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Franc White, 84 and still Flyin High!!!!

We have been broadcasting Jim Baugh Outdoors for 21 years now, and ever since the day we first aired, I always get ask about Franc White of the Southern Sportsman. I grew up watching Franc and about 20 years ago, had the pleasure of broadcasting in several states in adjacent time slot to Franc. Both shows pulled good ratings and we usually aired back then on Sunday mornings.

I have met Franc on a couple of occasions in North Carolina when we were both covering stories for our shows. Franc was a REAL character, and actually in person, even more of a character than he was on TV.
Who else in the world could come up with,
"Swinus Americanus"
and of course,
"Do yourself a favor, and take a kid fishing"
and my all time fav.
"Dont re-elect nobody, not even your mama!!!"
This is the truth, rarley in my career has anyone ever ask me about other outdoor TV Show host, except for Franc White. Franc has left an invaluable impression on a lot of us.
Well, a couple weeks ago I got an e mail from someone named Mike Roberson, who told me he and friends were meeting Franc in NC and they are all going to fly airplanes. He ask me if I wanted any photos from the trip, I said, "All YOU CAN GET!!!!"

As far as I know, these are the first pics of Franc that anyone has seen in many years.
He is 84 years old!!!!!! And still flyin!!
Hats off to you Franc!

Below is the e mail that Mike sent me a couple days ago, and I have included a few of his pics.

Subject: Fish and Flying in Plymouth NC"
Hey Jim,
Here are a few pictures from the day with Franc. It was a beautiful day temp in the 60's and clear sky. My friend picked Franc up from his private airstrip and met us at South Oaks grass strip in Ayden. Then we flew to Vanceboro where we met up with some other friends at another grass strip. From there we the 12 of us spread out in 6 planes and made an aerial caravan out to the Pamlico sound and around Pantego then over to Plymouth for lunch. Every Wednesday, weather permitting, the airport in Plymouth cooks lunch. So you just fly over and you can park go have lunch and talk shop and get some cheap aviation fuel, too!! Knapp and Wade operate the FBO there and do a great job of making everybody fill welcome. They also have people drive in for their free lunch on Wednesday. We left there and fly to Edenton and the to Tarboro and back to Greenville, NC. It was a great day with great friends! I asked Franc several times what he was thinking and every time he could hardly find the words. He was so happy to be out flying again and meeting new friends. Franc is now 84 and still looks the same as I always remembered."
Mike Robertson

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hampton Virginia, Cover Story 2010 Travel Virginia Guide

Hi Folks!!!

Check out the cover story in about our home base port of Hampton Virginia in the new 2010 Travel Virginia Travel Guide!

You can read it on line now just follow the link below.

Tight Lines!

Jim Baugh

What do you cook up in January when your all out of Rockfish?

Jim’s Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

Reporting from the galley on the Hampton River.
By Jim Baugh

When it is late January, early February and the Rockfish have moved some 15 miles off our coast and we are stuck with a three mile limit, AND the last of the fresh vacuum sealed frozen Rockfish was served up for your lady friend for New Years, What do you do?? What,- do you do??
My first thought since it has been cold and rainy lately was to jump in an airplane, fly to Chicago and pig out on the worlds most famous Deep Dish Pizza. Now THAT would be FUN!!! Great idea! But, -wait a minute. Gazing at my checkbook, looks like I need to pull out my MVP card and start pedaling my Go Green Bicycle to Food Lion or Save a Lot!

It may be hard to believe, but you can make Chicago style deep dish pizza right at home, and it is just as good, if not even better than what you would get in Chicago. Here today, we are celebrating the deep dish pizza and giving out to all our wonderful viewers and readers my own very special deep-dish pizza recipe. It is about as good as it gets.

