Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another five star review for HOOKED

Review by

Award winning Author & Playwrite

Mark Covington

Hooked is the raucous autobiography that follows the life of Jim Baugh from childhood through a series of twists and turns, or should I say nautical tacks left and right, to the present as the producer of and director of Outdoors with Jim Baugh, Ski East, Classic Fishing. Fishing Virginia and, RV Times.

The book opens on ‘A’ dock on the ‘rivah’ in Gloucester,Virginia where Jim spent weekends away from his home near Charlottesville. Jim, the son of a prominent judge, spent his youth boating, fishing and crabbing and learning about life around the Chesapeake Bay. According to the Book of Dead, twin sycamores stand at the eastern gate of Heaven. Throughout Jim’s life heaven has been on the eastern shore of Virginia guarded by a majestic old Magnolia tree. The old Magnolia serves as a symbol of life and as Jim’s touchstone, a broad leafed inspiration Jim taps from time to time to renew his faith. Over the course of the book Jim often returns to ‘A’ dock in his mind to touch base spiritually with the old Magnolia tree which remains a constant reminder of his youth and therapeutic stroll back to the days of ‘A’ dock whenever his soul needs to recharge.

The book chronicles how Jim’s love of magic and music have led him from performing close-up street magic at Kings Dominion and Bush Gardens to producing a world class Outdoors television program. His love of music is woven through the pages of the book through in stories such as Jim as a young man, sneaking into a local church to practice on their piano to forming bands and playing clubs in college and beyond.

The steady stream of hilarious stories in Hooked will keep the reader turning pages in anticipation of the next adventure. Fishing stories abound from filming sailfish during hurricane conditions to bagging a swimming boar as the catch of the day. The characters Jim introduces are larger than life; the frolicking Tennessee boat Captain, the Sailboat bum, the pirates of the Norfolk docks all add to the crazy quilt of Jim’s life on the water. And of course there is a steady stream of beautiful ladies depositing souvenirs in his ‘tip jar’.

From his first kiss on ‘A’ dock, Jim recounts his love of and exploits with women. Jim’s stories of the perilous world of on-line dating are hilarious, touching, and a little scary. The stories take the reader from his first meeting with the woman that would be his first wife, to dating in post-divorce mid-life. His computer dating stories feature characters, such as the D.C Nympho, the trailer park psycho and finally Rose, the woman at the end of his cyber rainbow. In all his adventures Jim has never lost his wonder at the beauty and splendor of women, and he sees each woman that came through his life through those same awestruck, youthful eyes. This comes through clearly in every story.

As I read this book I felt more like I was sitting in a crab shack overlooking the Chesapeake, picking crabs and drinking beer while an old friend across the brown papered table regaled me with stories a salty as the rim around a Margarita glass and as lyrical as a well sung as a sea shanty.

Baugh’s is currently at work on his second book – “Cooked” – which in which Jim will surely delight the reader with more of his nautical tales and stories of life on the Chesapeakebut will also showcase recipes and cooking tips from cooking portions of his outdoors show. I also understand that Jim has opened a bar and Bar-B-Que restaurant in Hampton, so set sail for Hampton, have some Bar-B-Que and a cold brew and pick up a copy of Hooked.


Mark Covington is the author of two published novels, Bullfish and Heavenly Pleasure. His third novel, 2012 Montezuma’s Revenge is due out in October, 2011 and his fourth novel Homemade Sin is due out in the in December, 2011. His play, Shakespeare in the Trailer Park will be produced by Richmond Shakespeare in the April, 2012. Mark currently lives inRichmond Virginia’s Museum District where he writes novels exploring the cosmically comical nature of the universe, the purpose of which is to create someone who lives inRichmond,Virginia’s Museum District, and writes novels exploring the cosmically comical nature of the universe.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jim Baugh Wins Suzuki Photo Contest

Ok Sportsfans. Thanks to my friend and model, A. Glass, here is one of the winning pics from the Suzuki photo contest called, "Twins"


Jim Baugh

Jim Baugh Outdoors TV

Author, "HOOKED"

Thursday, June 23, 2011

"HOOKED" Now available in PAPERBACK! And recieves a five star rating!

To order "HOOKED" in paperback,

You should get it in a few days! Beautiful book, and one great summer read. I can feel the sand in my feet already!!

Solstice Publishing has announced HOOKED as the July BOOK OF THE MONTH and received a Five Star Rating*****!!

Your favorite summer read is only a day away!

NEW, "HOOKED BLOG SITE" All Hooked All the Time!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"HOOKED" is available NOW!!

“HOOKED” Is available for early on line E Book Release!

Official release date for print and E Book is July 19th. However our publisher has already got Hooked up on several E Book sites. You can order HOOKED from any of the links below and be the first to get your favorite summer read on in seconds. HOOKED will also be on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel later this week. GO GREEN! E book today!

Order "HOOKED" from the official publishing house directly!! SOLSTICE PUBLISHING

You can also order from these other retailers below.






“Fishing, booze, girls, booze, fish, water, crazy times - yep, more booze - all are part of the lives of most anglers. Jim Baugh blends them together well in this intoxicating and humorous look at his life on and around the sea.”

"HOOKED" has some super funny stuff, a lot of it that had me thinking “wow, that’s very familiar. I remember when I……”

“That’s one of the things that’s really good about HOOKED, these are stories people can relate to. Reading this book will have you remembering things you may have forgotten about or hadn’t thought about for a long time. A great book to read with your feet in the sand.”

Lee Tolliver, Virginia Pilot Newspaper

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Here is a sneak peak at our new jacket cover for our new world wide release of "HOOKED". You can check out a new interview and background info from our publisher Solstice Publishing.

