Saturday, July 6, 2024

NEW: Old tackle shops never die. Filmed Wachapreague 7 5 24 during my Milky Way Workshop


"Old tackle shops never die"

Filmed during a Milky Way Workshop over 4th of July weekend 2024 in Wachapreague on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Jim Baugh


This was a great workshop that was the first in 1 1/2 years due to last years constant overcast skies. Well, we caught a break at least of an hour and it was fairly early in the evening. 

"You could see a billion stars" 

At least for an hour or so, then the clouds moved in like predicted and it was a rainy drive back to Virginia Beach. 

Here is some info on what I used, there were a variety of cameras being used this night. My gear was

Cannon SL2, Ioptron Sky Tracker Pro, GVM RGB Light, wireless triggers, monfrotto tripod, 11mm and 17mmm lens.

Exposures on the Milky Way ranged from 1 to 4 minutes. Foreground exposures were mostly at 1 second.

I used my Shadowpainting technique for the foregrounds and also shot multiple exposures. 

This was a successful and very fun workshop. Stay tuned for more announcements in the future, based on weather of course. 

Tight lines, clear skies, and Godspeed.

Jim Baugh 

Class Dismissed!

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Saturday, June 22, 2024

New Nightscapes! Summer Solstice Strawberry Moon 2024


Strawberry Moon VA Beach 2024

Summer Solstice 2024
Filmed during the Virginia Beach Tuna Tourney 2024

Online Gallery


Sunday, May 19, 2024

Milky Way Workshop and Memorial July 5th with Jim Baugh on the Eastern Shore of Virginia


This workshop is dedicated to Welch Astrophotoger

Allen Wallace

RIP Allen, gone way to soon, but your work will live on forever.



Friday July 5th, Wachapreague on the Eastern Shore of Virginia

The Milky Way over the Atlantic Ocean Workshop 2024 with Astro Photographer Jim Baugh. July 25th

Friday July 5th I will be holding a special Milky Way workshop in the Wachapregue area on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Fee is $425 per photographer. Workshop is limited to a total of four (4) photographers. A guest can accompany each photographer but please limit it to only one guest please. There is no fee for the attending guest.

Instruction includes: How to film the Milky Way from single exposure to trackers, timelapse, and Shadowpainting foregrounds for Nightscapes, and post processing.


Meet at 7 pm June 5th at the Wachapregue Inn, departure is 7:30 sharp.

Payment: (no payment until day of event)

There is no deposit required, simply email and we will reserve and confirm your reservation. Please include your contact info in the email including cell phone. Payment must be made by physical check at time of arrival in Wachapregue.


The reason there is no deposit is because there is always a good chance clear skies will not be available. If this is the case, and the other window dates are also cloudy, then this workshop will be rescheduled for the following new moon month of August. The week of July 5th we will be monitoring the weather charts and will notify everyone if the workshop has clear enough predicted skies for the event.

Participants knowledge of photographic gear:

Each participant must have a full knowledge and understanding of the exposure triangle (ISO, Aperture Shutter). This is not a workshop of how to teach basic understandings of photography. Participants should be very familiar with their own gear.

Accommodation: If you are traveling a good distance I suggest booking a room at the Wachapregue Inn. We will be filming in a 10 mile surrounding area. If coming from Virginia Beach and looking for a good central place on the Shore and may want to try a couple of dark sky sites a good location would be the Oyster Farm in Cape Charles. This puts you at a good mid-point for Red Bank and Magothy Bay.


Bring your camera, and it should be capable of ISO ranging from at least 100 to 12,000 ISO. Tripod, tracker if you have it if not, camera lens and tripod and your good. If you don’t have some sort of red light for night vision, you should get one. Also suggest some sort of heat pack for the lens to help combat condensation. I use 3 hand warmers wrapped around the lens.

An intervalometer is a good thing to have if you are planning a timelapse. I use a remote on one camera and internal on the 6d Mark 2.

