Friday, September 8, 2023

"Atlantic Ave" New Jazz single to be released Nov. 17 2023


Other titles

Underwater Improv

Mermaid Bay Live

Dedication to Keith Emaerson (ELP)

Arrangment of Common Ground

Award winning soundtrack for the Milky Way Galexy Our Home Short Film.
Aslo awars for cinamatorgapy, editing, and best experimental film.

Closing PYO Concert with Matt Thomas.
Improves on 

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Happy Labor Day 2023 Folks from JBOTV

 Happy Labor day Folks!

This old salt is biking down to the Lesner bridge and get in some beach time. A great place to people watch, dogs too! Then it's Sunday Funday pool party. Now THAT is gonna be trouble. LOL

Cheers, yall!



RIP Jimmy Buffett

    Mother, mother ocean, I have heard you call

Wanted to sail upon your waters since I was three feet tallYou've seen it all, you've seen it all
Watched the men who rode you, switch from sails to steamAnd in your belly, you hold the treasures few have ever seenMost of 'em dream, most of 'em dream
Yes, I am a pirate, two hundred years too lateThe cannons don't thunder, there's nothin' to plunderI'm an over-forty victim of fateArriving too late, arriving too late
I've done a bit of smugglin', and I've run my share of grassI made enough money to buy Miami, but I pissed it away so fastNever meant to last, never meant to last
And I have been drunk now for over two weeksI passed out and I rallied and I sprung a few leaksBut I got to stop wishin', got to go fishin'Down to rock bottom againJust a few friends, just a few friends
I go for younger women, lived with several a whileThough I ran 'em away, they'd come back one dayStill could manage to smileJust takes a while, just takes a while
Mother, mother ocean, after all the years I've foundMy occupational hazard being my occupation's just not aroundI feel like I've drowned, gonna head uptownI feel like I've drowned, gonna head uptown   

Saturday, August 26, 2023

HOOKED plus AFTERMATH 12 year anniversary


Yup, 12 years now and HOOKED is still going strong. On it’s release the book reached #28 in contemporary romance. It is now available on Amazon and includes the triannual memoir AFTERMATH.

The screenplay has had suiters, one was a major studio owned by one of Hollywood’s most famous actors, however I decided I would keep the original storyline and not turn it into a 100% dating romp. So, it still is out there. Sticking to my guns with the screenplay. The Magnolia tree is still blooming.

I have had many, many people tell me I should write another memoir strictly about hilarious dating stories. Mostly humorous, some not so much. I have been taking notes, however at this time in my life I just have too much going on, the time is not there. Hopefully in the future at some point.

HOOKED is available in paperback, e- Book, and Audio Book.

Published by Solstice Publishing.

Click below for reviews and ordering.

Click Here


Jim Baugh

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

ECSC 2023 Virginia Beach Oceanfront this week! Surfs Up!

Had to go back and film some more of the activities around the Solid Structures pool. One of which was filming the bikini competition. I cant believe I get paid for this.
When I told them I allready had a Saturday Night Date
they were crushed :) But I really do!

Friday Night VIP Pool Party 2023.
The band was great, 4th street oceanfront.
More surfing today!

Don't miss this years ECSC  held on the oceanfront! Look for the schedule (ECSC Link Be sure to stop by the Solid Structures pool booth right behind the main stage (4th street) Check the SS FB Page for updates throughout the week.

I will be filming the event, Cannon 6D Mark 2, SL2, 360X3 w/extension, Mavic pro.

See yall there!


Pics and video from last year below

Saturday, April 29, 2023

The Milky Way over the Atlantic Ocean Workshop 2023 with Astro Photographer Jim Baugh. July 22


Friday or Saturday  July 22 (based on best day clear sky wise) I will be holding a special Milky Way workshop in the Wachapregue area on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. 

Fee is $425 per photographer; limit is a total of six (6) photographers. A guest can accompany each photographer but please limit it to only one guest. There is no fee for the attending guest.

Instruction includes: How to film the Milky Way from single exposure to trackers, timelapse, and Shadowpainting foregrounds for Nightscapes, and post processing.


Meet at 7:30pm June 16 or 17 (will notify) at the Wachapregue Inn, departure is 7:30 sharp, so be a little early.


There is no deposit required, simply email and we will reserve and confirm your reservation. Please include your contact info in the email including cell phone. Payment must be made by physical check at time of arrival in Wachapregue.


The reason there is no deposit is because there is always a good chance clear skies will not be available. If this is the case, and the other window dates are also cloudy, then this workshop will be rescheduled for the following new moon month of June. The week of June10th we will be monitoring the weather charts and will notify everyone if the workshop has clear enough predicted skies for the event.

