Friday, January 3, 2020

New Landing Page Amazon Prime Video for JBOTV available now! 2020

For Jim Baugh Outdoors TV 2020
Season 32 on


Jim Baugh Piano Collections Vol 1

Award winning Jim Baugh Outdoors TV celebrates its 32nd year in television worldwide on Amazon Prime Video Jan 2020 and is available now. These shows are remastered especially for Amazon Prime and are commercial free with closed captioning and are in dynamic stereo. These are the masters for the programs and will be the highest quality viewing online anywhere.

The new Piano Collections DVD is now also available to stream on Amazon Prime video. This collection includes Jim’s first piano concerto called Underwater Improv and has received 5 star reviews from all over the world and played on One World Radio UK. These collections also includes the award winning soundtrack for piano and organ from Jim’s Short Film “The Milky Way Galaxy” as seen from the Eastern Shore. There are also two tracks from the live Peninsula Youth Orchestra Benefit Concert that includes the track “KE” a composition dedicated to the style and works of Keith Emerson.

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