For Shadowing painting / light painting. You should have an infield GRB light with about a 8 foot or longer nightstand. Participants don’t have to film the foreground section of the class, this will occur after filming the Milky Way, somewhere between 2 and 4 in the am. This technique of multi exposure foreground imaging is a highly powerful tool to have in your arsenal.

Remote triggering is a must for Shadowpainting. I use a Wi-Fi network connection and control the camera through the cannon smartphone app. It you don’t have a Wi-Fi camera you can use a wireless intervalometer, however it is limiting compared to Wi-Fi. If you have questions about this just email

Suggested focal length for wide field. 11 to 24 mm. I use a 11 to 16 and a 17 to 35.

You will also want to adjust brightness way down on your monitor once night sets.


·         Wear dark clothing and be fully covered. This will aid in post processing while masking the foreground exposures.

·         Bring water and insect repellent.

·         For dining, the Island house is right there by the Inn, excellent food. Just make sure you are done dinner and ready to roll at 7:30pm

To confirm your spot just email For further questions just send an email and if you would like to chat just include your phone number and we will contact you.


Jim Baugh


804 240 7577 USA


*Participants are responsible for their own accommodations, lodging and transportation and responsible for their own gear.

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Live Now! Points of interest drone cast guest Jim Baugh.

LIVE NOW! Drone and photography fans check out the Points of Interest Drone Podcast out of Richmond with special guest JB! Official premier is Sunday at 11am, but you can check out the full episode now if you like. We go into pretty good detail about line of sight flying. Locations Eastern Shore of Virginia and Virginia Beach (Solid Structures) Thanks Gary for the invite it was a lot of fun.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Join me Sunday the 28th of April where I will guest on I fly Drones Dronecast out of Richmond Va!

Join me Sunday the 28th of April where I will guest on I fly Drones Dronecast out of Richmond Va! I will discuss flying on the Eastern Shore, Virginia Beach, Jim Baugh Outdoors TV and Solid Structures of Virginia Beach. Also lots of how to instructions on Line Of Sight trick Drone flying with detailed examples. Save the date! See yall then! JB

A few topics and videos discussed in the podcast including flying LOS.

Sunday, April 7, 2024

I went to the Dr because of a foot ache, they admitted me and a month later was released with a new pacemaker. Here is my heart story


I went to the Dr because of a foot ache, they admitted me and a month later was released with a new pacemaker. Here is my heart story.

JB first full day out after a month in the hospital.

Going back over 30 years ago was my first gout attack in my left foot. Fortunately, gout flair ups for me rarely happened, but in my 30’s and 40’s I have had to deal with my share of horrible gout pain.

All was good with no flair ups for years until recently I found myself in horrible gout pain and of course went to the Doctor. Upon examination, the Dr told me this was not gout, and he explained why. Only a few days after my visit I had noticed at times an incredible shortness of breath and my heart seemed to be racing a million miles per hour. Something was wrong.

With support and encouragement from some close friends, they convinced me to go get checked out and I did. I ask my friend Diane to give me a lift to the local Doc in the Box because I had this strange feeling, I would not be needing a car or a while… I was right.

As soon as I was being examined, I started hearing them say things like, “He is turning blue!’ His hands are also quickly turning blue!” In only minutes I was sped off in an ambulance heading to a real hospital.

I arrived and immediately was sent to ICU where things happend real fast. Once they stabilized me, I was then sent off to Sentara Heart Hospital in Norfolk Virginia. My foot was still raging in pain, so they gave me something to ease the discomfort.

Now, they got me set up in a room where I would stay for the next month. Turns out what I thought was gout was actually congestive heart failure and my heart was in afib. This explained a lot regarding how I felt. The good Doctors went to work on me big time, tackling several issues all at once. One of the big issues was getting rid of the fluid I was retaining from the poor circulation. They did an amazing job, everyone every day I was there took such excellent care of me, and I am alive because of it.

