Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It is Just Getting Better!!

I just back in town today and arrived in Hampton around 1pm. Captain Bill called me and suggested we fire up the twin Suzuki 250's and bust across the Bay, try to get on the massive Rockfish bite that was happening! A 55 and 62 pound had been boated and needles to say, I pulled into the first live bait stand I could find and got to the Hampton\Suzuki show boat as fast as I could.

We FLEW to the fishing grounds, baited up, and within minutes I had LOST my first big Rockfish for the day, but that would be the last of loosing fish. Next up Captain Bill lands a whopping 43.5 inch fat Rockfish, what an awesome Rock, only 1\2 inch away from a release citation!!!

Next up- saw the outrigger line be pulled off the outrigger. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZING!!

This one I landed and was a hungary 34 inch Rockfish. Well it had only been abut 15 minutes of fishing, and we had already limited out, just in time for one fast boat ride back to Hampton. This time of year the sunsets coming down over the Bay coming back from the Eastern Shore is quite a site to see. Tis the season!!

Speaking of, in the picture of Bill and I you can see the Jim Baugh Outdoors 36 Trojan in the background, we decorated her out real nice with Christmas lights this year. The downtown Hampton waterfront during the holiday season is something you have got to see, everything is decorated downtown and just looks fantastic.

Next day on the water is Thursday, it will be an all dayer in search of the new state record!!!

Tight Lines, and yall get down here to Hampton and experience the best Rockfishing in the World!!
Jim B.
PS. Glad you did not run out of gas Mike!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Rockfishing with the Chesapeake Angler

Hello everyone!!! MAX KING is da man! Fantastic day on the water today. Plantation Light was hot, the entire area was hoppin. We started out late today, but ended up with a great catch of a nice batch of Rockfish.
Captain Max has really got the live bait fishing down, and I highly recomended to book a charter today and get on these monster fish.
Look for upcoming columns in the Chesapeake Angler about this fantastic trip!! Jim Baugh Outdoors TV also shot a show today featuring this great charter, look for it during our 2008 broadcast season.Hey, the fish are getting bigger everyday. Don't miss out on this fantastic season.

Tight Lines!!


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jim Baugh Rockfish Holiday -49 pounds of pullage!!

Hello Everyone!!
Things have been a bit busy in Hampton here at Jim Baugh Outdoors Central. We have been filming everyday and the Rockfish bite has just gotten better and better. The time is now to be fishing out of Hampton for Rockfish.
Today the annual Jim Baugh Rockfish Holiday was won by Allen Meetze with a whopping 49 pound monster Rockfish. Allen won a NEW SUZUKI 2.5 HP FOUR STROKE ENGINE- their team also caught a lot of other fish weighing in the 30-40 pound range. Just some awesome catches. Check out this pic of the winning fish, AWESOME!! Yesterday I fished with Mike Wilburn and his buddy Jeff, GREAT CREW!!-and we had one catch and release citation, another one close, and one other 30 pound fish!! Jeff's boat was an awesome rig "TIght Lines" was a great ride and that hull raised fish!! Tomorrow we Will also again be live eeling, but with legendary live bait angler and writer Max King with the Chesapeake Angler Magazine. It has been a full week of filming, camerman Sean Finnegan is about wore out! Captain Earl has also joined me all week to get in on this fantastic Rockfishing. Captain earl hails from the Smith Mountain Lake and Gulf Coast areas and his fav is catching monster Rocks out of Hampton.
BOOK your charters today and don't miss out on what looks like the best year of Rockfishing yet-they are just getting BIGGER!!! The weather is fantastic, fishing in 70 degree weather, light winds, it just does not get any better than this. Yall come join us!!

Tight Lines


Friday, October 12, 2007

Annapolis Boat Show is PACKED!!

