Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just to funny!

My Buddy and fellow Chesapeake Angler writer Max King sent me some pics today of the Tuna that we will be catching next week! He had a great idea on how to get a 193 pound Tuna off of the boat, liked the picture so much, I thought I would share it with everyone. Great job Max, awesome day offshore, lookin forward to fishing with you soon!
See everyone at the Hampton Blackbeard & Pirate Festival this weekend!


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hampton Blackbeard Pirate Festival This Weekend June 2

ARGGGGHHHHH!! It is that time again. Round up the youngsters and head to Hampton for the most awesome Pirate Festival you Will ever see, Jim Baugh Outdoors will be there filming the festivities. This is the only actual in water reenactment of Blackbeards Capture that you can see, and it all happens right on the downtown Hampton waterfront. Make your reservations today.
For more info on the festival log on to their we site at
Jim Baugh Outdoors is a proud sponsor of the Pyrate Pete Piratical art show being held this Thursday night in Phoebus, Hampton Va. This is one art show you dont want to miss!

For info on Pyrate Pete and his Piratical Art log on to. Also be sure to check out his BLOG

What can I tell ya, the Drum Bite is hot and heavy, the larger Croakers are also starting to make there way up the Hampton Bar.
I am waitig for the first light of Spadefish, thenthe twin 250 Susuki's will be fired up and heading to the CLT. Usually the Sadefish bite is starting to turn on around the Blackbeard Festival, so we should have some more reports soon.
See everyone at the festival this weekend!!!
Jm B

Saturday, May 19, 2007

JBO Places second in C4 Vette division, Hampton Corvette Club Show\ Award dedicated to my friend, Woody Landers- RIP

Jim Baugh Outdoors Show Corvette placed second today in the Hampton Corvette Club Car show. We had a great turn out and there some awesome muscle cars there as well. This year we had done a lot of modifications to the show car, new interior, exhaust tips, an a new Vortex intake. While this was a great day, it was sad as well.

I did find out only about an hour ago that my friend and close up magician mentor Woody Landers was killed in a tragic auto accident on Monday. Woody was not only probably one of the best, most talented close up magicians in the country, he was a dedicated Corvette fanatic. Ever since I have known him, since I was about 16 years old, Woody always drove a red Vette convertible, he loved them.
I owe a lot of my early career to Woody, I studied close up magic under him from the time I was16 to about 19 years old. I later would have Woody as a regular guest on my cable entrainment show. Just about anything good that I could do with close up magic, I learned from Woody. This past Sunday for my son Ben's 21'st birthday, sure enough, I preformed the 2 by 4 coin illusion that was one of the routines that Woody invented years ago. I performed that coin illusion in night clubs for over 10 years, it was a fav when I entertained in Atlantic City.
Truthfully, my 10+ year career of close up magic, which paid my way through college, I owe to the teachings of Woody Landers. He simply was the best close up magician I had ever seen, and was known around the world for his incredible talent. When I opened up Jimdini's Magic Room next to the Tabacco Company in Richmond, Woody would regulary appear as one of our entertainers, he was there almost every week. He was the best.

I remember one magic convention I was attending in Washington DC, was foolin round with a new card pass\slight of hand. One magician came up to me and said,"That was incredible, do you by chance know Woody Landers?" Of course I said, Woody was the one who taught it to me years ago!

So Woody, today's JBO Corvette Trophy s dedicated to you, and I know you will enjoy it as much as I. I am sure the Lord has a new C6 Vette waiting for you at the gates. Horrace Bennit will be holding the keys for ya! (For those that may not know, Bennit was Woody's good friend, one of the best slight of hand artist ever to grace a coin and okito box)

My best to Woody's family,

We have just lost one of the greatest close up magicians in the world. He will be truly missed. His talent is something that had to be seen. I am blessed that I saw a lot of it. Will miss him greatly

Jim Baugh

Thursday, May 17, 2007

JUST IN TODAY, See it first before it hits the airwaves!!!!

Hello everyone!
Boy have we got a great new offshore Tuna Show that just finished production, it is called Suzuki Offshore Yellowfin Bonanza, and you can see it first, before anyone else. The show wont go into syndication until late next week. Great show with fantastic Yellowfin action, also Suzuki engine Tips and info on how to clean Tuna.Click the links below, (high Band Stream) Ether one will take you there!

Direct link to the stream, win media file

Yall enjoy. We will hook up again with Whalens Marine for another offshore adventure soon!!

