Monday, April 19, 2010

Celebrate Green Week-GO GREEN-SAVE GREEN

Hi folks!
JB here, celebrate Green Week and do something Green today. We have a lot of info and tips about how to live a more eco friendly lifestyle right here on our web site. Check what we are doing on the water to reduce our dependency on oil.
We also have some great Go Green households tips at

For those that would like some great exercise, get to where you are going and burn 0 emissions, check out our Bike tour


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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Raymarine Comes to Hampton!

Today I had a nice chat with Regional Rep Mike Smith from Raymarine. I missed seeing their booth down in Miami this year, and was excited to see what was new. Trident Marine here in Hampton (Sunset Boating Center) hosted them today for a great display of the most fantastic marine electronics you will ever see.
For more info just contact Trident Marine about all the new Ray gear.
Also, we took a couple of pics of the new Head Boat located at Sunset. Check them out soon!!

Bite is on!
Jim Baugh

Trident Marine Electronics LLC
800 S Armistead Ave Ste AHampton, VA 23669 (757) 723-0220
Sunset Boating Center‎800 South Armistead Avenue, Hampton, VA 23669-4187(757) 722-3325‎

Monday, April 12, 2010

Go Green Save Green -And eat lots of FISH!!! Buckroe Pier Bite is on!

Talk about an inexpensive, fun, relaxing and enjoyable way to entertain your family for an entire day, and night!!! Go Pier fishing at Buckroe Pier in Hampton now. The bite is on, coolers of Croaker and some nice Flounder up to 20 inches are now being caught.

With the Croakers hiting, the Cobia can not be that far behind. We will be filming the Cobia tourney and reporting here when the man in the brown suite shows up.

Reports at the HRBT and the MM have been a bit slower. Looks like the bottom fish are just now making their way in.

We will have the Go Green Fishing Machine back in the water next week and start hunting hard for all of our slimy swimming friends.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Next column in the Chesapeake Angler Magazine, May 2010

Next column for Chesapeake Angler May 2010

By Jim Baugh
Reporting from the fly bridge Hampton Virginia
TITLE: All Spades can be a great hand!

While playing poker, everyone wants a sure hand that is going to win the big pot! Well, when it comes to angling, the best hand to hope for this time of year is all Spades, Spadefish that is.

WOW, these are like one of my all time favorite fish to catch. They are strong as an ox, will break tackle easily, they are beautiful to watch underwater, and they do great service to hot oil and a cast iron skillet. Also Spade fishing around the Chesapeake Light Tower is more like a reunion. Every year I see folks I know just anchored up, having a ball catching Spadefish.

May - June is a great time to go to the tower for Spadefish, however it is not the only place to catch Spades. Seems like they are just about everywhere from, the light tower to up past the Cell. Many times when we are fishing the CBBT for Flounder, a school of Spades will follow the Flounder up while being reeled in. One of the best trips for Spades we ever had was out near the high rise one August. My son Ben, then only about 10 yrs old, and my buddy Joe Dudley and I found a large school of Spades that would not leave us alone. I mean, I am not sure that day if we found the Spades, or the Spades found us! Boy, we caught a mess of them and had one heck of a fish fry back at the house.

Catching Spades, like anything else at times can be very easy, or very difficult. They can be rather finicky. When this happens, lighten everything up as much as possible including your bait. Freeline, even without a split shot, nothing but a hook, small bait, and let out a lot of line. This will work if they are not in the feeding mode. Be patient, it may take several passes of those Spades before they bite. Once they do, it is a bit like Dolphin fishing, they all seem to start to turn on. Standard bait is usually fresh cut clams while chumming a bit overboard, and a lot of people are using some artificials now. If they are biting, it all works.

This time of year if you are going to the tower and you have never fished for Spadefish, I recommended to go with a Charter Captain. There are a TON of them who charter for Spades, just look on our web site or here in the Chesapeake Angler Magazine. For the first time, it will be an easier and more fun experience and you will learn a lot. One of our oldest and favorite Spade fishing captains is Captain Dale Carlson on board the Jenny Lee. Dale and I go way back and will be filming a new Spade fishing show during the month of May. You can contact Dale at 757 715 3474 or on the web at

I would like to invite everyone to check out all of the celebrations in our home base port of Hampton VA. The 400th anniversary of Hampton Virginia is a huge celebration that you and your family do not want to miss. For a list of events and festivals just log on to or the Hampton CVB web site for accommodations and lodging info. (

Lastly, I would like to invite everyone to join Jim Baugh Outdoors on FACEBOOK. To find us, just do a search on Facebook, Jim Baugh, or the direct address is, On Facebook, we have some great behind the scenes stories, photo’s, sponsor info, loads of recipes, articles, tourney info, and the latest happenings in Hampton, Virginia. Be our friend today!

For more info. Just log on to, and be sure to check out our JBO BLOG that is updated almost daily.

Tight Lines!
Jim Baugh
For more info on charter captains in our area, just log on to and check out our charter pages and order your free Hampton Roads Fishing Guide!!!!