Hello Folks,

Reporting live from the Power Boat Show\Hampton Booth on the Annapolis city Wi Fi!!
What a day here on our fist day at the Annapolis Boat Show. We have been appearing at the Hampton Public Piers booth and have been very glad to see our fans! We have had a lot of inquiries about the upcoming Get hooked On Hampton Rockfish Tourney, and a lot of folks have been thirsty for the local fishing information in the lower Bay. I think I talked five hours today on the Hampton Bar Alone. It is interesting talking to boaters and anglers from the upper Bay about Rockfishing. Generally speaking, we have the monster ocean fish down here around the CBBT. I have had lot of anglers ask about our rig for the big fish. Check out next months issue of the Chesapeake angler Magazine where I discuss in detail one of our fav. ways to fish for Rockfish-Wire LINE!! "Pullin the tube" I had a chance to run over and check out he Glacier Bay booth, they had one awesome rig rigged with twin Suzuki 300 HP four Strokes. I also ran into Terry Chones with Suzuki, great to see him, Terry will be joining us for the monster Rockfish Season coming up this Dec. January. Cant Wait!!
We are about wrapping up for today, and will be here all day Saturday for the show. Would like to thank everyone again for coming out and seeing us, it has been a great day, with hundreds of fantastic boats. This is a great show and one that we look forward to attending next year!

PS: Many thanks to cameraman Sean Finnegan and Hamptn Public Piers Dockmaster, Gary Gatling

(Photo by Terry Chones)

Friday, October 5, 2007

I really hate to see this-Shocking and Sad!

I just found out today that a friend of mine lost his Ocean Yacht on the Rocks in Grandview in Hampton Virginia. The Captain had to be hellied out, reports that I have gotten is that all the crew was safe. The accident happened around 8:30 at night close to shore, the rocks are the remains of an old lighthouse between Salt Ponds and Grandview.
I had been on this boat many times and the Captain and his lovely mate kept this boat in just fantastic shape, it truly was beautiful boat, and had spent a lot of time on her during Bay Days just last month. Thanks captain for letting us hang out on board, she just was a wonderful vessel.
Very sorry for the loss, and very glad Captain and crew are OK
Here is a link to see the light house when it was in existance.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Spot Bite and Battlestar Galactica!!

They're Here!!
We have had a real treat this week. First up the Spot Fishing out of Hampton Virginia has been fantastic.The bite has been red hot now for a couple of weeks. I headed out with cameraman Sean Finnegan and ventured out with the twin 250 Suzuki four strokes towards the MM Bridge Tunnel. There were tons of boats anchored and although we usually like to drift for Spot, we decided to try the anchor like everyone else. We did ok, however after a while we started drifting the channel and did a lot better. The baits we used were fishbites, we never used a blood worm, although reports as of today suggest the Spot are preferring the old tried and true live thing. Spot fishing is always a ton of fun and they taste wonderful If you do not have a boat, you can head out on the Ocean Eagle Charter located right on the downtown Hampton Waterfront. Here is a good JB tip, this week head out to the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel and take some Bloodworms, and fisbites and try for the Spot, but also drift Squid strips deep for large Croaker. This is the time of year that the real slabs will migrating out of the Bay. We will head out again in a few days and report back on any big Croaker action. For those of you that have not yet tried the night bite for Rockfish, the season is upon us, and there is no better fishing for Rockfish. We try to plan trips where we will be bottom fishin the late afternoon and then as night falls, get ready with our top water lures for the evening Rockfish bite, all right there at the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel!! Cant beat it. To stream one of our Night Fishing Rockfish shows out of Hampton just click the link below


We filmed many locations in Hampton over the past weekend, one such event was the Fantasci trade show located at the Hampton Roads Convention Center. We hooked up with TV star, Golden Globe nominated actor, and author-Richard Hatch of Battlestar Galactica Fame. Richard was one fantastic fellow who is looking forward to fishing with us on his return visit. Richard told me he loves "Deep Space Fshing" meaning-Offshore. We got a real kick out of that and hope the offshore fishing Will be good next time Richard comes threw. For more info on Richard just log on to his web site at http://www.richardhatch.com/
There is also a cruise that you can book to go along with Richard on, for more info just go to his site. Thanks again to Richard and everyone at the Fantasci Show, it was a great crowd with some fascinating exhibits. For more Convention Center events just log on to http://www.hamponcvb.com/
Well, after shooting the folks from another world, we headed over to film the Disney Ice show called "Disney School Musical" that was being held at the Hampton Coliseum. We could only shoot for a few minutes, but boy, what an ice show!!! The fans loved it big time. After 6000 screaming kids an 30 ice skaters, it was time to head back to the dock. We are gearing up for the Rockfish season that is about to fire off!!!
For those of you who have not gone after the Spot bite, they are still there!! Go get um!

