Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!

Thursday, 27th
Hello everybody, and hope your enjoying a great Thanksgiving holiday. We do love to cook up a storm on Jim Baugh Outdoors TV, and we certainly do not hold back at Thanksgiving. Sooooo- Here is a little bit about our cooking day yesterday. I am not much on deserts, so I will skip those, lets get straight to the meat of the matter. (Uncle Bill Pictured doing the Turkey Dunk)

Fried Turkey All total we fried two injected Turkeys and one marinated Chicken. We injected the birds with hot sauce, garlic, and herbs. One of the birds was 14 pounds, which was a little bigger than we like to fry, but it worked out ok. 50 minutes in the fryer and she was done!
Smoked Turkey, Smoked Brisket, and Pork stuffed Game Hens
All of the above we did on Uncle Bills smoker. The Turkey (almost 20 pounder) went on at 6am along with the Brisket. The smoker was chocked full of fresh water soaked Hickory wood and cooked at 225 untill 6pm Thanksgiving day. The Cornish Game Hens we stuffed with Captain Earls Hickory smoked BBQ and then smoked the Hens for about four hours. Everything turned out fantastic, and the different gravies included a red hot Carolina sauce, and a standard Turkey gravey.
We wanted to do Oyster stuffing, but could not find Oysters anywhere, was a bit bummed about that!

Saturday 29th
Kitty Hawk Pirate Art Show. 290 Years Since Blackbeards Capture
I left the Blue Ridge Mountains and drove to Kitty Hawk NC for the Pyratical Art Show put on by non other than Captain Pyrate Pete. This art show celebrated 290 years of Blackbeards capture. There really was some fantastic art there, I am including some pics here. The show\gallery will be up for a short while, so plan a trip down to Kitty Hawk and see this one in person, some great Pirate art! You can also see some of Captain Petes Pyratical art at the 2009 Hampton Blackbeard Festival in June.
More info just call 757 344 0685.
You can also see some of this awesome Pyratical art at his web site

Scouts are out!!! Fishing report on the Rocks will be out tomorrow, check back to see where the monster bite is!

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Jim B

Monday, November 24, 2008

Over the hills and threw the woods-

L A N D I N G!! in the Blue Ridge Mountains to see family and friends. Quick stop off to Smith Mountain Lake to see how the Striper population is doing, then head on to see one of our regular JBO TV Guest, Captain Earl Williams. Captain Earl has just opened up "Captains Choice BBQ" on 460 in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Earl has promised this to be the best BBQ in the state of Virginia, and I have no doubt it will be.

Then off to Roanoke to see my daughter Casey and of course Uncle Bill and his variety of grills! I think he now has about four, one of them is a trailer that can be towed anywhere. We will of course have the Turkey fryer filled to the brim, and will cook up about five fresh birds. I plan on smoking one bird with Oyster stuffing.

Ben Baugh and Tina Turner will be spending Thanksgiving in Washington Sate, and look forward to seeing them both during Christmas. "Have a good one son and send us some more white water pics!"

Thanksgiving Recipe-Turkey and Stuffing, JB Style: Stuffing-A great way to do stuffing is to stuff the bird with Oysters and stuffing, and once done, pat out the stuffing into patties and put them back on the grill to smoke for another half hour. Served up with some gravy, this is really hard to beat. I will usually smoke the bird and the stuffing for about eight hours.Turkey- Use an injector and make up a good hot sauce, Durkeys\Franks hot sauce -10 ounces, and five ounce of apple cider vinegar. Inject one side of the bird with this, and the other with a Soy and Honey glaze. A 12 pound bird will take about 45 min. in the Turkey fryer.
Beer But Chicken- This is my daughter Casey's fav, she has already called me today to make sure we were making some. Simple to do while the Turkey is smoking on the Grill. Just get a Beer Butt stand, Lowe's has them, they are only a couple of bucks. I use half a can of beer, the rest vinegar, garlic, and hot sauce. Stuff the chicken with the beer can and let it stand on the grill with the chicken stand. Your favorite dark beer is best for this dish.

