Monday, July 25, 2016

JBOTV Presentation and Appearance Queen of the Bay Fishing Tournament "What you see above and below"

Jim Baugh Outdoors will be filming underwater at the Cape Charles Fishing Pier for the Queen for the Bay Fishing Tournament Thursday July 28th. Located at the end of the Fishing Pier, Jim will have a large monitor set up and underwater cameras so the audience can see what's swimming beneath them. Three will also be Moon Lights at different depths that will attract even more species of fish to view. Also "Solstice Moon" the JBOTV film of the rare summer solstice and strawberry moon will also be playing at the end of the pier. Jim will show you the stars and constellations on the screen, and then locate them in the night sky for the viewing audience.
Location: Cape Charles Fishing Pier
Free Admission
Below is a flyer from the Tourney.



Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Undersea World of the Cape Charles Fishing Pier

Chesapeake Bay,
Eastern Shore Virginia

Often when fishing, it is a good idea to know what is under you. This week in preparation for the upcoming Queen of the Bay Pier Fishing Tournament, we spent some time pre-fishing and filming underwater photography of the pier. We found abundant sea life and plenty of marine growth. This pier defiantly holds fish and some sections more than others.
We filmed schools of spot and pin fish and also what looked like a small cobia near the bottom. The surrounding area has multitudes of seagrass that holds lots of bait. The only thing that can stop you from catching fish here is a slack tide. Enjoy these pics of the under sea side of the Cape Charles Fishing Pier and we will film the upcoming tournament and feature it on our program. Tight Lines! Jim Baugh

 DAY 1

A Queen of the Bay  tournament is a family friendly, strategic, and competitive fishing tournament with four major divisions:
Open Division (all anglers, any age) 
Lady Division (all females)
Youth Division (15 and younger)
Special Angler Division




Saturday, July 9, 2016

Lightning@Lands End \ A Chesapeake Bay Storm

Four storm cells converged over top the Chesapeake Bay while Donna and I were sitting on the beach last night. It was an incredible sight and was fortunate to film this. The spectacular sight was when the storms merged and moved off east over top of us revealing the Moon, Jupiter, Arcturus and Spica only briefly before the sun came up this morning. All I can say is the good Lord sure is using good drawing tools to paint with. Nature.
After the storms left us this morning the wind howled 20 knots, another blow day from the Bay to Hatteras.
Camera: 4K, Exposure 10sec, 3000K, 200ISO
Two hours before storm