Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Rocks!!!!!

Happy Holidays everyone from JBO central here on the Downtown Hampton waterfront. Lots of "Fishy" news, and it is all about rockfish, and lots of them. Last Saturday JBO fished in the fog, so thick, I could not see the bow. At one point, I could not even see our Suzuki engines. I ran strictly by radar, and there was about 1000 boats out there all creeping towards me in a very eary way. After about five hours of that, we headed back into the Bay and found some break in the fog. That is where we also caught our first and last fish for the day.

Our friends who fished up around the third island, John Gilley and crew had a lot better success. There was not much fog and the bite was on big time. Congrads guys! Awesome catches.
JBO Angler Mike Wilburn went scouting out of Rudee heading south of of NC and limited out. It was a great day, all fish were caught trolling, and the bite at Cape Henry turned on in the afternoon. Mo-Joe's and stretches are dominating trolling for a lot of us, producing a lot of fish.

Today, new years eve, it is blowing a Gail here in Hampton, so no going out today. Instead, two Boston buts are to be slow smoked on the deck, as long as the wind does not blow our butts off!

So, here is our parting shot for 2008, taken yesterday at sunset, our last day of Rockfishing for 2008.

Happy New Years to everyone!

Jim Baugh


Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Christmas Gathering


With monster Rockfish in the cooler, it was time to through a little holiday gathering at JBO Central in Hampton and cook up some more Rockfish. Everyone wanted some more of the smoked Rockfish, and even the Daily Press is running our Recipe coming up on Christmas Eve! It is a good one.

We had quite a crew over for the holiday Rockfish celebration. My son Ben Baugh flew in from Washington State, my daughter Casey drove in from Roanoke, and JBO cameraman Wayne Baker and his lovely wife Susan flew in from West Palm Beach.
We of course had some of our good friends from Blackbeards Crew (Hampton Pirates) Pete and Debbie along with her sister and brother in law Wayne. Wayne was subject to some of my close up magic, he was a very good sport!! Thanks baby! For the recipe for our Smoked Rockfish just check the JBO BLOG below. It is one fantastic holiday treat.

Good friends, family, and of course Rockfish, is one great way to spend the holidays. For those of you that would like to try something a little different for your holiday breakfast, try this one. This is Casey's favorite that I make, it is a Philly cheese steak omelet. Here is what you do:
Just take some Philly streak meat and pre cook it in a fry pan then set aside. Then grill up some fresh onions and peppers, saute, then set aside with the meat. Next, just make a traditional omelet and place the steak and onion filling on one side of the omelet, and cover with extra sharp cheddar cheese. Fold the omelet over when done, and then you have got it!!! An excellent dish for company and something a little different for the holidays.

Cheers!! And happy holidays from all of us at JBO Central!

Jim Baugh

Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Troll Bite at Cape Henry

Yesterday I hooked up with JBO Angler Mike Wilburn and captain John for a quick Cape Henry troll. The bite did not take to long, we had a knock down within minutes of setting out our lines. The first hit was on a Mo Jo.
Minutes later, we boated a wonderful 41 inch 25 pound Rockfish. She was a beauty and we were really looking forward to limiting out quick. The next hour we had one through back and then not much else.
I have seen this before, you get on the bite fast, then the birds leave, the sounder has that "Blank" stare, and the action is gone. All the birds were flying east which tells me the bite has moved offshore, past the three mile limit.

There is not much else you can do, Rockfish can easily move 20 miles per day, so running up and down the beach sometimes is your only option to find fish that are closer to shore. The day was late and we mostly concentrated from the Ramada to the Cape Henry area. We did land one more keeper before the night was out.
All in all, not a bad afternoon of fishing, and we got some good film for the show as well as some fillets for the grill, cant ask for much more than that.

The ocean season is just going to keep getting better and better and the state record will probably be broken again in early 2009. Thanks captain John and crew for a great afternoon of fishing, look forward to fishing the Jan tourney with you folks!!

For those of you that live in the Hampton Roads area check out the Daily Press on Christmas Eve. They are doing a feature on Rockfishing and have included some of Jim Baugh Outdoors favorite holiday Rockfish recipes.
Tight Lines and Happy Holidays,
Jim Baugh