There is the debate as to which is better, Chicago style or New York Style pizza. I never understood this at all. Both pies are such different beasts, they should not even be considered in the same category. Both are fantastic, and both are called, “Pizza”- and it should stop there. It is about the same as comparing a Rockfish Filet with a Tuna Filet or a Swordfish Filet. They are all fish, and all fantastic, but all very separate in just about every way. Which one is best?? They ALL are the best, that is, as long as you know how to prepare the filet. Fish is a lot like pizza, one of the biggest keys to preparing each is that everything is fresh. Everything, including the herbs.
First a little background on where I got my deep-dish recipe. There are several famous deep-dish pizza restaurants in Chicago. My recipe takes a little bit from several of the better known restaurants, combined what I liked best while keeping the recipe as authentic as possible. I also made the recipe a bit healthier than some of the other pies that are popular. Both the dough and sauce recipe can be varied somewhat depending on your individual liking. We just love Basil (lots of it) parsley, garlic, and oregano, so my pie probably has more of these ingredients than the original. Some die hards will even say that if oregano is in the pie, it is not authentic. That may be, but I still love oregano, so I use it. Now, here is from start to finish how to make Jim’s Chicago style DEEP DISH PIZZA! AT HOME!

The Pan
The JBO TV Kitchen is located on the Hampton River and it was totally renovated two years ago with the most efficient stainless steel appliances I could find. I also put in granite countertops which is a great surface for making all sorts of dough recipes. One thing that I do not have is a brick oven heated with charcoal and wood! That one would have been a little difficult to pull off in a condo. Soooooo, here is the trick for the pan with a deep-dish pizza. Use what we use, stoneware by Pampered Chef. This clay stoneware dish is a 9-inch square that is well over 3 inches deep. The key to stoneware is that it gets VERY hot and cooks evenly. Basically it simulates a brick oven that you would find in high-end restaurants. This stoneware does need to be seasoned, similar to a cast iron skillet. Once seasoned, food will never stick to the cooking surface. This dish may cost you 30 bucks or so new, but it will last a lifetime and it has many multiple uses for baking, and the dish can be microwaved or even put in the freezer.

Once I seasoned our stoneware pan, never have I had any issue with anything sticking to it. Truth be told, it is the most non-stick cooking surface I own. This Clay stoneware is truly amazing and worth every penny! (Ok, it was a gift, but I love it!)

The Dough
There are many variations on pizza dough and you can surf the Internet to find what you like best, however when it came to the dough I wanted it to be as authentic as possible. Problem is, these Chicago pizzerias don’t exactly give out their recipes. Here I did a LOT of research and found what I believe to be the closest to the original as I could find, it is fantastic and is supposed to be similar dough from Pizzeria Uno. Jeff Smith from the Frugal Gourmet TV Show had put his time and effort into figuring out the recipe from Pizzeria Uno and took it to the restaurant for the 30-year veteran pizza maker “Mama” to sample. He was told, “it can’t get any closer”. So, this is the recipe I use, it is simple, but really good. This recipe will also cause your home to smell like a pizzeria real fast!

* 2 packages rapid rise dry yeast
* 2 cups warm water
* 1/2 cup vegetable oil
* 4 tablespoons olive oil
* 1/2 cup cornmeal
* 5 1/2 cups flour

Dissolve the yeast in the water. Add the vegetable oil, olive oil, cornmeal, and half of the flour. Beat for 10 minutes. Then mix in the remaining flour. Knead for several minutes afterwards on granite countertop mixing in flour lightly. The dough should not really be sticky at all.
Remove dough and place on a clean countertop or bowl. Cover and allow to rise in warm place until double in bulk. Punch down and allow to rise again. Punch down a second time and you are ready.

**It should take an hour or so for the first rise, then another hour for the second as long as the dough is in a warm place.
If you have left over dough, vacuum seal it and freeze for later use.

