Monday, February 21, 2011

Congrats to Kevin VanDam on his fourth ever classic win. This is the second year in a row Kevin won the Bassmaster Classic title and earned him a cash prize of $500,000.00 Buckaroos!. Congrats again to one of the best anglers is Bass fishing history. Awesome victory!
Jim Baugh

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Miami International Boat Show 2011

For more info CLICK HERE for the JBO TV Boat Blog and boat show reports.

Over the past 40 years I have gone to more boat shows than I care to mention because it reminds me of old I am getting!!

I have to say that the boat show that I have enjoyed more than any others is our trips down to Miami for the International Boat Show. Yes the show is quite unbelievable and gives us a chance to see everything marine wise in one location.

Jim Baugh Outdoors has produced quite a few program segments in Miami and throughout the Florida Keys over the years. Some of the experiences have been something that will make a good screen play for sure. Anytime that I am hangin out with my friends and filming from West Palm, Miami, to Key West, there is GONNA be some stories, and not all pleasant.

One on trip I cracked a rib at the beginning of the trip filming offshore in Miami, and then had to film the rest of the week in the Keys with hardly being able to breath. That and one other injury made for some rather painful filming experiences down south. However I have always thought, if your gonna get injured, might as well be in Key West! Heck of a place to recover.

I highly recommend going to the Miami Show and then spending some time in the Keys. The past few years we only spend one day at the show, and then hit Key Largo and Marathon and start filming in some of my favorite waters in the world.

Try it, it will be a boat show trip you will remember for a lifetime.

More info on the Miami show on our JBO TV Boat Blog. Some stories of our trips are also on our facebook page, Galley Blog, and you can stream some of the shows we have shot in Miami on our web site.

Here is a link to the "Back Story" for one of our trips in the Keys, quite entertaining and is on our Galley Blog. This is when we were down doing a filming in Miami for JBO TV, and some recipe columns in Key Largo and Marathon for Travel Virginia Magazine.

Quite a read, click below

Jim Baugh