Monday, June 21, 2010

New JBO TV Show up on our world wide streaming server

Show Title: Stormy Petrel.
This show features the Hampton Boat Cook Off and Great American Dock Party, Surf Fishing on the Outer Banks, Offshore Fishing on the Stormy Petrel and cooking at Dirty Dicks.

Loads of fish were caught on the program, just on the Petrol alone we had some 600 pounds of fish including Triggers, Dolphin and Whoo!!! Great trip.

Stormy Petrel will air nationally on the Sportsman Channel the end of June. Preview it now! Just click the link below.
Tight Lines, enjoy!

Show contacs \ Links:
Stormy Petrel
Suzuki Marine
Carolina Skiff
Hatteras Landing Marina
Dirty Dicks

When in Hatteras Village, Jim Baugh Outdoors Stays at the AWESOME Villas of Hatteras, located by the Hatteras Landing Marina. Book your stay today - just call 252 986 1110

Marina contact,-800 551 8478 or 252 986 2077.

For Offshore and Surf fishing, you cant beat this place, Fantastic Location.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

July JBO TV Column Chesapeake Angler Magazine

Next column for Chesapeake Angler July 2010

By Jim Baugh
Reporting from the fly bridge Hampton Virginia

TITLE: A day at my favorite Bar, only spent $2.80

To tell the truth, we have finally gotten this fishing thing down. Well, not for every species, but for Croaker, Flounder, Spot and Trout, the best concentrated location that I have found is the area of the Hampton Bar and Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel. Traveling to these locations from the Hampton River in the Go Green Fishing Machine (GGFM) is just a pure joy. Last week we filmed at the Bar and fished all day, filled the coolers, and spent $2.80 is gas, that was it. The Second generation Suzuki 90 hp four stroke and the Carolina Skiff JVX20 with Smart tabs is just simply the most fuel-efficient rig we have ever fished. When the bite is on at the Hampton Bar, it really makes me smile for many reasons. Ending up back at the dock with an hour or two of filleting fish, always makes me smile. Spending less than three dollars in fuel for a day of fishing???? Well all I can say is, I am glad I have lived long enough to see it. Between fishing and boating out of the Go Green Fishing Machine and riding my Go Green bike everywhere in Hampton, my dependency for oil (foreign or domestic) has dropped by about 95%. We now only fill up our 18 gallon gas tank in the GGFM about twice a summer, and I have gone over four months without even to have to put Gas in my car. The Go Green lifestyle is not only good for the environment, but my wallet as well. Save a dollar-Make a dollar. It adds up in every way

This season so far, the bite really has been good at the Hampton Bar. We have been catching a mix of Trout, Flounder and Croaker just using standard bottom rigs and regular Squid. The magic depth for us has been fishing the ledge of the bar in about 31 feet of water. Once we shallow up to about 20-25 feet, nothing. I expect July will be about the same. The bite has been so good at the Bar, we have not yet even ventured out to the MM tunnel. The MM was our hot spot last year in about 50 feet of water on the west side of the tunnel just past the 70foot ledge. We will still fish the MM Tunnel, however as long as the bite is hot here at the Hampton Bar, we are staying!

I had a guest captain on the show last week and we left out of the Hampton River from JBO Central to fish the Bar area. The captain loved the Go Green Fishing Machine, and could not believe the speed and power the boat had with the 90hp Suzuki four stroke. He was also surprised when I told him I would pay for the gas, if he would buy dinner, he said, “Man, did I get the good end of the deal!” Not so, we spend only $2.80 in gas and fished all over the bar and tunnel. His grocery bill to fry the fish was five times that of our fuel bill.

My guest Captain was long time friend Captain Earl Williams. Captain Earl loves to rig out everything to the max and he ask me why I did not put a hard top on the Carolina Skiff. I explained to him, the reasons were simple. First and most important, some of our new fishing grounds in Hampton require a minimum amount of clearance for your boat. So low, that we have to duck down in the boat just to clear going under the bridge. High tide even can be an issue while fishing these locations. These locations on the Hampton River are FULL of fish and a hard top would knock these fishing grounds out for us- some awesome fishing right at our doorstep. The GGFM does have a bimini top that I love. Shade is very important while fishing during July and August, and nothing shades better than a bimini. With the top down, there is also less wind resistance, so you sort of get the best of both worlds. Like my pops always said, the KISS theory is always the best. (Keep it simple stupid)

When you come to fish the Hampton Bar, don’t forget the areas behind Fort Monroe and also back in the Hampton River. These areas are hot spots for Croaker, Drum, Trout, and Rockfish. You can also find most of what you will need for fishing for the day. Sunset boating center is a great fuel stop that also has bait and snacks. They also can do a quick haul out for ya should you need a fast power wash on your hull. Bluewater also is a good fuel stop, and has Surfrider restaurant right there, great place for a lunch time break coming in from the Hampton Bar.