Hope to see a bunch of you at the Hampton Corvette Show on Saturday!

Jim B

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hampton Corvette Club 7th Annual Car Show This Saturday May 19th

Big weekend coming up this weekend in Hampton. First up we are entering again this year in the Hampton Corvette Club Car Show held in the Sears parking lot in Hampton Virginia. We are looking forward to another great turn out this year and the Jim Baugh Outdoors C4 Show Vette wil be ready to roll. This year we put in a new interior, Vortex Rammer Intake, and custom Quad Tips!! Don't miss it, for more information on the show just log on to
We will try our best and post the results from the awards Saturday afternoon, Last year the JBO Show Vette placed second in the C4 stock division.
The big day continues on the water at Bluewater Yachting Center with a beautiful boat show.I will be there and do my best to fetch up some of those Surfrider Crabcakes, they are the best. The good thing about dieting is I don't eat much, but what I grab is gonna be good!!!! LOL Their food there really is great, and the view on the water is fantastic, they may even have the pool open this weekend.

See ya at the Vette show, then on the waterfront! Gonna be a great time.
For more info on the JBO Show Boat Click the link below
For more info on the JBO Show Vette Click the link below
NOTE: The Hampton Blackbeard Pirate Festival is now only weeks away! Make your reservations on the waterfront today. ARRRGH
Click Below
Pirate Pete Art Show Info.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Birthday To Ben Baugh, 21 Years Old Today!!!

Today my son Ben turns 21 years old! I remember this day 21 years ago like it was yesterday. It was my first child and I was absolutely out of my mind. Never had anything been so exciting and new in my life. It was fun too, the Dr. was a real comedian and we cracked jokes throughout child birth. I don't think mom was to into it, but she did a great job and was rather busy at the time!!
A big congratulations to big Ben. I have posted here some pics of Ben doing what he likes to do while attending West Virginia University- fish, raft, kayak, and jump off big rocks. Ben and his buds are also very much into four wheelin in the West Virginia mountains. His Jeep is still hanging on though, hard to believe. You would not believe how many times the water hose has been used to clean the INSIDE of his vehicle. It is no surprise Ben is so into the outdoors, 19 out of his 21 years he grew up on our show. I remember taking Ben rafting on the New River when he was about seven years old, now he fishes it regularly after class. What can I say, lucky to have the best boy in the world. He has just completed his JR year in college and pulled a 4.0 average, and is applying to officer candidate school in the Coast Guard next year. Very proud of ya son. I cant believe how fast these 21 years have gone. Happy birthday Ben, and I will see ya later today!!! Hopefully use that ID of yours before dinner. LOL
Lastly, Happy Mothers Day to everyone!

(John & Ben college cartoon)

PS: Please do not try Ben B stunts at home, he is a professional!

Tight lines

Jim Baugh

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Surfs Up!

Cameraman Wayne Baker sent me these pics today he took in front of his town house in Delray Beach Florida. 12 foot surf made for some great surfing, but not so good for boating. We had a storm up here in the mid Atlantic that hovered Sat. and Sun. as well. During the Hampton Boat Show. We had winds of up to 50 knots creating waves off our VA and NC coast in excess of 40 feet high.
Many boats got in big trouble with these seas including one over 160 nautical miles off of Hatteras. Many thanks to our courageous Coast Guard who saved a lot of lives this week. For the complete story click the link below,0,7342374.story?coll=dp-widget-news
This story is a good example of the importance of EPIRB offshore, or anywhere on the water really. I will be shopping for mine this week!!

Be Safe


Sunday, May 6, 2007

Downtown Hampton In Water Boat Show is cookin!

Hello Everyone!

Today is Sunday, the second day of the Downtown Hampton in water boat show. We have truly seen some beautiful boats this year and everyone is having a wonderful time. There was fishing seminars put on by a variety of anglers including legendary radio personality Don Lanchaster. Now this show is where dealers as well as individuals come to sell their boats, and display them in water. The Jim Baugh Outdoors Suzuki\Hampton Show boat is not for sale, but we did set up a promotional display and put on a boat cooking seminar. We do this each year, it is a ton of fun, and the people at the show just love it. We of course filmed the segments, and they will be a part of our 2008 program series. For this year, I wanted to try some different things, so I called Betcie and ask her for suggestions. Well, first off she ask if I knew the Kentucky Derby was today. I of course did not, but thought it would be a good idea to do one dish that was in honor of the Derby, as well as a good overall dish for the boat show. I had told Betz about this Shrimp recipe I came up with while I was down in the Keys. I had made an excellent barbecue shrimp dish, and maybe we could do something with that. She suggested to take my basic recipe and add two shots of Kentucky Bourbon, and add three Mint leaves. Well, I thought this was just a fantastic suggestion and soon went of to the ABC store to fetch some Kentucky Bourbon, because that is the one thing that neither myself, or boating friends had on Hand.