NOTE: This dough recipe is enough to make two 9 inch square pan pizzas, and have enough left over for a 10 inch snack pizza.
VARIATION: add one-teaspoon salt, teaspoon of sugar. Some folks like even a little Italian seasoning in the crust, so just ad some to the dough

When we go to the trouble to make home made deep-dish pizza, a simple cheese pie is not going to cut it. Ours is this combination: Italian sausage, hamburger, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, hickory smoked bacon, mushroom, onion, Spinach, sliced tomato and green pepper.
Take your hamburger and sausage and cook them together in a cast iron skillet then drain off the fat. Next, lightly cook the Canadian bacon until it is golden brown then set aside. Next cook your bacon, drain the fat, and set the bacon aside. Wipe the skillet and lightly sauté the veggies until they are tender, then set aside.
This is probably the biggest difference between Jims Deep Dish, and authentic Chicago deep dish Pizza. Some of the Chicago pizzerias use raw sausage right in the pie and all the grease stays in the pie. I find it a much better pie to precook the meats and drain the fat. It is healthier, and the pie is saucy enough as it is, it does not need the extra grease.

Sauce is a bit a matter of preference. There are some restaurants that actually just pour the tomatoes right from the can with little seasoning and away you go. This is good, however I prefer a cooked sauce. Here is what you will need.

One large can tomato sauce
Olive oil
Fresh chopped Garlic
One Caned tomatoes cut (San Marzanos)
Crushed red peppers
Brown Sugar teaspoon
Some onion salt
Dash Oregano
Dash Parsley
Chopped Basil
Dash of thyme
salt 1\2 teaspoon
1\2 teaspoon red wine vinegar
* Use fresh ingredients if possible.

First heat olive oil is saucepan then sauté the garlic. Next, just add everything and simmer with a closed lid for at least 35 minutes. Let cool to room temperature with the lid on. Lastly, store in a GLASS jar and keep in the fridge 24 hours before serving. NOTE: The red wine vinegar helps give the sauce a bit of zing or tang which works very well, but optional.

Assembling the Pie
Grease your stoneware dish with olive oil up to and around the sides. Place your dough in the center of the dish and push \ work outwards towards the side of the pan. Pull the dough up the sides of the dish. The crust on the bottom should be fairly thin. The crust on the sides should be also. Make sure that the inside bottom corners of the pan do not stack up with dough. Keep pushing the excess dough out of the corners and up and over the sides of the pan. Deep Dish should NOT be an extremely thick crust, actually quite thin everywhere. You don’t want to end up with a loaf of bread with sauce on it!

Next, place your cheese on top of the dough, and then add all of your pre-cooked meats on top of the cheese. Next up, add your veggies.

Finally, pour your sauce on top and garnish with Parnassian Cheese. I like to also put some fresh basil on top of the sauce just because I love basil! Never get enough. You should see the size of my basil bush, huge!

Preheat to 455 and cook for 40-50 minutes. Place pie on the bottom of the rack. If the crust is getting to brown on top just use some aluminum foil at the end to cover. (Usually not necessary) When done, let stand for five minutes or longer then serve.

This recipe is based on the authentic Chicago style Deep Dish Pizza, with very little variation. Basically, we just drain the fat off the precooked meats and also like to use a lot of basil, oregano, and parsley. As far as the sauce, we like it either pre cooked, or not. Our preference is to precook and let the sauce sit over night in a glass jar in the fridge.

Making a deep dish pizza is a little bit like making a Lasagna, you can pretty much make it anyway you want, and as many layers as you want. Stuffed pizzas are popular however a deep-dish pizza has enough dough already. To protect my six-pac abs, one layer of dough is enough for me!!!

Other Tips

***I cook plenty of all the fillings because I know I will have enough left over dough to make one, or even two more pies. We take several vacuum seal bags and pack the dough separately, then the meats and veggies, even vacuum seal the sauce. Wrap tape around all the packages and through them in the freezer. Then we have awesome home made pizza ready to go, just thaw and assemble. All ingredients hold up great in the freezer properly sealed.