I would like to invite everyone to check out all of the celebrations in our home base port of Hampton VA. The 400th anniversary of Hampton Virginia is a huge celebration that you and your family do not want to miss. For a list of events and festivals just log on to or the Hampton CVB web site for accommodations and lodging info. (

Lastly, I would like to invite everyone to join Jim Baugh Outdoors on FACEBOOK. To find us, just do a search on Facebook, Jim Baugh, or the direct address is, On Facebook, we have some great behind the scenes stories, photo’s, sponsor info, loads of recipes, articles, tourney info, and the latest happenings in Hampton, Virginia. Be our friend today!

For more info. Just log on to, and be sure to check out our JBO BLOG that is updated almost daily. And one last thing,
Do yourself a favor, and get a Suzuki today!

Tight Lines!
Jim Baugh
For more info on charter captains in our area, just log on to and check out our charter pages and order your free Hampton Roads Fishing Guide!!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jim Baugh Outdoors TV New Feature on the Sportsman Channel.

We have a special program coming up Saturday June 26th that you don't want to miss. The name of the show is Stormy Petrol and we will make it available to stream on our site this week, featured broadcast date on the Sportsman Channel is Saturday June 26th at 10am. This is one PACKED program.
Here are the Highlights:

Surf Fishing the Outer Banks
Our Surf Fishing guru Captain Earl gives us some great first hand tips on how to best drive your four wheel drive in the sand. We also fish the point and capture a variety of fish on camera. There is also a bait rigging segment that will help out you on the fish on your next Surf Fishing trip!

Offshore Trigger fish and Dolphin Bail

JBO TV ventured out on the Stormy Petrol departing from Hatteras Village, Hatteras NC. This is just a no holds bar fishing trip where we are bringing in Trigger fish two at a time. By the trips end, we were bailing dolphin off the stern filling up trash cans full of fish. There was also a VERY nice Whoo caught.

Cookin at Dirty Dicks The show wraps up with some recipes using some of the fish we caught on the Stormy Petrol, Triggers and Whoo's. Dirty Dicks is located right at the marina in Hatteras Village, these folks really put on a GREAT cooking segment and these were some of the best seafood dishes we have had.
Check it out on the Sportsman Channel, or on the commercial free stream on the web site

Tight Lines!

Jim Baugh


"Do yourself a favor,
Get a Suzuki Four Stroke today!"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Submarine Alert-Boaters Beware!

Submarine Alert! Boaters Beware.
The Navy is still looking for four missing unmanned subs that were somewhere near the Thimble Shoals Channel and the Bay Bridge Tunnel. Running into one of these things on your boat could ruin your Flounder trip REAL fast. Be careful boaters.
Can you imagine Spadefishing at the TS Lighthouse and hookin into one of these things?? I wonder if they like Clams.
Navy, please find these things.
Thank you
PS: Would make for one great pool toy.
----------------Full Story
By Lauren KingThe Virginian-Pilot© June 8, 2010
UPDATE: The Navy said that as of 2:45 p.m. Tuesday, a search was still under way for the missing mini-subs.
Four underwater unmanned vehicles went missing Sunday during training to conduct search, classify and map missions.

The Navy, Coast Guard and local authorities were searching for the missing vehicles in the Thimble Shoals Channel between the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, a Navy news release said.

Communication was lost with four of the 13 unmanned vehicles Sunday about 1 p.m. while the vehicles were using bottom-mapping sonar to look for mine-like contacts in the water as part of the training. Search and recovery operations began immediately.

Efforts continued Monday using small-craft, shore-based teams, air assets and marine mammal systems, which could include sea lions and dolphins trained to hunt mines.
The cause of the vehicles’ disappearance is under investigation. The missing vehicles do not pose a danger to civilians or the environment, the Navy release said, but if an unmanned vehicle is discovered floating in the water, boaters should avoid it as they would any other navigation hazard.

