Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Jim Baugh Outdoors to film special feature “Wrecks of Hatteras” August 2016

Jim Baugh Outdoors will be filming a special program “Wrecks of Hatteras” filmed out of the Graveyard of the Mid Atlantic, Hatteras North Carolina. We will be fishing and diving on various wrecks from both WW1 & WW2 and we will be featuring popular dive captain JT Barker and crew.
JBOTV will be using multiple underwater cameras to document this diving and fishing event and we will also produce a cooking segment with some of our catches off the wrecks. This show will be a part of our 2016 series and later posted on the JBOTV YouTube Channel. Also look for reports in August, Sept, and Oct on  Jimbaughoutdoorsblogspot and on social media as well.
Weather and visibility permitting, here are some of the wrecks we aim to target.
Dixi Arrow

The Catch!
Accommodations and lodging by the Villas of Hatteras Landing
Ms. Donna at Villas of Hatteras




Friday, August 12, 2016

Perseids Meteor Shower Aug 12 & 13 2016 JBOTV

JBOTV set up our cameras for a three night time lapse of the Perseid Meteor Shower and were able to catch a few on film. One really big meteor shot right in clear view of our cameras, great stuff! This film was shot on the Eastern Shore August 11, 12 and 13.
Composite showing two meteors

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Offshore flounder fishing and filming the Parramore Reef and the SS Monroe wreck with Captain Jack Norman

Jim Baugh Otudoors hooked up with Captain Jack Norman to complete our two part flounder show. Leaving out of Wachapreague our crew also consisted of Bret and Jack's nephew Hayden who already is a master shark catcher.

Clear skies and fair sea conditions made for a beautiful trip out of the inlet and our first stop was the offshore reef called Parramore. This is one of the artificial reefs that is constructed by the Virginia Artificial Reef Program and has provided massive habitat for marine life and excellent places for the sporting angler to navigate to.
Parramore Reef
Prince of Peace
The Parramore is made up of many structures including military vehicles, subway cars as well as the 85 foot 24 foot beam trawler the Prince of Peace. This wreck has a relief of about 20 feet off the bottom.

Prince of Peace Sinking
Subway cars sunk as a part of the reef program
We were fishing with Jack's favorite flounder baits and it was not long before we hooked up. The bite was not as fast or as often as we were hoping for so Captain Jack headed another 10 miles offshore to the SS Monroe for some exciting wreck fishing.
Sea Bass off the Parramore Reef

Next Stop the SS Monroe
SS Monroe launched 1902

SS Monroe Postcard early 1900's
The history of this wreck dates back to 1914 when the SS Monroe foundered.  Off the coast of Wachapreague in heavy fog the northbound SS Monroe collided head on with the steamship SS Nantucket. The Monroe sank quickly in under 15 minutes, 41 souls were lost. 
Member of the crew SS Monroe during inquiry
An inquiry after the accident found both captains at fault. After the sinking, the mast of the Monroe protruded from the bottom depths of 80 feet and was visible above the water. This was a navigation hazard and later the ship was demolition underwater leaving the stern the highest part with a relief above bottom of nearly 25 to 30 feet.

JBOTV Underwater Cameras Dive Into The SS Monroe
Here you can see the hatch our camera descended through capturing the deck beneath holding fish
This was a wreck that I for sure wanted to film so we got out one of our JBOTV underwater troll pro cameras and rigged it with a heavy weight and 100 feet of line. Once cameras running and overboard it soon came to rest on the top deck of the Monroe approximately 60 feet under our boat. The wreck sits in 80 feet of water.
Within a minute, luckily we repositioned the camera line and our underwater troll pro found it’s way through an open hatch and proceeded to sink down into the deck underneath. This gave us some incredible video and pictures of what has rarely been seen for over 100 years. We also found that fish just love living inside this wreck.
Inside the SS Monroe
JBOTV Toll Pro Camera ascending from the SS Monroe

Fishing The Monroe
After pulling off a flounder and also a sea bass off the Monroe it was time to try some spade fishing off a couple other wrecks closer to shore. Luck was not with us on the spadefish however a quick stop by buoy 10 did provide some interesting results.
On The Way In

Chum Bag
We happen to come across lots of small fish and a stray dolphin that did not want to be caught. After quite a few cast it was pushing the end of the day and we headed back in.

Great day on the water and a good time was had by all. Look for our video feature with Captain Jack and Captain Meriwether Payne coming up in our 2016 season. We will also post segments online on our YouTube Channel.

Tight Lines!
Jim Baugh
Jim Baugh Outdoors TV