Monday, August 31, 2009

Hampton Public Piers Boat Cook Off!!!

Friday we had a fun crowed at the Downtown Hampton Public Piers. Greg the dockmaster did a great job at putting on the first annual boat cook off. This event was a great idea and brought boaters into the docks with cookbooks in hand.
This was a judged event and all dishes had to be cooked and prepared on the boats. There was really some creative dishes, my fav was the squid dog. I have never seen that one before, hard to believe one could do that with a hot dog! Very fun stuff!! SQUID DOGS.! WAY FUN!

On the more serious side, there was the fresh baked fish with a crusted pecan topping complete with a mango salsa that really made this dish fantastic.

There were also plenty of blenders dockside creating up some rather interesting beverages.
This was a really good time and will be even bigger next year. Start planning now for next years cook off at the Hampton Public Piers. Everyone I talked to was planning on coming back.
We shot this event and will be a part of the JBO TV series for 2010, which will be our 21st year in broadcasting.
We went out and tried hard for Flounder but only caught some undersized fish around the Hampton Bar. We have had red tide and two much rain, the water is a bit stained and harder for the fish to see the baits. Today is raining all day in Hampton, however later in the week the water should be clear and fishing very good. It is a holiday weekend and there will be lots of boats out there. Be safe, and also try the HRBT for Drum, on the west side, casting up towards the rocks. Also this is a good time to charter for the upcoming holiday. If you want to fish the Hampton Bar area, contact the Ocean Eagle by the Hampton Publie Piers. Also chartering for Spadefish at the CLT is a good idea for the holiday weekend

This time of year the Spadefish really hover around the CBBT. Try the third island using fresh clams and some chum. Spadefish are great fighters and are fantastic in the skillet!!

Sunset Boat Ramp in Hampton Virginia will be closed Sept. 8th and re open Nov. 1st.
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Friday, August 28, 2009

A Taste of Downtown Hampton Weekend!! Be there!!

TODAY!! The first Hampton Public Piers Cook Off. The winner will receive a free weekend at the Hampton Public Piers (excluding festival weekends). In addition, on Saturday, August 29, 2009, from 4 pm - 6 pm, the Downtown Hampton restaurants will provide a sampling of their menu items and live entertainment. Info call 757-727-1276 We will be there!

Jim Baugh Outdoors will shoot several segments featuring this event and will post pics here later this weekend. Big weekend in downtown Hampton, yall be there!!
Bring your favorite fish and cook it up!!

Jim B

Spadefish- My Fav!! Fried or broiled!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Filming Flounder tomorrow on the Go Green Fishing Machine-will report here!

Casey and Jim Baugh at JBO Central, Sunday Afternoon

We had a great visit from my daughter Casey and Dan this weekend. Casey is getting ready to leave for her third year in college and we wanted to take in some fishing, but the red tide, rain, and flooding made that a no go for this weekend.

Here is a good one for a Sunday Dinnner, an Austrian fav. Wiener Schnitzel!!
We have been doing cooking segments on Jim Baugh Outdoors since the very beginning, and we are very proud of our new kitchen set here at JBO Central.
Here is for the most part how we cooked the Snitzel. Pounded out pork tenderloin filet's and then coated with flour and egg, then coated with a fresh breader mix that she made out of crushed saltines. The pork was then cooked in a pan \ fried, then set aside. A mushroom sauce was then made up by cooking the schrooms in butter, then adding the stock. This was one of the best sauces I ever had.
Also cooked up was some fresh asparagus with a very nice buttery sauce. The dish was served with a side of hot and sour cabbage relish. The brown mucshroom gravey sauce was served under the schnitel
Just one fantastic dish!!
Tomorrow, clearer water hopefully, and FLOUNDER FISHING!! Also this week we will be doing more performance test with the Go Green Fishing Machine.
Tight Lines

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's all in Hampton!! What a weekend!!

We could not pack in more things to do over the last three days if we tried. There is just so much going on in Hampton it is quite unreal. Starting off with an AWESOME COBIA CATCH AT THE NEW BUCKROE FISHING PIER!!!!!!! Chris Hille caught a monster 64 pound Cobia right off the new Pier at Buckroe. Congratulations on an awesome catch. Also being caught are some Croaker, Spot, and small Flounder. If you have not yet had a chance to check out the new pier, do it today, the place is just fantastic. Lots of activity at Buckroe as well. Buckroe Beach is on the Jim Baugh Outdoors Go Green bike trail, check it out on our web site
The 83 annual Hampton Cup Regatta was a huge success and we were there both Saturday and Sunday. This is just a great event and is very well attended. Everybody had a great time and the boats were just fantastic to watch. This location is a very pretty part of Hampton located right at Fort Monroe. We spent some time there last week in the Go Green Fishing Machine and found some good fishing there. Try to catch an incoming tide for the Founder and use live minnows with a squid strip. You can also visit Fort Monroe, but you will need to show your drivers license to get in. And if you are going green and riding a bike, you need to have a helmet in order to get through the gate. There is also a nice public beach, so bring a towel!!
Tuna Time! JBO Angler Mike Wilburn caught a couple of nice Tuna outside of Hatteras and we have an excellent GO GREEN Leftover recipe for everyone. After grilling your Tuna for dinner, take the leftovers and throw in a mixing bowl along with five eggs, cheddar cheese, jalapeno’s, chopped onion, some parmesan cheese, and a couple of chopped green olives. Mix up and put in your favorite omelet pan. Cook up and top off with some fresh chopped tomato and hot salsa. This makes for one fantastic breakfast or even dinner. Try it, you will love it!!
Cedar Plank Grilled Tuna with a Basil and Mustard Lemon Sauce. We fixed this up Friday night and will feature this dish in Travel Virginia Magazine as well as JBO TV. This is a simple dish, however does require some rather fresh ingredients. In our continuing efforts to GO GREEN, yes it is true, JBO TV has it's own herb garden and for some reason I have a rather large green "Basil" thumb. My Basil just grows like crazy and it is a good thing, because I LOVE Basil!! Here is a great Basil sauce. Cut a bunch of fresh Basil and place in a food processor. Add three cloves garlic, fresh cracked pepper, teaspoon of Mayo,quarter cup of spicy mustard and one squeezed Lemon. Puree and then spread over top of fresh Tuna and place the Tuna on a cedar plank. Top off with thinly sliced lemons and grill until done. Fantastic dish, we loved it!!! Now go catch some Tuna and try it!