Now there was one rather strange thing that happened during my first week or so at the hospital. I had a VERY strange reaction to the pain meds. I became delusional and I did not even know what state I was in. Somehow in my mind I landed in Roanoke Virginia at my brother-in-law’s new health Clinique. Well, the visual delusions just kept going from there, it was scary as hell. Strangers were hanging out at my room door, and the handles to the door cabinets on my dresser were moving! It got worse. No need to get into it, but very scary.

Finally, when I had enough clarity, I explained to the nurse that whatever pain meds I was on to take me off. The side effects were too great. They made med adjustments, and all the demons went away, never to return.

The main reason I have gone public with this story is because in my case, gout was probably a misdiagnoses many years ago. My Dr said I probably did start out with gout attacks all those years ago, but then at some point congestive heart failure kicked in, and I never knew it until it was almost too late.

The team of Doctors got my heart out of Afib, and ended up installing a pacemaker to make sure my heart rate stays up where it should be to lead an active lifestyle which is what I have always done.

I never felt better. Today was my first full day out of the hospital and can’t tell you how great it was to walk the beach again. My heart is in excellent shape, but after a month of bedrest, my legs have gotten weak. So these next two weeks its plenty of PT for me, and only 3 weeks away from being able to bike again.

I had lost 30 pounds prior to this happening and dropped another 35 or 40 in the hospital totaling a loss of around 70 pounds. Almost at my goal weight!

I also did a “reset” Back in the Fall of 2023. The health benefits of not drinking have been very good and recommend it. My doctors certainly thought it was a great idea that I had done that and suggested to keep it up.

My family, friends, and employer were really there for me the entire time. I can’t say enough thanks to all that helped and supported me. The quality of medical service I received at Sentara Heart Hospital was beyond exceptional, thank yall folks for keeping me alive and kicking!

Well, I got 62 years out of Jim Baugh Version 1.0. Now with the new Jim Baugh Version 2.0, maybe hit 120!

By Spring and Summer we will have some more JBOTV new features also more Milky Way Nightscapes. I will also be shooting all sorts of incredible renovations from Solid Structures here in Va Beach, awesome company.

So friends and neighbors, if you ever seem to have an unwarranted shortness of breath an you feel your heart is racing, DON’T WAIT! Get yourself to the emergency room ASAP.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers, I know it made a big difference and very much appreciated. Thank you!


Jim Baugh

Saturday, January 27, 2024

2024 Jim Baugh Outdoors TV 36 years!

 36 Years! Looks like Jim Baugh Outdoors TV will kick of the production year with an offshore Sea Bass trip out of you know where! Cant wait. Look for new episodes and features on the JBOTV You Tube channel and Amazon Prime Video.


Thanks folks!

NEW CHANNEL! Jim Baugh Piano 2024


Hi Folks!

For years we have been including our soundtracks, videos, and piano concerts on the Jim Baugh Outdoors TV Channel. JBOTV now in it’s 36th year, we have now created a channel dedicated to many of our soundtracks that have been featured nationally on our show over the years.

If you are a content producer and interested in leasing, or original soundtracks for your projects simply email at

We will update the channel regularly as new music is produced.



Friday, December 15, 2023

A Nightscape Christmas Card to all!

 A Nightscape Christmas Card to all!

Went down tonight to shoot the Va Beach Boardwalk Christmas Lights by air and it was quite amazing. Heck, the drive there knocked my socks off just passing the Cavalier. The Jefferson better get their game on big!! LOL
All over VA Beach is lit up, really cool. This is an interesting shot for several reasons, even captured the Cavalier, it is in the upper left corner. Did not see it while filming, got lucky. The Moon was from another night. But same spot. (Close)
Would like to wish everyone from Jim and Jazz the Merriest of Christmases and the best New Year.
If you would like to send gifts, here is the list.
Jazz wants a bag of rawhide bones, with a side jar of peanut butter. A day at the doggie spa (Jazz accepts coupons or gift cards) And lastly... a rubber cat.
That’s it.
God Bless, and Merry Christmas.
Jim B

On the way back filmed the Cavalier. Awesome!