Friday, January 30, 2015

Benefit Concert for the Peninsula Youth Orchestra featuring Jim Baugh & special guest Matt Thomas


Sunday, May 3, 2015

"Jim Baugh, Power of an Earthquake and the Passion of an Artist"

Benefit Concert for the Peninsula Youth Orchestra.

-  Continental plates shift and grind creating great earthquakes that can destroy beyond imagination. Climate fronts of hot and cold air collide and can generate massive tornados that rip across the plains and give the great mother nature a facelift. And so 12 notes colored black white on a piano over and over again can evoke such tension and release. With Jim’s fast and furious right hand glancing across the keys of his piano grace and beauty roll off the soundboard and into the air. From the power of his left hand it almost feels as if he can on his own construct massive mountain ranges. Truly a seasoned talent in conjunction with his passion Jim creates where others merely observe. You will find yourself wishing to take flight like a hawk in its prime, so that you can soar high into the air where you can savor the notes longer and truly realize that vastness on display. A specific treat is his original composition entitled “KE”, while a dedication to Keith Emerson Jim seems to also excel in channeling the greats into his own playing. Even if you are not a fan of Jazz or Progressive Rock I would highly recommend taking an opportunity to watch this talent on display. For even those that like a catchy tune on the radio will appreciate the true artistry on display here.

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"Mermaid Bay" Composed by Jim Baugh, a dedication to his wife Donna.

"Edleweiss" Jazz Arrangement by Jim Baugh
"KE" Original composition, dedication to Keith Emerson 
"Childs Play" & "Joy" Compositions by Jim Baugh. Childs Play is a dedication to the great Jazz pianist Bruce Ford-Fyffe and his group Childs Play, a 1970's Richmond based Jazz Fusion band.
Stairway to Heaven Improv
Special guest international thumb picking champion
Matt Thomas!
"Takin it to the streets"

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Jim Baugh has been composing and performing music for 45 years. He has created the soundtracks for JBO TV for 26 years.  Jim gave a rare performance "Music Lives" to benefit the Peninsula Youth Orchestra and featured original music from the show as well as cover arrangements of, Rick Wakeman, Yes, Pat Metheny and Rogers and Hammerstein. Special original compositions and dedications were "KE" composition dedicated to the work of Keith Emerson and "Childs Play" a composition honoring the late great Jazz pianist Bruce Ford-Fyffe from the 1970's jazz fusion group Child's Play.
The concert was held at Victorian Station in Hampton and the enthusiastic full house really enjoyed the concert and gave generously to the Peninsula Youth Orchestra. The evening started out with a great set of classical music from the PYO Ensemble with guest violinist Chris Jacobson.
Highest bidder for the HOOKED the book auction.
All proceeds went to PYO
Also featured was international thumb picking (fngerstyle) guitar champion Matt Thomas. Matt performed a set that simply blew the roof off the house. Fantastic talent!

There was a raffle which included the first special edition hardcover of Jims books Hooked and his latest “AFTERMATH”. The book sold for $65 all proceeds went to PYO

Donna Bozza (My wife Ms. "11") with friends Julie & John Parker

Dwayne & Susan
The concert was filmed in multi camera high definition of witch portions will be seen on JBO TV and select arrangements will also be available on You Tube in March 2015.

Concert Billboard

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