Tight Lines,
Jim Baugh, Jim Baugh Outdoors TV

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rockfish Season is Near!! -And we we'll see you in Annapolis MD

Hello Everyone,

Just a note to let everyone know that our fantastic Rockfish Season here in the Chesapeake Bay is getting close to firing off. Fall has always been our favorite time to fish the Bay and the night fishing at the HRBT just does not get any better!!! Best advice I can give if you are going to be fishing the HRBT at night is to go during the week, the weekends get mighty crowded. A couple of dates to mark on your calender, the Get Hood On Hampton Rockfish Tournament is Saturday Nov 17th, a fantastic Rockish tourney now in it's sixth year. Also the fifth annual Jim Baugh Rockfish Holiday is a free tournament held in Hampton this Dec 12th, on a Wed. That is right a great excuse to take day off of work!!!! People, been doing it now for five years, and we will give away once again a Suzuki engine to the first place winner. Last year the Jim Baugh Rockfish Holiday weighed in the largest Rockfish of any tournament held in the Bay during 2006, fish in excess of 50 pounds. For complete tourney info log on to http://www.jimbaughoutdoors.com/Annualtourneyresults.htm
This will be our last promotional appearance for the year. This year we had a heavy trade how schedule kicking it off with the Miami International Boat Show, and we will end up in Annapolis for the Power Boat Show. I will be there Friday Oct 12th and Sat 13th. Come by the Hampton Public piers booth, I will be there promoting Hampton and Suzuki Marine. Will also have our fishing trade show reel playng and all the latest Rockfish Info for the lower Bay. See ya then!!!
Jim B

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How NOT to launch a boat

This was sent to m by one of my fishing buddies who thought that this might be the incorrect way to launch a 2.5 million dollar custom 65 motor yacht. Man, I would hate to be the dockmaster on this day, even worse, the crane operator!! Enough to make you wish for a trailerable boat! JB

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Swimming in the Congo River could be a real BITE!!

This was sent to me by an old Buddy Jerry A. from Hampton. Turns out the pics have been circling around the net, thought the fish was fascinating and did a little research on Congo species. So far, folks were a little stumped as to what this thing is, and so was I. From the research I have been able to do so far, the fish is called an African Tiger Fish. There are several variety's of these, but believe it or not, in a "small size" they are very expensive aquarium fish.
The Tiger Fish Prefers warm, well-oxygenated water, mostly sizable rivers and lakes. I guess this is a good example of what some aquarium fish can grow into given the proper open environment. Thanks JA for sending on the pic, was very interesting. From the looks of it, I think I will stick to the Hampton Bar, Chesapeake Bay, and the Canyon Offshore!!
Thanks again.
Jim B

Hot Tuna on the Fourth of July!!

It just does not get any better than this. Monster Yellowfins on the fourth.What a way to spend the holiday. Jim Baugh outdoors left offshore with Captain Jeff Sheepers from Hampton who has placed in several of our Get Hooked On Hampton Rockfish Tournaments that we hold during the fall. Jeff has been wanting to show me just how hot the Tuna bite was right now so we jumped on board with cameras in hand and fished until our arms wore out.

Pretty much all of our baits were fairly standard,and we were using 80 pound fishing line. Our spread was large, 10 rods had been carfully placed and rigged in a quite successful spread. Our first fish was a Wahoo! Boy was I excited. The next hook up a at 50 pound plus Yelowfin. Next hookup was two Yellowfins. My buddy Mike Wilburn fought for about 15 min, and lost him behind the boat, this was a big fish. Tuna in the 60-70 pond class. The day was not complete without landing a nice gaffer Dolphin and we did have one Billfish swim into our spread. Just a fantastic day offshore.

We did produce one excellent show that will air during our 2008 season, the program will also feature how to clean and cook Tuna in a variety of ways.
Once back at the dock, we did do a LOT of cooking, fed a small army. The favorite of course was just fresh cut raw tuna with our favorite sauces. We cut up about five filet's of just raw fish. We also did a great recipe with the Hoo, a grilled Hoo topped off with a Bacon Spinach Florentine, this was just fantastic.
We will follow up with complete Recipes in our Virginia Lifestyles Column and report more on the fishing in the Chesapeake Angler and the Nor' Easter magazines.
Tight lines everyone, the Trojan boat projects are almost complete for now, and this weekend we are shooting a show on bottom fishing at the Hampton Bar. The fishing is so good in Hampton right now, we are catching 2 pound Croaker right off our docks!
Jim B

Friday, June 22, 2007

Trophy Spadefish Bite is ON!!!

