Friday, July 1, 2022

New Nightscape! Wachapreague Fair 2022


WOW! Last night I filmed a nightscape in Wachapreague during the summer fair. Really an awesome time. I found this boat sitting right near the boat landing and thought it was perfect for a Nightscape. It was an incredible night with unbelievable visibility. There was a nice wind, little clouds, hardly any humidity, just perfect for astrophotography. Yall go out and get some!

Stayed at the Watchapreague inn, fantastic as always and a must if your going to be stargazing in the area.

(757) 787-2105

Photo Info: Astro/ 15 minute exposure. 3X5min f2.8, 400ISO 11mm Tokina

Forground/ 25 exposures. 2 to 4 sec exposure, ISO 100, 24mm prime lens. GVMRGB light and stand.

Have a great holiday! Godspeed, Jim Baugh

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

2022 Virginia Beach Tuna Tournament Team Solid Structures


Team Solid Structures 2022 Virginia Beach Tuna Turnament. Great event. OVer $290,000 in pay out. Excellent event.

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Nightscape HK on the Chesapeake Bay now on display 2022

From left to right. Mayor of Chics Beach and the owners of HK on the Bay, Elle and Rich! The good Mayor Beetle commissioned this Metal Print Nightscape from me in honor of these two fine folks. Take a look at the plaque. Really awesome. Come on out and take a peak. It is on display at the entrance behind the hostest station. Plus its steak night! My fav! Thanks Mayor, super nice and cool thing you did. Godspeed. JB

Saturday, March 19, 2022

New Nightscape! Polaris Star Trails HK on the Bay

 "HK on the Bay"

This is a Nightscape that started over two months ago. Detailed info of the project will be released at the official presentation which will be one night next week. I can say for now its 400 images mixed focal length long exposure star trails around Polaris the north star. Once I have the date and time for next week hope all yall will come to HK for the unvailing of this new Nightscape metal print. Godspeed. JB

Friday, February 18, 2022

New Nightscape Star Trails over Red Bank Eastern Shore of Virginia

New Nightscape! “Star Trails at Red Bank on the Eastern Shore of Virginia”

A MUST visit if you have never been there. Awesome place to view the Milky Way in prime season. I spread my mother’s ashes under that cross. Incredible view for her. Red Bank was the closing timelapse for our Milky Way Film “The Milky Way Galaxy Our Home” As seen from the Eastern Shore. Winner of 4 awards and played 8 film festivals.
This new Red Bank Nightscape is now up on our Gallery available in Metal Prints. Link below.
Photo Info:
Foreground / 50 exposures F2.8 ranging 5 to 10 seconds ISO 400, Light painted with GVM RGB lights plus a small spot. Stacked as a script in Photoshop then blended in light mode
Astro / 150 exposures, 15 seconds each, ISO 1600, f2.8 116mm. Imported as script in photoshop then blended.
All total around 200 exposures that were used.
Gear / Canon 200d SL2, Tokina 11-16mm, Lens Muff with 3 heat packs, intervalometer, Manfrotto Tripod.
Jim Baugh

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Wachapreague Star Trails

New Nightscape: Star Trails over Wachapreague

Photo, aprox 300 images stacked. Cannon 200D, tokina 11-16, single 15 second exposures, intervelometer, 3 heat packs/lens muff.

Thursday, February 3, 2022

First Milky Way Nightscape 2022

New Nightscape 2022: “Yes you can see the Milky Way in February”

In the Nightscape you can see a beautiful shot of Venus below the Milky Way and Mars just above the horizon to the right of Venus. Also good view of the dark horse nebula. This was one of the clearest nights I have seen in a long time, just gorgeous! It was amazing actually, and the ride back over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel heading back to Va Beach with Venus high in the sky and the sunrise below was stunning. One heck of a way to start the day!
The location? Magothy Bay on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. This Nightscape will be up on our gallery soon so check it out.
Photo Info: Cannon 200D / SL2 Sky Tracker Pro equatorial mount, Tokina 11-16MM F2.8 ISO 400 Intervalometer Lens muff with 4 heat packs. Total exposure 12 minutes. 4 three-minute exposures stacked in DSS then lightroom and photoshop.
NOTE: This time of year the Milky Way is low to the horizon so the visibility due to so much atmosphere is not quite as good as later in the year, but its decent.
All I got to say is,
“Hello Milky Way 2022!!”
This may be the first Milky Way Photo on the Eastern Seaboard this year. Weather has been a bear for Astro, but got lucky this time.

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Summit County Colorado Skiing

My son Bens recent outing made for some incredible drone footage in Colorado. He ask if I would lay down some original music for the video. Of course!! What fun. Enjoy! JB

"Astrononmical Twlight"

Composed performed and recorded by
Jim Baugh

Monday, January 24, 2022

Jim Baughs Nightscapes


Hi Folks! Hey stop by my Nightscape Gallery and take a peak. Link below
For info and orders
Tight Lines and Clear Skies.