Wednesday, January 9, 2019

"Don't Miss" event dates for boaters, fisherman, beach lovers, music lovers, and everyone else! 2019 at the Oyster Farm Eastern Shore Virginia

Jim Baugh Outdoors TV is excited to announce our “Don’t’ Miss” dates for our favorite events, tournaments, and festivals held this year at our home base port of the Oyster Farm at Kings Creek in Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Below we have listed the dates and have feature short films of several of the events.

Should you not be aware, the Oyster Farm has AWESOME accommodations to fit any size crew, family, or vacationer. When you call to book your slips simply ask about the lodging availability and what your needs are, and they will be glad to assist you. Also when you are staying either by boat or deluxe accommodations, you are only a few blocks away from the historic downtown Cape Charles as well as the Cape Charles Fishing Pier and Beach.

While staying at the Oyster Farm you will enjoy all the amenities including the incredible Chesapeake Bay side Seafood Eatery as well as the “C-Pier” that host live music on the weekends throughout the season. There is simply nothing like dining on a bucket of shrimp and clams on the pier while listening to live music overlooking Kings Creek and the Chesapeake Bay. It is the Best!!

For more information and to book you stay at the Oyster Farm, check out the contact info below. We will see ya in 2019 at the Oyster Farm!! 



   Seafood Eatery / Events / Weddings 


 Marina / Vacation Rentals / Boat Storage / C-Pier
(757) – 331 - 8640

Here we go!!

Easter 2019
Celebrate Easter with your family and friends at the Oyster Farms fantastic Easter Brunch!


Fourth of July!
360 fireworks seen from the Oyster Farm! Cherrystone and Cape Charles surround Kings Creek with an independence day celebration weekend full of entertainment including live music at the C-Pier! Reserve your boat slips today, you don't want to miss the 4th at the Oyster Farm.

8/2 - 8/4
Shuck and Suck 2019!
What else can I say, just book your slips and accommodations now and bring your friends! Check out our feature below. Awesome event. A MUST go to by plane, boat, bus, car, bike, golf cart, or heck just walk to it.
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Bash by the Bay 2019
Yup... while you are making reservations for the Shuck & Suck 2019, might as well book this because you do NOT want to miss this one. Sitting on the lawn or dancing by the Bay stage side while listing to an awesome band. What else do ya want! Great weekend, check out the feature below. Also this is excellent time for Cobia fishing, ask about available charters.
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Trick or Treat on the Creek
One fun way to spend Halloween, really a great time PLUS rockfish season has kicked off so here is a great excuse to come to the Shore and spend a weekend. Bring the family and the fishing rods too!
Below is the little promo we did promoting the event.
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12/5 - 12/7
Mid Atlantic Rockfish Shootout
No excuse to miss this one!! Also plenty going on for the Holidays around Cape Charles including Festive Fridays. Bring the family for a nice holiday getaway and enjoy world class rockfish at the weigh in and all the town has to offer.
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Here are some other don't miss dates!
5/12 - Mother's Day Brunch 
6/8 - Clean the Bay Day 
8/11 - Cape Charles Cup 
12/7 - Annual Lighted Boat Parade 
12/8 - Breakfast with Santa 
12/15 - Annual Chowder Cook Off 
12/31 - New Years Party

Anytime is a good time to be at the Oyster Farm. And in season there is always entertainment on C-Pier and loads of things to do. Below is our introductory feature of JBOTV's Home Base Port the Oyster Farm at Kings Creek. You will see why it is the #1 stop for
Jim Baugh Outdoors TV
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Friday, January 4, 2019

Sea Bass Film Feb 2, 2019 : JBOTV Invites everyone to joun us for an offshore fishing trip and film!

ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We are officially reinstating Groundhog Day as Sea Bass Day!!! Join JBOTV Saturday Feb 2, 2019 for an offshore excursion to the world of Sea Bass. This year we are inviting all our friends to come for what will be one fantastic film on Sea Bass. The bite should be right as this will be the first day of opening sea bass season! Call your friends and relatives and reserve your spot today! This trip as always, this time of year is weather permitting, just book your spot at the Virginia Beach Fishing Center (757) 491-8000. These trips usually do sell out, ($175 per person, 12 hr trip) especially the first trip out so call ASAP! Jim Baugh Outdoors will see ya in a few weeks on Sat Feb 2 for an awesome fun day of sea bass catchin! JB

Friday, December 28, 2018

Top Picks Jim Baugh Outdoors TV 2018

2019 Marks the beginning of Jim Baugh Outdoors TV 31st year in broadcasting and oh what a ride it has been! Each year it is a tough challenge to pick out our favorites and every new feature we produce is always better than the one previous, and we have been doing this now for over 30 years. Where does this mantra of always improving come from?  It’s a deep-rooted seed my father the Judge impressed on me when I was a little boy.
“Jimmy, now you can be anything you want to be when you grow up! You can be a doctor…a lawyer…you can even be a ditch digger, but just make sure of one thing. You are the best dam ditch digger that ever lived!”
Sooooo, with that engrained in my brain, myself and those associated with Jim Baugh Outdoors TV have always strived to constantly improve our program with every single production we produce. Now after 30 years of doing so, this is where we are at… for today. 2019 is a new year with even better productions from JBOTV.
2018 recap:
This year was one of my favorite years in the shows production history for a variety of reasons. One of which is that camera/film technology has caught up to such a high degree of quality and versatility, pretty much anything we want to film whether it be 200 feet underwater or flying 400 feet above the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, we can do. This has not always been the case, especially during the days of analog tape-based production solutions. At this point of television production for JBOTV, if I can think it, storyboard it, and write it, we can film the story no matter what it is. This gives us an amazing amount of freedom to produce the best features possible.
Jan Blizzard 2018

January of 2018 kicked off with a blizzard here at Mermaid Bay Studios on the Eastern Shore but also kicked off two of my favorite features; the Miami International Boat Show where we featured the first ever Tideline 36ft Catamaran and an awesome return to Sea Bass fishing offshore the Mid Atlantic.
Miami IBS 2018
This year also marked big news for JBOTV, our new home base port and sponsor The Oyster Farm at Kings Creek in Cape Charles Virginia! Without a doubt one of the all-time best marina resorts and event centers on the Chesapeake Bay and we are honored to base our show out of the Oyster Farm. We will be posting soon some “Don’t miss dates” for 2019 so you can mark your calendars when to book your slips and accommodations at the Oyster Farm.
Due to the enormous amount of aerial filming JBOTV has been producing for the show, we opened an affiliate company called Mermaid Bay AIR which specializes in cinematic aerial video/film production as well as color grading. I obtained my FCC certification and now am a licensed remote pilot airman and fly all our aerial missions/productions.

With one of the busiest production years yet somehow, I managed to compose and record my first piano concerto “Underwater Improv”. This 30-minute, 3 movement piano concerto is all set to our underwater dive footage of the Palancar Reefs and Canyons in Cozumel, Baja, and Hatteras North Carolina. Divers were JT
Palancar Canyons & Tunnels Second Movement "Underwater Improv"
Photo by Ben Baugh

Barker and Ben Baugh. I was extremely pleased and a bit surprised at the incredibly positive reviews and comments coming from all over the world for this concerto. The third movement was featured on One World Radio in the UK and the entire concerto is being considered for the Ocean Film Festival 2019. JBOTV has already used segments of this piano work in various short films.
We hope you enjoy these features and most all of them are available for free to watch both on our JBOTV YouTube Channel as well as facebook/social media. If you view on JBOTV please do subscribe to our channel, it cost nothing, and YouTube likes it for some reason.
Many thanks to my wife Ms. Donna aka “Ms. 11” for putting up with me and the sometimes craziness of producing an outdoors tv show. My family has always been supportive and could not have managed producing the show for so many years without their support, love, and understanding.