If one of the missing vehicles is found, please call the U.S. Second Fleet commander at (757) 443-9821.

The unmanned vehicles were being used as part of a larger training exercise with about 2,500 personnel from Canadian and U.S. military forces and government civilian agencies. The annual training exercise will continue through Friday.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bite is on!! Come get some!

For us today fishing burning only 1.12 gallons of gas----Equals a cooler of fish! Thanks to Suzuki Marine and Carolina Skiff , The Go Green Fishing Machine delivers another great day on the water.

Captain Earl, Ruthie and I went out yesterday to search out some Flounder and Croaker. First stop was the Hampton Bar, and the bite was so good, we did not need to go anywhere else.

Using a flounder rig and some standard bottom rigs, we caught Trout, Flounder and Croaker up two a pound and a half.

Magic depth was 31 feet, fishing the ledge of the bar. We saw both the Ocean Eagle and the Sally T both doing well catching fish as well.
The wind was up just a bit, so we had to do a lot of running up and down the bar, keeping our baits in the 31 foot zone. We did try a little deeper bite in 40 feet of water, but not much luck. 31-32 feet was definitely where the bite was.
The Go Green Fishing Machine once again proved to be a fuel sipper. Running the new Suzuki 90 hp four stroke and the Carolina Skiff JVX 20, our total fuel usage for the day was 1.12 gallons. That is it. Still fishing for anywhere from two to three bucks a day for gas. AWESOME!!

One the way in back to Hampton, we had a nice stop at Surfrider for lunch, then cleaned our cooler of fish back at JBO Central. One awesome day.

Today, now that we have found them, we will do some filming for the 2011 season. Also, we did see a Cobia right off the bow of our boat, awesome fins!! Reports at the Buckroe Fishing Pier also have some Cobia showing up.

NOW IS THE TIME TO BE HERE IN HAMPTON!!! The bite is on! Weather is great!

Book now to fish this weekend, bring the family. There is a big outdoor art show at Buckroe Park this Saturday with Slapwater playing center stage starting at 2pm. Be a good day to fish the Pier as well!!

See ya on the water in Hampton,
and do yourself a favor, Buy a Suzuki engine today!
Jim Baugh

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More upcoming new JBO TV shows on the Sportsman Channel-on the SPOT!!

One of my favorite new shows this year is coming up on the Sportsman Channel in the next two weeks called, "Ruthie Spot". A great program filmed out of Hampton featuring Spot fishin right in front of Phoebus!! Ruthie and I really got into them not a stones through away from the charter fleet tied up at the docks. A lot of fun and some great Spot fishing.
Also featured is a quite detailed cooking segment filmed on location the new Crowne Plaza Hotel in Hampton. This is one Shrimp dish you don't want to miss, we have included some pics here. Great food and we also took a first look at some of the awesome renovations the hotel did to make it one of the most beautiful waterfront hotels you will ever stay. Check it out!!

Sailing the Chesapeake
We wrap up this show with a nice sailing segment produced with Captain Trav out of Hampton Virginia. This was filmed during the famous Wed. night sailboat races that depart right out of Hampton. The sailing segment also has a WONDERFUL original soundtrack piano score, written just for this filming. Great stuff!!!

"Ruthie Spot" will air Nationally on the Sportsman Channel in two weeks, and we will make it one of our programs available to stream worldwide, 24\7 on our Jim Baugh Outdoors Web site. Should be up within a couple days.

Broadcast Dates "Ruthie Spot" are:

Monday 6/14 @ 4:40pm
Thursday 6/17 @ 6:30am
Saturday 6/19 @ 10:00am

Other new programs include Dolphin fishing offshore Hatteras, Spadefishing, and bottom fishing in Hampton Roads.

GO GREEN FISHING MACHINE Suzuki 90hp\Carolina Skiff JVX 20

The Go Green will be burning up the waterways Saturday through Monday fishing Hampton Roads with Captain Earl. Tuesday we will be offshore Spadefishing with Captain Dale Carlson. Stay tuned for more fishing reports later this week.
West Palm Beach Florida.
Congrats to JBO Southern cameraman Wayne Baker. (Wayne and Susan) on their new ocean front condo. Cant wait to see what yall have done with the place. Just awesome!!!

Tight lines, see ya in the water in Hampton!

Jim Baugh


on-Sportsman Channel


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