Sunday, March 16, 2014

Recent JBO TV Panoramic

Here is some panoramic photography by Jim Baugh Outdoors TV that we produced this week. Some stunning imagery!
A beach near Kiptopeake State Park

South of Cape Charles
National Wildlife Refuge
Sunset Chesapeake Bay on Mermaids Bay

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Donna's new upcoming articles in Coastal Virginia Magazine

Coastal Kismet for Shore!

Donna Bozza is an award-winning writer who has been honing her craft for decades. She –we are thrilled to see her work back in Coastal Virginia Magazine, the new moniker for the former Hampton Roads Magazine. A regional star, Coastal Virginia captures the charms of living and visiting our intriguing shores. It’s a popular glossy with an annual circulation of over 300,000 with each edition pulling in an average of 222,000 readers.

Donna’s work with Coastal Virginia pairs perfectly with her new role as Co-Producer of Jim Baugh Outdoors TV & Media where among other tasks she will be hosting the new segment “Lure of the Shore.” This interactive travel feature focusing on Boomer Couples’ coastal vacations also ties in with the launch of Coastin’ with Donna Bozza, Lifestyle Blog.

On the heel’s of last fall Eastern Shore travel feature “Stretch Summer”, keep an eye out for Coastal Virginia’s April issue where Donna “blows out the candles” for the 50th birthday of one of the 7 Engineering Wonders of the World –the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. Their upcoming summer guide will feature Donna’s article on helping folks find their Kayak Karma –should make a splash! 

Monday, March 3, 2014


It has always amazed me the difference a tide can make. For us anglers we know how important the flow of water is and how it affects everything while on the water. The constant flow of water also has an amazing ability to change the landscape. Everyday the beach here on the bay changes. These pics show what an incredible picture nature can paint in only a 24 hour period, and the canvas changes every minute of the day. Our coastal waters are an amazing force of nature and so enjoyable to appreciate. So next time your out walking the beach, take a picture because you will never be able to see the same scene twice. JB

All from tidal water

And now 24 hours later.