I would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving Holiday, and this does truly mark the beginning of our Rockfish season. Most of December Jim Baugh Outdoors TV will be filming everyday trying for those monster ocean Rocks.
Yall come join us!! Dont forget the Hampton downtown lighted boat parade is Dec. 6th, and the Jim Baugh Rockfish Holiday fishing tourney is Dec. 13th, same day as Bluewaters Rock event.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and drive safe.
If you see a Mag Red 04- C5 Vette flying overhead while on the road this week, wave!!

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Jim Baugh, JBO TV

Sunday, November 23, 2008

We Have A Winner!!

Yesterdays Get Hooked On Hampton Rockfish Tourney did not let us down, yes, it blew again this year. Gain warnings the previous night until 6am, and a small craft advisory all day. Five foot seas in the Bay, and the wind chill factor was 200 degrees below zero! Well, that is what it felt like.
To add to their excitement, the bite was off big time. The ocean fish just were not there yet. So the big win was a three pound fish caught by the third island by Andy Simmons on board the Clare Skys. I got to hand it to this team, they braved some mighty tuff conditions!

Their prize was one Suzuki four stroke 2.5 HP engine, brand new and in the box. Also they received the double DVD Jim Baugh Outdoors TV year end set, and the new Max King Reelin and Eelin DVD.

Congratulations guys, sorry for such bad weather. Next up, the Jim Baugh Rockfish Holiday Dec. 13. This is the same day as the Bluewater Tourney, fish them both! Ours has no entry fee. Just bring your fish to Sunset Boating Center by 4pm. We will have more prizes from Suzuki! We would like to thank Suzuki for continuing to support our tournaments and we sure will be hoping for better weather on the 13th.
Thanks April for showing up and keeping me and the Ducks company during weigh in. Hand feeding our Hampton Ducks is a lot of fun, but "not so much" when it's 20 degrees. LOL

Now after yesterdays chill off, I am going to make a pot of spaghetti.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

JBO TV Guest Bill Bruford Announces Autobiography Book Release in 2009

Past Jim Baugh Outdoors TV guest Bill Bruford, legendary drummer for such groups as Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, UK, and Jazz group Earthworks, has announced his upcoming autobiography book release. Pre orders are available at
Bill is hailed as one of the worlds best percussionist and was one of the pioneers of the Progressive Rock era.
Bill and his son Alex appeared on JBO TV for an entire show and stayed with our crew in Hampton for four days. The show is one of our favorite and can be streamed worldwide CLICK HERE TO WATCH ON YOU TUBE. We will re air this program during our 20th anniversary series along with our other new programming for the 2009 season. Look for it on the Sportsman Channel second quarter 2009. To download the JBO TV Bill Bruford feature click the link below
(This is a real player file, not windows media. You may have to download the entire file, broadband connection suggested)

For more info. visit
Bill's web site

World Drummers Ensemble: L-R Chad Wackerman, Doudou N'Diaye Rose, Luis Conte, Bill.
Photo Credit: Fred van Diem
Hatteras Surf Fishing Tournament
It is that time of year again! JBO TV will be heading down to Hatteras to film the latest in surf fishing rigs with Captain Earl Williams. We will be shooting Wed. and Thur. on the surf the day before the official tournament. JBO TV features surf fishing every season and it is a great and inexpensive way to catch a load of fish. We will also be fishing off of the bridge for night time monster Rockfish later in December.

Fishing report: The bite at the James River Bridge and West, has been off. The warm weather has kept a lot of the migratory fish from heading up the river. There is always resident fish and chunking at the MM tunnel is a great and easy way to catch them. If you want to catch Rockfish this time of year guaranteed- go night fishing at the HRBT and fish the light line. As long as there is a good moving tide, you can catch Rockfish, Trout, and Bluefish until your coolers are full. This fishing hole is only minutes from the Downtown Hampton waterfront and artificials is all you need.

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Jim Baugh JBO TV