HOOKED will be available in both paperback and e book formats in approx two weeks, hopefully in time for the fourth of July. HOOKED is a great summer read and will also be available to order from the JBO TV web site. Check back soon.

Jim Baugh


HOOKED was sent to press today from Solstice Publishing. In about two weeks HOOKED will be available on line at Barnes and Nobel, Amazon, Solstice Publishing, and a bunch of other places. Both paperback and E book. JBO TV will send out press releases and post here the day everything is launched. Don't miss what is going to be the best summer read you will ever have. You will be "HOOKED".

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"HOOKED" New Novel by Jim Baugh

"HOOKED" the autobiographical southern gothic humorous novel has awarded a publishing contract! As of today we have decided on the final publisher for the first novel. We will make the announcement on JBO TV web site and Facebook next week. The project will be released world wide both in e book and paperback mid fourth quarter 2011. Without a doubt, one funny read.

We have done some early testing with authors and publishers in the industry and the reviews have been very, very good. The 93,000 word manuscript will receive its final edit from the publisher over the summer and be ready for a Christmas release. The sequel to “HOOKED” is already outlined and most likely to be released second quarter 2013. The sequel, “COOKED” is based on JBO TV recipes and the stories behind each dish. For sure, one of the most entertaining cook books ever written.

More updates soon!

Jim Baugh

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Book Your Spade FIsh Trip Now

Now is the time to book your Spade fishing trips. The tower is gonna be hot this year for sure. We will be filming again with Captain Dale Carlson for some more awesome Spade pullage.

Yall stay tuned! See ya at the tower!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Congrats to Kevin VanDam on his fourth ever classic win. This is the second year in a row Kevin won the Bassmaster Classic title and earned him a cash prize of $500,000.00 Buckaroos!. Congrats again to one of the best anglers is Bass fishing history. Awesome victory!
Jim Baugh

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Miami International Boat Show 2011

For more info CLICK HERE for the JBO TV Boat Blog and boat show reports.

Over the past 40 years I have gone to more boat shows than I care to mention because it reminds me of old I am getting!!

I have to say that the boat show that I have enjoyed more than any others is our trips down to Miami for the International Boat Show. Yes the show is quite unbelievable and gives us a chance to see everything marine wise in one location.

Jim Baugh Outdoors has produced quite a few program segments in Miami and throughout the Florida Keys over the years. Some of the experiences have been something that will make a good screen play for sure. Anytime that I am hangin out with my friends and filming from West Palm, Miami, to Key West, there is GONNA be some stories, and not all pleasant.

One on trip I cracked a rib at the beginning of the trip filming offshore in Miami, and then had to film the rest of the week in the Keys with hardly being able to breath. That and one other injury made for some rather painful filming experiences down south. However I have always thought, if your gonna get injured, might as well be in Key West! Heck of a place to recover.

I highly recommend going to the Miami Show and then spending some time in the Keys. The past few years we only spend one day at the show, and then hit Key Largo and Marathon and start filming in some of my favorite waters in the world.

Try it, it will be a boat show trip you will remember for a lifetime.

More info on the Miami show on our JBO TV Boat Blog. Some stories of our trips are also on our facebook page, Galley Blog, and you can stream some of the shows we have shot in Miami on our web site.

Here is a link to the "Back Story" for one of our trips in the Keys, quite entertaining and is on our Galley Blog. This is when we were down doing a filming in Miami for JBO TV, and some recipe columns in Key Largo and Marathon for Travel Virginia Magazine.

Quite a read, click below

Jim Baugh

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Two NC State record Rockfish broken in 48 hours

That is right! In 24 hours, the NC state record Rockfish has been broken twice! The latest is 64 pounds caught on board the charter the Poacher out of OI.

The charter caught the new state record, their limit of fish, and release over 50 fish!

Time to head to NC and wet a line for sure!!

See you there!!
GO GREEN!!! ----Note these fish are caught within the three mile line from shore. Meaning leaving out of OI, you will burn very little fuel. Catch fish like this so close to shore??? WOW, cant beat it!!!!

Jim B

Friday, January 7, 2011

Rockfish Shootout Tourney 2011

Today was a great day down in Virginia Beach celebrating the 2011 Mid Atlantic Rockfish Shootout!!!
Some nice fish were being weighed in at Rudee and the leader from yesterday was over 80 pounds. Check out some of these pics, and for more info and the final standings after tomorrow CLICK HERE
We have also posted the (Our best guess) Rockfish Shootout Rockfish Chowder recipe on our Galley Blog. It was an AWESOME chowder, and they had plenty of it. A very nice thing on the cold docks of today. Warmed up things quite a bit !!! Thanks Mike !

1st: Daddy's Dream 3, $73,453, 2nd: Wave Runner, $34,833, 3rd: Bay Custom 3: $20,596, 4th: Rod Bender 3, $8,659, 5th: Gannet 3: $3,720, Game On: $2,860, Stoney's Kingfisher 2: $620, and a 3rd Nobody's A Lose...r Raffle for $1,000.

1 Daddy's Dream 3 -111.70
2 Waverunner -110.75
3 Bay Custom 3 -100.35
4 Rodbender 3 -98.75
5 Gannet 3 -96.00
6 Game On -95.55
7 Stoney's Kingfisher 2 -93.75

Monday, January 3, 2011

Mid Atlantic Rockfish Shootout-THIS WEEK!!!

The largest Rockfish tourney in the world is here now! JBO TV will report on the event for more info CLICK HERE