Salt Ponds, Waters Edge in Hampton Virginia.
After filming the Regatta for Jim Baugh Outdoors TV, Ruth and I jumped in the Vette and went to the new Waters Edge restaurant at Salt Ponds. Our friend Bam shot this picture of us as soon as we pulled up. This is just one fantastic restaurant and we are so glad they are open. The outside Tiki Bar and pool is also open as well! When you go, you must try the Salmon Fish Tacos, they are just the best!! Waters Edge has a beautiful view of the marina and you are right at the Chesapeake Bay, Buckroe Beach is also just down the road. Plan on making a day at the Beach and then head over to Salt Ponds for a dip in the pool and a nice dinner. A great way to spend the day in Hampton. The new Buckroe Fishing Pier is located right there on the beach at Buckroe, and there are always some concerts or musical events being held on the stage. Great family entertainment right here in Hampton, and you never even have to cross the HRBT, it is all here!!! I usually go everywhere in Hampton on our JBO Go Green Bike. This may be hard to believe, but I did not put gas in the Vette for over three months! Go GREEN! It is great for the environment, saving on emissions, and I never worry about where to park my car! Buckroe also has lots of places to chain your bike up to, and a great playground for the kids also. Hampton has really done a fantastic job with Buckroe Beach, if you have not been for a while, take your family soon! And check out the new pier!
We wrapped up Sunday by going to Downtown Hampton and seeing the David Carter show on the deck at Marker 20. This is a great show with lots of good music and entertainment. Dave really does put on a good show and has done so for years. Having dinner on the deck downtown is also very nice. When you visit Hampton be sure to stay for the Dave Carter show Sunday evenings. Dave usually starts between six and seven.

FILMING THIS WEEK- Spadefishing on a Sea Kayak and Flounder Fishing on the Go Green Fishing Machine
Jim Baugh Outdoors will venture out this week in the Go Green Fishing Machine and hook up with master kayaker and angler Kevin Whitley. We will be filming around the Yancy wreck at the CBBT for a great show on Spadefishing. We will also share some fantastic Spadefish recipes, stay tuned!!

Tight Lines!

Jim B

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Taco Tuesday and a Cooler of Croaker! Hampton VA

We ventured out for the Flounder and ended up catching a boat load of Croaker. The bite is on big time right now for the bottom dwellers, never a better time to fish out of Hampton. We cleaned the fish and have a good ole fish fry. It was fantastic!!

Today is Taco Tuesday at one of downtown Hampton's best sandwich shops, Goody's located on Queens Way. If you have not yet had a chance to try these fantastic hard or soft Tacos, try them soon. Cat does a great job at preparing them and they go fast!

For more info log on to

We are working on the Go Green Fishing Machine today and will head out for Sheepshead tomorrow. We will report our catch right here!

Tight lines

Jim B

Monday, August 3, 2009

Birthday Bash, Warm Springs and Hampton Virginia

The only thing worse than getting older is not getting older! So for my 48th, went and planned a rather busy weekend. First up we headed to Warm Springs in Bath County where we stayed at the Warm Springs Inn. Moosee is the inn keeper and quite the character. We really had a great time there and the food was fantastic. Across the street is the Jefferson baths where we went on Saturday, that was quite an experience. Very relaxing and fun.

We ventured into town and had a great lunch, cocktails at the Homestead, and we even played pool in the Elvis pool room. Even had an Elvis juke box, way cool! I wanted to take in a little trout fishing on the Jackson River, but we really did not have the time. We are looking forward to heading back in the fall, hopefully land some nice rainbows then.

Next up, we drove back to Hampton VA where we had a couple of parties waiting for us, one at Salt Ponds and then later on the deck at Marker 20. After we all gathered at the Salt Ponds tiki bar, we then drove over for the David Carter show on the deck at Marker 20. Dave really sounded great and as always put on a great show, thanks Dave.
Dave usually plays on Sunday in Hampton on the deck at Marker, if you have not been yet, be sure to check it out soon. Great entertainment, good food, and a beautiful historic location on queens way in downtown Hampton.
 Also thanks to the many, many, many B day wishes from everyone!
To wrap things up, we are heading out in the Bay today to see if we can film some Flounder, the bite has been good over on the third island, so we are going to give it a shot!!

Tight Lines
Jim Baugh