Monday, August 25, 2008

Corvetts at Carlisle PA- JBO was THERE!

Corvettes at Carlisle PA is the largest Corvette show in the world. This three day event takes place in the country side in beautiful Carlisle PA. If you are a fan of Vettes, this is the one show you do not want to miss. There was tons of things happening, one of which was the unavailing of the new 2009 Z06.

My favorite display was the gathering of the 1958 Corvettes, all under one great big yellow tent. These cars were just in immaculate shape, and some of the color combination I had never seen before. There was a Teal and White 58 that draw a lot of attention, I loved that one the best, a true American classic. Pretty much anything you wanted for a Vette, you could find at this show. Bondurant was there, and many booths were performing on site fabrication and installation of many aftermarket products. Some of the exhaust systems were quite a sight to see. "Installers Alley" was a hit for sure. You could buy an exhaust system right there and watch them install it. Special guest for this show included Tom Wallace, Vehicle Line Executive-Performance Cars: Tadge Juechter, Corvette Chief Engineer, and Dave McLellan, past Corvette Chief Engineer just to name a few.

On Friday, -The Corvette American Flag display. This is an American Flag made out of real live Corvettes (over150 Vetts). This display could be seen from land as well as air. It was quite a sight to see, and was displayed in the autocross area. We had the JBO Show Vette on display and after looking at so many Corvettes, it was time to jump in the C5 and hit the local mountains in PA. Heading south I ended up in Maryland, punched in wineries on the GPS and found nearby Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard.
Well, I had to stop for this, hopefully bring back some wine to Hampton. The winery was great and we ended up with a nice crowed in the sample tent outside and we all had a blast. The trip back cruising threw the hills of Mongomery County Maryland was a fantastic drive, and I made it back to Hampton in only about four hours.
We will get out this week and try to find the Flounder again, this holiday weekend I am heading to the mountains again to take my daughter Casey back to College, and my son Ben leaves tomorrow morning driving to Washington State. He has Tina Turner with him, we will post some updates on his cross country drive in his Jeep. Later this fall I will fly out to see him and do some fishing in the Puget sound. That will be a first for me, cant wait!!


Burn Out-BIG TIME 2008 Z06

W O W !!!!

Tight lines, and everyone have a nice holiday weekend. Jim Baugh, JBO TV

Jim Baugh Outdoors Show Boat -Docked on the Hampton River

Friday, August 15, 2008

Cabo San Lucas Mexico Monster Bite! GO MIKE!

Jim Baugh Outdoors Veteran Angler and photographer Mike Wilburn headed to Cabo San Lucas to fish for monster Dolphin while we were fishing offshore from Hampton. Dolphin are also known as Dorado and Mahi Mahi. Mike did catch just a we bit bigger Dolphin than we did, and he was only two miles offshore! Mike's Dolphin catch was over six feet long and approx. seventy pounds. Great catch Mike! Only to be topped by Mike's 16 year old son Cabell Wilburn with a whopping 220 pound Blue Marlin! A 220 pound fish will certainly keep any young man busy and out of trouble for quite a while. Congrads to Cabell for a catch of a lifetime. The Marlin was caught on a brown and orange chugger and was landed in about 45 minutes. Also caught offshore this day was a 170 pound Yellowfin Tuna, a Striped Marlin, White Marlin and a Sailfish. Congratulations to Mike and his boys for such great catches. Seems like the offshore bite is pretty hot everywhere right now. This has been some of the best Dolphin fishing we have seen off our offshore waters in a long time! We will be heading out again next week from Hampton. Yall come get some!
Tight Lines
Jim Baugh

Coryphaena hippurus
Other Names:
Dolphin; Dorado; Dolphinfish; Mai Mai; Maverikos; & lampuki

Ideal Temp:
70 to 80

World Record:
88 lbs. Exuma, Bahamas


trolling, casting, fly

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Busten um up offshore from Hampton-one hot August Day!

Many, Many, Many years ago, Neil Diamond rocked the world with One Hot August Night. Well today, we rocked the Atlantic Ocean with one Hot August Day!!! We departed out of Hampton early for one rather large offshore day. We hooked up with "Captain Pete" and Hampton Captain Mike Holt. We had a great crew, and this crew wanted White Marlin. So, off to the Canyons we went, and we went past them. I think we were some 80 miles offshore when we started setting out lines. Well, the Marlin bite was not off to a running start, and it seemed to stay that way. I noticed a lot of commercial long lines that had been set offshore, and thought trolling by them nay raise up a dolphin or two. Each pass of the marker, we got hooked up until finally, it did not seem to make much sense to have our lines out trolling, so we pulled everything in for our next approach.