Participants knowledge of photographic gear:

Each participant must have a full knowledge and understanding of the exposure triangle (ISO, Aperture Shutter). This is not a workshop of how to teach basic understandings of photography. Participants should be very familiar with their own gear.

Below are some tips and links that would be good to review.

Accommodation: If you are traveling a good distance I suggest booking a room at the Wachapregue Inn. We will be filming in a 10 mile surrounding area. If coming from Virginia Beach and looking for a good central place on the Shore and may want to try a couple of dark sky sites a good location would be the Oyster Farm in Cape Charles. This puts you at a good mid-point for Red Bank and Magothy Bay.


Bring your camera, and it should be capable of ISO ranging from at least 100 to 12,000 ISO. Tripod, tracker if you have it if not, camera lens and tripod and your good. If you don’t have some sort of red light for night vision, you should get one. Also suggest some sort of heat pack for the lens to help combat condensation. I use 3 hand warmers wrapped around the lens.

An intervalometer is a good thing to have if you are planning a timelapse. I use a remote on one camera and internal on the 6d Mark 2.

For Shadowing painting / light painting. You should have an infield GRB light with about a 8 foot or longer nightstand. Participants don’t have to film the foreground section of the class, this will occur after filming the Milky Way, somewhere between 2 and 4 in the am. This technique of multi exposure foreground imaging is a highly powerful tool to have in your arsenal.

Remote triggering is a must for Shadowpainting. I use a Wi-Fi network connection and control the camera through the cannon smartphone app. It you don’t have a Wi-Fi camera you can use a wireless intervalometer, however it is limiting compared to Wi-Fi. If you have questions about this just email

Suggested focal length for wide field. 11 to 24 mm. I use a 11 to 16 and a 17 to 35.

You will also want to adjust brightness way down on your monitor once night sets.


·         Wear dark clothing and be fully covered. This will aid in post processing while masking the foreground exposures.

·         Bring water and insect repellent.

·         For dining, the Island house is right there by the Inn, excellent food. Just make sure you are done dinner and ready to roll at 7:30pm

To confirm your spot just email For further questions just send an email and if you would like to chat just include your phone number and we will contact you.


Write up



Shaddowing Painting Nightscapes

Milky Way Galaxy our home award winning short film

Wachapreague Inn

Eastern Shore Post


Jim Baugh


*Participants are respoonsible for their own accommodations, lodging and transportation and responsible for their own gear.

Saturday, December 31, 2022

2023 marks Jim Baugh Outdoors TV 35th year in production and distrubition


2023 marks 35 years! Jim Baugh Outdoors TV is about to embark on its 35th year in production. I can’t believe it! When I started, I was in my twenties, now I am 61. But a young 61! So here is just a few of the thing’s JB has done during the 3 and 1½ decades of producing the show.

Two marriages, two awesome and successful kids, I moved from Richmond to Hampton to The Eastern Shore then to Virginia Beach. Produced over 350 television shows, numerous tourism films, 1 piano concerto plus over 50 original compositions, wrote 3 books, one an Amazon Best Seller, 1 screenplay, penned over 1000 regional and national magazine columns, 2 short films, one played in 10 film festivals all over the world and gaining 4 awards in cinematography, editing, and music, as well as best experimental film.

Here is a very positive statement. In all the years we have worked with hundreds of people in order to produce the show. From Captains, mates, guides, sponsors, production crews, television executives you name it. Every person I have met has been a positive experience. Nothing negative, never. Well, there once was this bell hop in North Carolina we did not see eye to eye at all, but other than that, it has been an amazing joyful experience.

There is not that many of us left who has been around as long. We still got Hank, Jimmy, Roland, and a few others that are still rockin and for longer than we have. More power to them and keep killin it.

Not sure I will ever retire. I mean it is the greatest job in the world! I get to fish, boat, play music, and hang out in TV studios and the beach while eating lots of seafood. What is not to love!

As I write this I do find myself single and living at the beach. Never would have thought that one. But with raising my kids behind me, and the career is going well, I believe there is probably one last chapter in the female partner department. We will see.

Lastly thanks to everyone who has made Jim Baugh Outdoors TV possible for these 35 years. Especially my dad Judge Baugh who was my partner in the business for all those early years. The Judge always had the best and correct advice. RIP Judge Baugh

“Jimmy! Quit watchin the dam idiot box!”

~The Judge



Wednesday, December 28, 2022

New Show: 2022 Mid Atlantic Rockfish Shootout at the Oyster Farm Cape Charles


NEW SHOW! Here is the Jim Baugh Outdoors TV feature of the 20th Anniversary and final Rockfish Shootout held at the Oyster Farm in Cape Charles. Always a great tourney! This feature will also be on Amazon Prime Video Worldwide as well as our JBOTV You Tube Channel. Enjoy and Godspeed, Jim Baugh, Founder JBOTV