of owning boats from high speed Bass boats, offshore fishing boats, and of course our 36 foot Trojan Tri Cabin, that hole in the water has accepted a lot of denero from old JB’s back pocket. This, during a recession can get rather old, really quick, and certainly be a damper on the boating \ fishing life. Nothing spoils a good day on the water than pulling up to the fuel dock and whipping out $1300 bucks to fill up with Gas. That is for a 28 footer, imagine pulling up with a 55 foot Viking. Or any nice size yacht yacht.

Spending your life savings on fuel for your boat no longer has to be the case. Jim Baugh Outdoors TV on average now spends less than $4 bucks a day for fuel expense, and we fish all day and sometimes, even fill the coolers to the brim with fish. I can honestly say that running the Go Green Fishing Machine has put the “Fun” back in boating and fishing. No longer do we worry about who is paying their share of gas money for the trip. I the captain, pay for the fuel, and make my crew pay for lunch and bait. This deal????-- I always come out ahead! The fact is, that bait or lunch either one, cost more than my $2-$3 dollar fuel bill for the day. It is quite amazing and I still find it hard to believe, but it is true. Never before have I enjoyed such a non-stressed relaxing fishing and boating experience than I have been on the Go Green Fishing Machine.

If you are thinking about getting a new boat or an older hull and re-power, I suggest you consider a boat that is full of floatation like our JVX20 Carolina Skiff. If you do not already have self-bailing drains on the JVX 20, just have them cut in by your local dealer. Self-bailing is important in smaller boats and having a boat that is virtually unsinkable gives me peace of mind while on the water. Truth be told, both our 36 Trojan and 28 Pursuit can sink like a rock. The JVX 20 is more like a large fiberglass life raft you can fish and boat out of. After being in over three sinking boats in my lifetime, I am most happy fishing and boating in a boat I know is not going to sink.

In the past coming into the mouth of Hampton Roads, I have swamped a 24 foot center console twice in a matter of an hour, it was that rough. Fortunately that boat was FULL of foam and just could not hold much water in the hull- only about 15 gallons. After that day, I always try to be on boats that are built full of foam and have reputations for boats that will float upright and level even if totally swamped. The JVX20 is just such a boat.

Purchasing an older hull and re powering I would be very careful and research the manufacturer as to how the boats are built. As far as re-power? Consider how much power you really need and do NOT overpower your boat. The Go Green Fishing Machine has a new second-generation Suzuki 90 hp and the boat just screams. I have not tried it, but I am sure the boat would be pushed fine with a 70 or 80 hp as well.

The handling of the JVX20 and the Suzuki 90hp is superb and cost next to nothing to run. When you consider that the purchase price of a rig like this is not that very much, and your daily fuel bill may run between $2 to maybe $5 bucks, you can now understand now when I say that a boat does not have to be a hole in the water one pours money into. The more research you do and find the right boat and engine combo that will be little maintenance, cost next to nothing to run, and be good for the environment, the more you will be comfortable with your boating experience.
Jims Broiled Seafood Skillet Recipe
August is a great time to fix up one of my favorite seafood dinners, Jim’s Seafood Skillet Platter. Here is what you will need.

*Fresh Flounder
*Fresh large Sea Scallops
*Fresh Shrimp, 16 count or better
*Fresh Lemons and Butter
*White wine
*Fresh herbs-Chives, oregano, parsley, and thyme
*Cast iron Skillets.
*One cup cooked yellow rice
*Lobster stock

First, get your ten-inch round cast iron skillets ready, I bought mine at Wall Mart cheap. Coat the bottom of your skillet with butter and pre cook the yellow rice with Lobster or shrimp stock. I always have some on hand in the freezer, whenever we have Shrimp or Lobster, I make stock out of it and freeze.

Cook the rice using the stock and set aside, once cooled, place a small cupful into the skillet. Next lay the Flounder filet over the rice, then place the Shrimp and Scallops to the side to fill the rest of the Skillet. Pour in some while wine and some more stock and a five pats of butter over all the seafood. Sprinkle all herbs over the dish as well as some fresh cut lemon slices.

Cook at 350 for about 15 minutes, then broil off the top for about a minute just to brown the seafood a little. The skillet will be VERY hot, so be sure to be careful when handling and us hot plates while serving.

This, guaranteed, will be one of the best seafood platters you will ever have, try it!!

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And one last thing,
Do yourself a favor, and get a Suzuki today!

Tight Lines!
Jim Baugh