Tight lines and Godspeed.
Jim Baugh

Producers Picks JBOTV Television Features 2018
Miami International Boat Show 2018

The Oyster Farm at Kings Creek Cape Charles Virginia new home base port and tour
Also available to view JBOTV Facebook

Kings and Cobia with Captain Billy Pappas JR.
Also available to view JBOTV Facebook

Mid Atlantic Rockfish Shootout 2018
Also available to view JBOTV Facebook

Offshore Sea Bassin Rudee Angler

Shuck and Suck 2018 at the Oyster Farm
Also available to view JBOTV Facebook

Flounder Fishing the Paramore Reef with Jack and Doris Normand
Also available to view JBOTV Facebook

Bash by the Bay plus Cobia and the Deloreans at the Oyster Farm
Also available to view JBOTV Facebook

Producers Pics Original Music 2018

"Underwater Improv"
All 3 movements
Reviews and samples click on this link JBOTV BLOG

November Sky
Also available to view JBOTV Facebook

Common Ground
(Cover/Accompaniment Paul Winter Consort)
Also available to view JBOTV Facebook

Sunset Fanfare
Also available to view JBOTV Facebook

Producers Picks Short Films and Promos

Winter Solstice
Also available to view JBOTV Facebook

Viking Ship Draken
Also available to view JBOTV Facebook

Schooner Virginia Cape Charles Departure
Also available to view JBOTV Facebook

Vortex Racing
Also available to view JBOTV Facebook

"Corn Maze" Halloween Promo
Also available to view JBOTV Facebook

Mermaid Bay AIR
Also available to view JBOTV Facebook

Many thanks to our sponsors and all the support of the many captains and outdoor outfitters that have been so much help in producing JBOTV.

Wishing everyone a blessed 2019!

Jim Baugh

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

“Common Ground” by the Paul Winter Consort with added Piano accompaniment by Jim Baugh and Colorado River Expedition Video by Ben Baugh.

Always a fav tune by a true pioneer of Jazz/New Age and World Music, Paul Winter and the Paul Winter Consort. I Added a piano part for kicks and the Colorado River Expedition filming was done my son by Ben Baugh.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

New Show! Jim Baugh Outdoors TV featuring the 2018 Mid Atlantic Rockfish Shootout at the Oyster Farm in Cape Charles VA.

JBOTV feature highlights of the 2018 Mid Atlantic Rockfish Shootout held at the Oyster Farm Cape in Charles VA. Up to 59+ pound rocks were caught, great event held at one of the all time best places on the Chesapeake Bay

And on Facebook CLICK HERE

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Kings & Cobia Jim Baugh Outdoors TV From the Oyster Farm Features Playin' Hookey Charters with Captain Billy Pappas JR

I cant begin to tell everyone how much we enjoyed this offshore excursion with Captain Billy on board the playin hookey charters. What a fun enthusiastic charter and crew. Captain Billy charters all year round and fishes for most sport fish that are popular to our mid atlantic offshore and Chesapeake bay waters. Do yourself a favor and contact captain Billy for your next adventure, weather its fall rockfishing or summer spadefish captain Billy runs a great charter and runs a very fishable boat. You can contact playin’ hookey charters by phone, webs site, as well as social media.

One tip if your gong fishing with captain Billy papas JR, bring a cooler and a lot of ziplock bags, because you are gonna catch fish!

Playin’ Hookey Charters

Captain Billy Pappas Jr.

(757) 619-3530

Monday, October 15, 2018

Mid Atlantic Rockfish Shootout 2018 Registration and Info on the Oyster Farm at Kings Creek Official Weigh Station

To book your boat slips at the Oyster Farm Marina, accommodations, etc, contact the Oyster Farm at Kings Creek in Cape Charles Virginia
or call
(757) 331-8640
Be sure to ask about special boat slip discounts as well as specials on lodging. The Oyser Farm vacation rentals are a fantastic place to stay and can accommodate any size crew. To get an idea how awesome the Oyster Farm is watch the video below
Call the Oyster Farm Marina today and reserve your spot!

Here is Jim Baugh Outdoor TV footage of all three days at the weigh in at the 2017 Shootout weigh in at the Oyster Farm.

To see previous years weigh in's just CLICK HERE and they are all on the JBOTV Oyster Farm Playlist.

Awesome Cobia feature filmed on Playin Hookey Charters with Captain Billy Pappas JR for Jim Baugh Outdoors TV

Back in the studio, here are some more pics of Tuesdays rather extraordinary film shoot on Cobia on board the Playin Hookey Charters with Captain Billy and crew. What a day! All fish were released. This is gonna be a great JBOTV Show!

Playin Hookey Charters
Captain Billy Pappas Jr.
Virginia Beach Virginia
(757) 619-3530