***When working the dough up the sides of the pan, keep pulling the dough until it goes over the side. Then after all the fillings are in, cut with a knife about one inch down the outside of the pan. Then turn the edges upward in a swirl pattern. Makes a great presentation

***Brush the top of the crust with a mix of olive oil, garlic, and your fav Italian seasonings.

***A small amount of Ricotta Cheese on top of the Motz layer is good as well. Other GREAT fillers are spinach and a few anchovies. Again, what ever you like, put it in. Just pre cook and drain your meats so the pie is less fat, less filling, taste better, and will maintain a crunchier crust. Pre cooking the filling also will make your pie less watery and firmer. If you use fresh tomatoes for a filling under the sauce, be sure to take out all the seeds and slices should be very thin.

That’s It!! One more thing, leftovers are da bomb!

So, when the Rockfish are to far offshore to fish during January, and you want the deep-dish pizza experience without the cost of flying to Chicago, try my recipe. You will love it!!

For info on charter captains in our Hampton area, just log on to and check out our charter pages and order your free Hampton Roads Fishing Guide!!!!

Jim Baugh JBO TV

CREDITS: Ginos East, Lou Malnati’s, Uno pizzeria, Jeff Smith-The Frugal Gourmet Cooks American, Ruth Gurganus for the Pampered Chef Deep Dish, and Even Guia.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Go Green And Save Green!! Catch Fish To!!!

By now most of our viewers know that we have just gotten terrific results from our new Go Green Fishing Machine. Most of our trips out of Hampton Virginia we spend around from $2-$4 bucks in gas, that is it!!! Plus, we fill our coolers up with fish. Thanks to the Carolina Skiff JVX 20 and Suzuki 90hp four stroke, we can fish more efficient and greatly reduce emissions at the same time.

Now here in Virginia, we have suffered a BIG cold snap over the last few weeks, however the ice on the Hampton River has finally melted and we are enjoying a nice 63 degree day. And yes, I will be takin advantage of this weather and going on one of my favorite eco friendly bike tours today along the waterside of the Chesapeake Bay. Here is a link to our JBO Bile Route.
Hope to see some you folks out there today along the way!!

During the winter months it is not always advantageous for us to head out in freezing weather in an open sea to go fishing. I recommend that you folks do what we do, Go Green and jump on a head boat!!! One boat heading offshore taking a bunch of folks makes a lot of sense this time of year. A fun day on the water, plenty of fish for everyone, and only burning one engine to take an entire boat load of folks.

Stay tuned to one of our favorite charter boats run by Captain Jim Brincefield!!! We will be heading out with him again soon for an offshore bonanza of Tile fish and other bottom huggin species. This is always a GREAT trip and makes for a GREAT SHOW!!! All fishing offshore our Virginia waters. Captain Jim is booking now and the weather is awesome. We are in a good weather stretch for offshore deep drop fishing. Contact his web site at

Tight lines, and we will see ya on the Water!!

Jim Baugh


Monday, January 18, 2010

Frostbite Challenge Results

JBO TV ventured out on Friday for day one of the Frostbite Challenge. We boarded one AWESOME boat , captain, and crew, Captain Dave Wessner on board the Billable Ours.

A great fishing team, however the first day the Rockfishing in legal waters was almost non existent. When the fish move offshore due to water temps and bait, there is not much one can do except cover a lot of water up and down the beach just trying to find anything! That is what we did, without a lot of luck. Most of the boats the first day did not land fish.

Things did turn around somewhat on day two, and there was quite a respectable weigh in. Thanks to Don and everyone for putting on such a great tourney event. Looking forward to next year!

1st Good Grief 106.6
2nd Harpoon 106.1

Biggest Fish Harpoon

Daily day 1 Katherine JeanneDaily
Day 2 Good Grief

Junior Angler David Derrick Harpoon
Lady Angler Julie Hickam Harpoon
Military Angler Luke Stoube Good Grief

Pcs by Team Harpoon
Congrats to all!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Frostbite Challenge. ROCK ON!

