Thursday, January 13, 2011

Two NC State record Rockfish broken in 48 hours

That is right! In 24 hours, the NC state record Rockfish has been broken twice! The latest is 64 pounds caught on board the charter the Poacher out of OI.

The charter caught the new state record, their limit of fish, and release over 50 fish!

Time to head to NC and wet a line for sure!!

See you there!!
GO GREEN!!! ----Note these fish are caught within the three mile line from shore. Meaning leaving out of OI, you will burn very little fuel. Catch fish like this so close to shore??? WOW, cant beat it!!!!

Jim B

Friday, January 7, 2011

Rockfish Shootout Tourney 2011

Today was a great day down in Virginia Beach celebrating the 2011 Mid Atlantic Rockfish Shootout!!!
Some nice fish were being weighed in at Rudee and the leader from yesterday was over 80 pounds. Check out some of these pics, and for more info and the final standings after tomorrow CLICK HERE
We have also posted the (Our best guess) Rockfish Shootout Rockfish Chowder recipe on our Galley Blog. It was an AWESOME chowder, and they had plenty of it. A very nice thing on the cold docks of today. Warmed up things quite a bit !!! Thanks Mike !

1st: Daddy's Dream 3, $73,453, 2nd: Wave Runner, $34,833, 3rd: Bay Custom 3: $20,596, 4th: Rod Bender 3, $8,659, 5th: Gannet 3: $3,720, Game On: $2,860, Stoney's Kingfisher 2: $620, and a 3rd Nobody's A Lose...r Raffle for $1,000.

1 Daddy's Dream 3 -111.70
2 Waverunner -110.75
3 Bay Custom 3 -100.35
4 Rodbender 3 -98.75
5 Gannet 3 -96.00
6 Game On -95.55
7 Stoney's Kingfisher 2 -93.75

Monday, January 3, 2011

Mid Atlantic Rockfish Shootout-THIS WEEK!!!

The largest Rockfish tourney in the world is here now! JBO TV will report on the event for more info CLICK HERE