Monday, December 15, 2008

Smokin Rockfish For the Holidays

With all these massive Rockfish being caught, I thought it would be a good time for a quick Rockfish recipe. Smoked Rockfish is a dish that I fix every Christmas and it is always a favorite by everyone, and it is easy to do.
First up, get to Hampton and catch some FRESH Rockfish. Take the fillets and put them in an aluminum foil "Boat" this will just allow the marinade not to drip threw on to the grill. Inside the foil and on top of the fish place three cups of white wine, a bunch of parsley, worcestershire sauce, a dash of hot sesame oil, a teaspoon of smoked paprika, two teaspoons of liquid smoke (hickory) and two teaspoon of liquid smoke (Pecan) then add some fresh cracked pepper, teaspoon of soy, and three sliced lemons.
Then, close up the foil air tight and place on a grill at 450 degrees for 1-1\2 hour. Then, remove from the grill and let the fish cool, then place in the refidge for about 30 minutes.
This will be one of the best smoked fish you will ever have. Simply serve it up with your favorite cream cheese and sour cream dip, some crackers, and you have got it!!
Ruth and I went to a holiday party Sunday night after a day on the water, smoked up about a four pound chunk of Rockfish, everyone at the Christmas party went nuts over this fish.
Try it over the holidays, it is awesome!
I would like to thank everyone who has participated in our tournaments this year. Anglers have brought in some fantastic catches. Congrads to everyone who fished the Get Hooked On Hampton Tourney, Jim Baugh Rockfish Holiday, ASA, and of course Bluewaters Rock Party. The BIG one is still yet to come, the Rockfish shootout in January. Jim Baugh Outdoors will be filming that one for sure.

Special thanks again to Suzuki Marine and Hampton CVB for sponsoring our two tourney events. Each year these fish just keep getting bigger, and more people are fishing!
Once again, congrads to Max King for this weekends largest fish, that 61 pound hogg. Fish of a lifetime.

Tight Lines, and happy holidays

Jim Baugh

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jim Baugh Rockfish Holiday Tourney Results-HOGGS!!

Rock and Roll!! Folks, as seen here, there is no better time to get yourself here and get on these MONSTER Rocks!! Just look at what these anglers caught. We had over 75 boats fishing the Jim Baugh Rockfish Holiday Tourney and the top three largest fish all won a brand new Suzuki Four Stroke Engine! There were multiple tournaments being held yesterday, and our number one placement winner also won the Bluewater Rock Tourney held also on the Hampton River.
And the winners are:
#1 Warren Hunnicut with a whopping 47.7 pound Rockfish

#2 The "Morgan Grace" with a 45.2 pounder

#3 The "Rebel Yell" with a nice 44 pound Rock.

We had a load of fish being weighed in, a lot of fish in the mid 40 pound range. I would like to thank everyone for participating in this year event and a special thanks to Suzuki Marine for such awesome prizes. They have supported this event every year and we truly appreciate it.

I would like to let everyone know that Max King would of placed first in our tournament with his massive 61 pound Rockfish!!!! (pics below)Max was fishing the ASA tourney and could not make our weigh in in time. Max did win the ASA event, congrads to our buddy Max King for the largest catch in the Bay this weekend, nice win to!!!!!
Special thanks also to Sunset Bloating Center and weigh master Bettie Kenyon. Thanks Bettie!!! Your the best! Also thanks to Hampton CVB for their coninued support!
Also congrads to Bluewater for putting on such a nice event "Rock Party" also held on the Hampton River, great turn out an some awesome fish!
If you want to fill your freezers this holiday season, crank up your Suzuki's and head to Hampton, looks like this season will be even better than last, and that is hard to believe!

Tight Lines
Jim Baugh
Congrads to Max King and team for an awesome ASA tourney win with an over 61 pound Rockfish. GO MAX!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Chesapeake is Heating Up With Rockfish!!

Pictured here is a great catch by past Hampton Rock Fish Tournament angler John Gilly. Great catch John!!

Reports are flying in from all over the Bay, largely live bait around Plantation light and in front of Fishermans Island.
Mike Miller and crew from downtown Hampton limited out big time trolling around the third island. Large schools are working hard and the fish are moving in fast. The bite is on now!! Just in time for our Holiday tourney this weekend. Last years Rock Fish Holiday we had 50 pounders weighed in, and this year I think that will be broken. We will post all results here over the weekend.
Weather is looking better for the mid week run, and this cold weather has really turned on the fish. Go get um!!
Tight Lines
Jim B

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jim Baugh Rockfish Holiday Tournament Dec. 13th

Rock Report: The Rockfishing has picked up since Thanksgiving and a lot of the action has been near and around Plantation light. Live Eels are once again the hot ticket. Pictured here is JBO angler Mike Wilburn with friends yesterday and they caught some sweet fish. Rock fish in the 30-40 inch class. The large ocean fish should be moving in hard within the next two weeks. Seems like each year the big bite gets moved back about a week or so, all depending on bait concentrations and water temps. If you are planning on coming to our area and do some Rockfishing, now threw Jan. is the time to be here.

Jim Baugh Rockfish Holiday Fishing Tournament is Saturday Dec. 13th. This is the same day as the Bluewater Rock Party fishing tournament. Anglers can weigh fish in both events. The JBO Rock Holiday is a FREE tourney, live or artificial bait, lines in the water by 6am. All fish MUST be weighed at Sunset Boating Center by 4pm on Saturday. A NEW SUZUKI FOUR STROKE ENGINE will be awarded to the top three fish. Only one fish can be entered per boat. This is the sixth year for this event and we are once again praying for good weather. For more info just call 804 240 7577
Tight Lines
Jim Baugh