THIS WEEKEND!!! JBO TV will be heading out with Captain Dave Wessner early morning Friday for the first day of the Frostbite Challenge! We will be filming a segment for JBO TV and reporting here on the JBO BLOG and Web site on the conditions and catch. The water temps have been way cold here off our Virginia Coast. Most boats have been heading south to NC to find a few degrees warmer water. Hopefully these slightly better temps this week will cause the fish to feed closer to our Virginia waters and within the three mile limit.

We are looking forward to this event and it is not to late to register!! Click below

This tourney is run by a great bunch of folks and a lot of great fisherman fish this event. Sign up!!
Jim B
Capt. Dave Wessner
Fisherman’s Wharf Marina- Rudee Inlet
Pirate's Cove-Oregon Inlet
Office- (757)689-2694
Mobile- (757)374-0179

Monday, January 11, 2010

Goodbye Loran C

TERMINATION OF THE LORAN-C SIGNAL Consistent with the Administration’s pledge to eliminate unnecessary Federal programs and systems, the USCG broadcast of the Loran-C signal is going to be terminated. Federal broadcast of the Loran-C signal will cease on 08 February 2010. Mariners or other users of Loran-C are encouraged to shift to GPS navigation and plotting systems.

Winter Time Boat Reminders

By Jim Baugh
Reporting Dockside Hampton Virginia

Issue, Jan. 2010

TITLE: Winter Time Boat Reminders

There are almost an infinite number of topics to discuss when it comes to preparing your boat for winter, weather your boat is in the water, sitting on a trailer, or even in boat storage. We will not attempt to cover it all her in 800 words or less, but just cover some of the things that we do, and see every year.

First, probably the most frequent problem I have had during the winter is fresh water lines cracking and breaking. This has happened about every year or so. The solution is a simple one. Drain all the water out of your tank and fill your lines with the proper antifreeze solution available at marine stores. This will do the trick and create one less chore you will have to do in springtime. Of course keeping some heat on your boat is a good idea as well. For years now we have been using oil filled electric radiant heaters to put a nice heat throughout our boat that is kept in the water. These are safe heaters and do not cost that much to run. We have also put light bulbs in the engine compartment when it gets really cold and run the de humidifier on the central air system when not on the boat. Trying to heat the boat with on board central air is a waste of money when not on your vessel, also if the water drops below 40 degrees, your central air unit will not be blowing warm air anyway. When it gets really cold on the 36 Trojan, I use the radiant electric heater and a small electric marine safe heater up in the bow that is on a thermostat. Cooking in the galley, or using a small propane heater buddy for supplemental heat works well while on board. Never leave a gas heater unattended! One other good tip when your on board and the temps are in the teens and the wind is gusting 30 knots plus,,, Do what I do!!!-- Long Johns, a friend’s house, or hotel room!

The Go Green Fishing Machine is a JVX Carolina Skiff with a new 90HP Suzuki Four Stroke. This boat of course can go on a trailer, boat storage, or even stay in the water over the winter. Right now, she is in the water because of Rockfishing. This rig is a single engine with a single battery, self-bailing scuppers, and a good bilge pump with an automatic switch. What we make sure of while the boat is out in the cold is to run the boat \ engine enough to keep the batteries up. The cold weather can suck a battery down fast, then out goes your bilge pump. So to keep it simple, I make sure our scuppers are free and clear of any debris, and the battery is kept at full charge. With all the rain we have had over the fall, it is necessary to keep an eye on your boat weather it is on land or in the water. Many boats have been seriously damaged by clogged scuppers and rainwater filling the boat. This is an easy fix, simply check on your boat once in a while.

If your boat is kept in dry storage, make sure it is inside. If your boat is going to be kept on a lot, be sure you can easily access it to make sure your bats are up and scuppers are clear.
This is also a good time to grease your bearing buddies on your trailer and oil up whatever needs be. After a trailer sits all winter, getting it to re lock on your trailer ball sometimes can be a challenge. A little bit of simple maintenance can prevent a lot of cussing when you go to hook up your boat in the spring.

