Saturday, February 16, 2008

Key Largo-Marathon Key

We made a quick stop in Key Largo at one of my favorite places in the Keys, Bay Side Cay Club. Truth is, they have about the best Sushi Bar I have ever seen. It is my favorite first stop in the Keys. I needed to head down to Marathon Key and hook up with my Hampton VA buddy Barry B for a little fishing and shooting. Barry and I are soon to be neighbors, I bought a place next to his house on the Hampton River, so finally, I might learn something about Cobia Fishing!! Now that I will be living next door to him, he probably will want to spend more time down in the keys, as if two months is not enough!!
The c5 Vette will be screaming North Bound in a couple days, back in time to post produce all of our 2008 program to air on the Sportsmans Channel. Our last stop will be Delray Beach to see my camera man Wayne Baker. Wayne also owns a home on the Hampton River and just bought a flat in Richmond. Wayne is doing 3d modeling work for Lockheed Martin, and is just loving living on the beach down here in FL. Wayne and his wife Susan do come back to Hampton a lot. They visited me over Christmas and Susan said that she has never seen anything prettier than Hampton during the holidays. Downtown Hampton really puts on a show for the holidays, parades, and even a down town outdoor Ice Rink. All the boats are also decorated and the holiday boat parade is something to definitely mark your calendar for next year.

Off to Marathon!!
Tight Lines
Jim B

Miami International Boat Show-New Suzuki Product

WOW, What a fantastic drive down from our home base of Hampton Virginia!! We made it just in time for the festivities at the Suzuki booth at the Miami International Boat Show. First up was something very exciting and unexpected. The United States Coast Guard showed up at the Suzuki Booth to present Dean Corbisier from Suzuki Marine with a special award of excellence in safety. This is due to the fact that in Suzuki advertising, they make sure that all persons on board are wearing a flotation device. The Coast Guard took notice of this and presented Suzuki with one very impressive award. Congrads to everyone at Suzuki for promoting safe boating!! Awesome work!
Well, the evening was just beginning when soon enough the unveiling of four new Suzuki engines!! What a presentation! Jim Baugh Outdoors will have a lot more info on these new products and will be featuring some of them on our show.
The on water Suzuki display is always exciting. This year I think there were eight boats in the water ready to run, and run they did!!! It was great to see everyone on the docks and we look forward to a great year running Suzuki engines.
For more info on Suzuki engines just log on to our web site at

Jim B

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pit Stop to Miami

It was quite a fast trip from Hampton down to Florida, we made it to Amelia Island in only seven hours from our boat slips. I love to stop by Fernandina Beach to check out the fishing and see whats happening at the beach. This is only 15 min or so over the state line, so it is a great stop on the way to Miami.

The new C5 show Vette did great, I did do a Mobile one oil change before heading down. She only had 8000 miles on her when I got her last fall. I have set the trip distance so once back in Hampton we can report trip\fuel totals. But on the road, we are getting about 28 miles per gallon, that is with the top on. We just took off the targa top so or mileage wont be quite as good on the way to Miami.

I brought down some fresh Hampton Rockfish that we all will be cooking up tonight. Fish Tacos complete with about five different relishes will be served up around 7pm. Look for the complete recipes in the upcoming issues of Virginia Lifestyles Magazine.

We are excited about the Miami International Boat Show, and visiting with all the folks from Suzuki. Their on water show and display at the convention center is just awesome. This year we have quite a few friends from Hampton coming down for the show, looking forward to see our boating friends!

Well, must be off, and I must say, Crockett and Tubs have been doing a great job at keeping the streets of Miami clean an safe. Thanks guys!!! We will se ya on the water in a few days!!
Jim B