Now it does not get any better than this, simply back the boat Right up to the marker, and look for Dolphin, and we saw hundreds. We quickly got our spinning rods ready and the crew started cutting up bait big time. Once we hooked up, we would keep a fish in the water to attract others, and keep chumming all the while. This worked well, and we did fill the boat up with fish. It was non stop action and once we were about out of bait, we had all the fish we wanted and it was time to head west for a three hour tour back to Hampton. I would like to thank everyone on board for such a great day, actually it was one of our best Dolphin trips out of this area, and there are plenty left out there. Yall come catch some!!
Cookin Our Catch -Mike Wilburn's Recipe! (World Famous)
Dolphin is an awesome fish, and we of course cooked them up that night. Here is a recipe that I will publish in Travel Virginia Magazine later this year, it is one you don't want to miss: Pan seared sesame dolphin! First up, go catch your fresh Dolphin, and have some black and white sesame seeds on standby as well as some olive oil. You will need you favorite cast iron skillet to blacken with. All you have to do is rub the fillets with olive oil and then coat the fish with both sesame seeds. Rub the seeds into the meat on both sides. Sprinkle a little garlic powder on them and you are set to go to the skillet. Pretty much you want to cook the fish for about three minutes on both sides. Then let rest on the grill for a few minutes.

AWESOME side dish! My daughter Casey and her friend Lauren are down visiting me before they leave for college. Casey said she wanted Asparagus grilled, to go with the fish, so that is what I did. To marinade is simple. Just use some olive oil, fresh cracked pepper, some white wine and a little Balsamic Vinegar. Then grill up outside. Serve with the Sesame Dolphin on a festive summer plate and you now have got yourself something!! Barry B said it was the best fish he had ever tasted, and it is wonderful. A very savory fresh dish that you wont soon forget. OK, after a long day offshore and cookin up in the kitchen, it is time to hit the pool before retiring for the evening. Great day offshore, great crew and company. Don't miss the hot August bite offshore, if you like Dolphin, the time is now!!!
Tight lines and hot skillets !!!
Jim B

(Pan seared fresh sesame Dolphin served up with grilled Balsamic Asparagus at JBO central)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hampton Cup Regatta!! 82 Annual-THIS WEEKEND

Hello everyone!
JB Here with an invitation for everyone to come out to this weekends 82 annual Hampton Cup Regatta in Hampton VA. This Regatta is the longest continuously running hydroplane race in North America. This exciting event is located in Mill Creek and runs from Friday the 8th - Sunday the 10th. The event is free and is a great thing to take your kids to, lots of excitement to say the least. There is a lot of things to see, there is even a car show! Boats, Cars, Food, Racing, what could be better on a hot August Day? Through in a little Flounder fishing and you got it!! For more information on the Regatta just log on to

For more information on events happening in Hampton log on to See everyone at the races this weekend

Jim B

Monday, August 4, 2008

Offshore this Thursday-stay tuned!

Hello everybody!

This Thursday we will be filming offshore with Hampton Captain Mike for some Kings off of VA Beach. Depending on the weather, and bite, we will also try for some Dolphin. We have been cursed with a lot of weather fronts, and have had afternoon storms most days. We are hoping everything will cooperate on Thursday.
We will report how our day went right here so stay tuned for our Offshore Report!
This morning kicked off the week with some nice Croaker by the Ghost Fleet. We filled our coolers this morning and look forward to some fried Croaker tonight.
Hopefully we will have Kings and Dolphin to fillet on Friday.
Tight Lines.


Eeling and Reeling DVD for MONSTER Rockfish!!

We had the pleasure of shooting and editing what is one of the most sought out fishing instructional videos ever produced on the Chesapeake Bay. Max King is THE legendary live Eel Captain who has techniques that put trophy fish in the boat. Max has the tournament winnings to prove it as well.

Not only does this DVD show you how to rig, and catch these monsters, but even shows you how to keep your bait alive. Included on the DVD is a PowerPoint presentation including Max Kings GPS numbers of many of his top catches. There is even a chart that shows you exactly where the locations are of his unreal catches.
Everything you need to know is included on this DVD, check it out!! For more information just e mail
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