Jan-April is a great time to haul your boat for annual mainteance. Bottom paint, wax, all those projects that you have written down during the summer can now get done at the boat yard. Here in Hampton we have hauled out several times at Sunset Boating Center and Bluewater. I cant say enough good things about both places. Bluewater has done a lot of work on our 36 Trojan as well as the Go Green Fishing Machine. Just give them a ring for anything you may need done to your boat over the winter. Sunset is a dry storage facility and is a wonderful place to keep your boat plus they have a very good fish cleaning station right on sight.

One of the biggest causes for boat damage during the winter is simply, neglect. Keeping a close eye on your boat weather on land or sea is the best thing you can do to prevent damage. If you cannot visit your boat for any reason, hook up with a buddy who is nearby to give your vessel a looksey once in a while. Here at JBO Central, we walk the docks almost every day to check on everyone’s boats. Just yesterday I stood by one center console and pumped water out of her for over an hour. Had no idea where the owner was, but at least his boat did not go down. Believe me, there is no more of a sinking feeling than approaching your dock and only seeing the top of your tuna tower hovering just over the surface of the water. I get chills just writing those words!!

What we will do for the Go Green Fishing Machine during Feb-March, is haul the boat out of the water, pressure wash and of course flush the Suzuki engine with fresh water. For winter storage, be sure to leave the lower unit in the down trim position so all water drains out of the lower unit. We will also keep a trickle charge on the battery and make sure the scuppers are clear of any debris.

Fishing here out of Hampton we are very lucky and pretty much have a year round fishery so that means a lot of us use our boats year round. This I like! I no longer live aboard my 36 Trojan, however some of the winters I have spent on her have been some of the most memorable in my life. I usually could keep warm on the boat even during our harshest winter, however getting off the boat and walking the dock, that is a different story!
Tight lines, happy New Year, and keep an eye on your boats Folks!

Jim Baugh


For more info on charter captains in our area, just log on to and check out our charter pages and order your free Hampton Roads Fishing Guide!!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 Rockfish Shootout Winners!

Congratulations to everyone! An awesome class of fish!

1 Gannett 1\\ 136.85
2 Rod Bender 1 \\ 131.70
3 Anna Lynn 1\\ 127.55
4 R. Harris Welding 1\\ 127.45
5 Line Dancing 1\\ 124.95
6 Monkey One 1\\ 117.85
7 Team Wheat System 1\\ 116.70

Open Class
1 Max King's Marine 4\\ 109.10
2 Matador 1\\ 106.10
3 Cheap Shot 1\\ 96.80
4 Hapi Daze 1\\ 94.50
5 Pig Penn 1\\ 79.30
6 Lucky Leah 64.05
7 Mod Squad 1\\ 59.85

Payout To The First Seven Places

Frostbite Challenge is this week!!
Jim B

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shootout-Day One! BIG FISH

JBO TV was there early today at the weigh in at Rudee Inlet to catch the first boats coming in to weigh their catch.
Reports were mostly down south, that seemed to be where the bite was. Over 160 teams are fishing this event with over a $200,000 pay out. Tomorrow and Saturday should prove very interesting for sure!


Artificial Division.

1) Gannet, weight 136.85 pounds

2) Rodbender, weight 131.70 Pounds

Open Division

1) Captain Max King Team, weight 109.1

2) Mattador3, weight 106.1

Stay Tuned!

Jim B

DAY TWO -Comin UP!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rockfish Shootout starts today! Jan 7th. BE THERE!

JBO TV will be there to film the monsters at the weigh in! Great event, see yall there!
Good luck everyone and be safe out there. Keep it in the three!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rockfish Shootout, THIS WEEKEND!!

Dont miss the biggest Rockfish Tourney on the East Coast. JBO TV Will be there to film the monsters at the weigh in. Fantastic event. For info log on to
Pictured here, the 2008 Max King Team. Go Max!!