We call this recipe barbecued Kentucky Bourbon Shrimp. This stuff was so good, I could not even get a picture of the actual finished dish, the folks on the dock scarfed it up so fast, I thought I was going to lose an arm!
Here is what you do.
Make a foil boat, one that does not leak, (this proved to be a challenge for JB) then place a bunch of large Shrimp wrapped in Bacon inside the foil boat. Add a cup of wine, some Jerk barbecue sauce, as well as regular barbecue sauce to the boat. Then pour in two shots of Bourbon, add the Mint, and you are ready to go. Close up the foil boat, and bake on grill for 35 min at 350. This without question is one of the best dishes you will ever have. One tip that we figured out, (thanks to Mike) is to pre grill the Bacon before you wrap the shrimp. We will for sure do this next time.
The main feature was just a mess of Tile fish and Sea Bass that we simply put into a foil boat and added fresh Parsley, Lemon, and one Beer. You don't have to worry about the alcohol content, because it cooks out during the bake. That is it, very simple, just put on grill and bake at 350 for about 20 min. or so. Now this is a fine way to fix these fish, but I think next year we will try a Cajun fry for the fine folks at the boat show. Tile fish is a great meaty fish that fries fantastic.

Well, I got to get going, we are still doing the show, and I will be cookin up steak skewers for the crowed here in a few minutes. The weather has been fantastic but heavy winds today. I hope it calms down before tomorrow, we are taking a press tour on board for a Suzuki boat trip threw Hampton Roads, and right now there is five foot seas out there, blown 25 knots!!

Hey a big thanks to everyone who came out to the show, and a special thanks to Sean Finnegan my cameraman, Ethil, and of course Betcie for helping me out with the recipes and for being there. We look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming Hampton Blackbeard Festival!
Make your reservations today!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

JUST IN!!!--Jil Carrie!! \ Offshore Monster Tile Fish and Sea Bass, Gonna Be Cooked Up at this Weekends Hampton Boat Show!!!

Today was an exciting offshore day with the Jim Baugh Outdoors Crew on board Captain Jim Brincefeilds Boat the Jil Carrie. Only thing missing was me-Jim Baugh!!! Yeah, I was not there, fractured my right ankle a week ago and it is no go offshore for old JB this week. But that did not stop us from shooting one fantastic show!!!
Heading up the JBO crew was of course my 15 year veteran cameraman Sean Finnegan who also shot some fantastic stills that you can see in this post. GREAT JOB!!!! Also along is long time fishing guest Mr. Mike Wilburn. Mike is an avid fisherman who has appeared on our show for years. Mike is getting ready now for our offshore adventures off of the Hampton Coast for Tuna and Dolphin.
Now this is our second trip out with Captain Jim, and boy what a trip it was!! Just look at these pics, loads of Tile fish and Sea Bass, and many double and triple hook ups. You just cant beat this type of fishing. Dogfish Shark was also plentifully today, although not many people kept these fish to eat. My old friend Dr Jim Wright used to love to keep these fish to eat, I never thought much of them, but then again, Shark is about the only fish I do not like to eat. We miss Old Captain Jim Wright a Lot!!
The fish that the Jim Baugh Outdoors Crew caught will be featured in the Jim Baugh Outdoors Cooking Seminar this Saturday at the downtown Hampton VA Boat Show!!!! We will also be fixen up "Derby Shrimp" and celebrating Cinco de Mayo with some unusual Margaritas. there is also a BIG block party going on downtown, so don't miss this weekend in Hampton, there is gonna be a ton of great stuff happening. You can make your reservations at the Hampton Public Piers today or call the Hampton Marina Hotel. 757-727-9700 You can contact Captain Jim at his website at or call him at 252-336-4296 Thanks again Capt. Jim and we look forward to Drum fishing with you in a couple weeks!
We will see you this weekend, the Hampton\Suzuki show boat will be located by the Cousteau Society in front of the Dockmasters office. See ya this weekend! Tight Lines
Jim B
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