Jim Baugh Outdoors launched it's 2008 shooting season with one of the best Spadefish trips we have ever been on. We hooked up with our fishing buddies Captain Jim Brincfield and Larry Regula on board the Jill Carrie for just one awesome day of Spadefishing. The featured location was the Chesapeake Light Tower at the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay. The CLT is only about 29 nautical miles from Hampton, on the way out we ran into a litte chop, and then the water layed down beautiful for the rest of the day. Our bait was of course cracked Clams, and they really did the trick! First mate Larry was cracken Them all day, and we never once even used a chum bag. Larry did through some cut clams and shells overboard from time to time but that was about it.
Captain Jim did a wonderful job at trying to get the best boat position around the tower all day, the current was not really workin with us, and it was not easy to get that 50 footer into a good position, however we caught fish all day. Just fantastic crew, and everybody on board limited out!

Now today was extra special, we even had the Coast Guard come out and give us a great show landing thir bird on top of the Chesapeake Light Tower. As many times as I have been out, this is the first time I had seen this, what a sight, and the breeze was nice as well! It is great getting out and fish the tower, it is a little like a family Reunion, you see everybody out there, it is just great. We had charter boats and fisherman from Hampton, the Northern Neck area, Lynhaven, Yorktown, and Rude Inlet, all having a blast out on the water just catching a ton of Spadefish. Now, we did go yesterday, a weekday which is a good thing. On the weekend this area offshore will look like a parking lot, hundreds of boats. Just remember that the Spadefish not only hang around the tower, but all over the 300 sunken structures that are in that artificial reef area. You can log on to our JBO GPS page and get a lot of Numbers if you like, be sure to check out the Redbirds!! Today we landed the largest Spadfish we have ever caught on camera. My cameraman Sean Finnegan landed a whopping 9 pound, 2 ounce monster that took like 15 min. to land in the boat. Sean did a great job bringing that fish in, just look at the pic!! Awesome fish!!

I said earlier about all the folks we see out at the Light Tower. Well, I even ran into my buddy Max King out fishing with the Chesapeake Angler Fishng School. This is a wonderful program and just look at these fish these kids caught! Fantastic stuff! If you would like more info. about the fishing school just contact the Chesapeake Angler Magazine, their web site is listed below.
Now that we have shot our first program for the 2008 season, it is back to workin on the old Trojan. We just finished glassing the back deck, looks like a new boat. But the cleaning job inside from all that fiberglsas and woodwork will take me and Sean a couple of days, good project. Once the clean up is done, we then can start to redo the interior. This 34 year old girl needs some TLC, and she is getting it!

Yall have a good one, and if you want to get on the best Spadefish action there is, go NOW. Here is the info. for Captain Jim, and you can lalso look on our Hampton charter page on our web site
http://www.captjim.com/ I think Captain Jim will also have pics of yesterdays shoot posted on his site soon, so check back!
The bite is red hot, go getum!!

Jim Baugh

Friday, June 8, 2007

Graduation Day For My Daughter, Casey Baugh

Well, I had a pretty good excuse for not being on the water today. My daughter Casey Graduated from high school today! Now, not just ANY high school, but Midlothian High, one of the top 3% highest ranked High schools in the country! Makes me proud to know, that as an old JR Tucker Grad, we used to kill them in Football, but that was to many years ago that I will put in print here.

It was a great day, Casey was so excited! She now is off to a concert and then leaving tomorrow for the Outer Banks for a week with her soon to be college roommate.

For a graduation gift, (besides Beach Bones) I went to Jerads and got her a really pretty gold Butterfly Necklace that had three small diamonds in the center of the Butterfly.
I told her that if her future boy friend ever gave her diamonds any smaller, DON'T marry him!!

Oh well, exciting day and congrads to my daughter Casey. She is a sweetie for sure.

Jim B