Friday, July 6, 2018

The Oyster Farm at Kings Creek in Cape Charles Virginia is now home port to Jim Baugh Outdoors TV.

The Oyster Farm at Kings Creek in Cape Charles Virginia is now home port to Jim Baugh Outdoors TV. JBOTV is excited to bring new fishing and boating adventures as well as some fantastic new recipes from the Seafood Eatery at the Oyster Farm. Located in Cape Charles, the Oyster Farm at Kings Creek is the ultimate port for boaters, fisherman, vacationers, beach lovers, foodies, and one heck of a place to hold events all overlooking the Chesapeake Bay and Kings Creek. This is our first introduction film feature this fantastic place, if you’re planning a trip on the Chesapeake this summer, be sure to make a stop here. You will be glad you did. Tight lines and we will see ya on the water!
Jim Baugh

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Fathers Day, “Pa POW!!!!!!”

Happy Fathers Day, “Pa POW!!!!!!”

My dad, also known as “The Judge” gave us boys one hell of an upbringing. It was 1965 and our station wagon was a flat lime green with some sort of “wood paneling esk” down the sides of the car. We would load that sucker up and head to the “Rivah” for the weekends and stay on our 23 foot Owens named the “Cee B”. The weekends were jam packed with croaker fishing in the York River, catching crabs on dock pilings, and char broiling steaks on the wooden docks. When we weren’t picking fresh beer steamed crabs, we were off finding new adventures in our leaky ten foot aluminum boat powered by a 9.9hp mercury. Yes, the weekends on the Rivah is what shaped my childhood and gave me a lot to look forward to as an adult.

Fishing was always a family priority and we did not always wait until the weekends to get our thrill of the hook and line. The Judge had a buddy that owned a nearby farm and that farm had some woods. In those woods was an old dirt road that led to a small pond that rarely was ever fished. The fact is that pond was loaded to the gills with bass and brim. The Judge would haul us boys in the old wagon pick up some blood worms and bobbers and head to the pond. On arrival we quickly readied ourselves for the onslaught of brim that we were about to catch.

“Jimmy… yall get outta the car grab your cane poles and head over to the backside of the pond. I’am gonna fish right here by the weeds. Yall holler when you’re hooked up!”

So, my brother and I gathered our things and began to walk around the pond. I looked back at my dad as he prepared himself for fishing.

First thing the Judge does is strap his sidearm to his side, it was a big holster with a big pistol that was strapped around his waist by a thick brown leather belt. Next, he grabs his cane pole in his right hand, and a beer in his left hand. There goes dad, walking down the bank with his shirt off wearing shorts, a fishing rod, sidearm, and a can of beer. He looked very happy.

I walk around the pond and found a great little spot to float my blood worms. This was a great little fishing hole and was quite a ways away from the Judge and far enough away to where I could not see him, but I could hear him.

Next thing I knew the brim where going after my bloodworms like white on rice. I just knew that the Judge would be so proud of me for the stringer that I was going to end up with. After about five fish I hear this loud crack in the air as two shots ring out…

“Pa POW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Then the Judge yells out, “Goteem!!”

My bobber quickly disappears underwater and I am hooked up again. Brim after brim after brim, then finally a large mouth bass swims right up to my blood worm and I am hooked up! My stringer is now half full! Then another crack in the air…


The Judge yells, “Got um again”.

By now I had about filled up my stringer and my brother had been catching his fair share as well. I began to put away my cane pole and…


This time there was silence after the gunfire. My brother and I walked over to where the Judge was fishing and dad was so happy, he had finally caught the elusive “Big Sam”. Big Sam was about a five pound largemouth bass that dad had been trying to catch for years. He showed us the fish, then released it back to the pond. At that time, it was the largest fish I had ever seen.

I remember looking at the gun securely strapped in the Judges holster and I ask my father,

“How many did you kill dad?” The Judge replied,

“Two for Four”.

This meant two dead water moccasins, four shots. The Judge was quite a marksman just like his father, my grandfather who was also, Judge Baugh. Grandpa use to go Dove hunting and be 12 for 12. Twelve shots, twelve birds.

While I knew my dad was super excited about finally catching Big Sam what I really found out that day was that what my dad liked even better than fishing was shooting poisonous snakes. For him, being able to hit the head of a swimming water moccasin with one shot from a far distance gave him a sense of pride as a marksmen. Dad was a great shot, and a great dad.

The Judge and us boys gathered up our cane poles and threw our string of fish in the Styrofoam cooler we got from the 7-11 drove out the dirt road and headed home.

Drinking beer, catching fish, and shooting snakes.

That was on a Wednesday…

…We leave for the Rivah on Friday.

Jim Baugh

Jim Baugh Outdoors TV

Author of “HOOKED”

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

NEW "Underwater Improv" Piano Concerto 3 Movements, Dixie Arrow, Palancar, and Baja by Jim Baugh

P R O T E C T   O U R    O C E A N S

“Underwater Improv”
 A three movement piano concerto written and performed by Jim Baugh in May of 2018.

All movements are set to underwater film. The composer improvises arrangements based on his interpretation of the underwater scene. This is quite unique in the world of new age, ambient, nautical, acoustic or traditional piano concertos.

This music is influenced by various artists from the Windham Hill Genre as well as Jazz artist Pat Metheny, Kit Watkins, Patrick Moraz, Bruce FordFyfth and Keith Emerson.

First Movement Dixie Arrow Start time :25 (Filmed by Captain JT Barker)
Second Movement Palancar 17:38 (Filmed by Ben Baugh)
Third Movement Baja 24:58 (Filmed by Ben Baugh)

Piano controller performed on was a Yamaha KX88 played through a Roland JVX1080. Mastering Adobe Audition. Film editing, mastering and color grading was done in Premier Pro and DaVinci Resolve.


The new MP3 of the full "Underwater Improv" concerto is now available via Pay Pal here on the JBO Blog Site. A full DVD with special features will be released 2019 and available worldwide that will include the full concerto and a special live concert.


"Underwater Improv" 
3 Movements are as follows
Dixie Arrow
Hatteras NC

(Canyons, tunnels, reefs)
Cozumel Mexico



First reviews and reactions coming from music lovers, musicians, radio, music reel review, social media and producers.

2d movement

3d movement/Finale

The music sounds great. Very moving piece of music, classical in style with a new age feel, the video goes well with it.
Steve & Chrissie Owm
~One World Radio UK

Really amazing!! ~Santiago Vera, Italy  

long dives in to the raw emotional shards of extended composition with no pop structure in sight. This piece floats and wafts, sometimes sad and buoyant to be broken by the quick flourish and bite of the trill fish, darting between the semibreves and bottom ooze. I think that it is adventurous and bold, it does indeed remind me of some of the drama of Beethoven and is more European to me in its currents and eddies. I could talk of production and sound sources but not today, l just want to listen and be washed by my mother the deep mysterious sea. Bravo.  ~ David Hill, Australia 

It's the best and it made my day, God Bless you. ~ EM Nestsoul, Cape Town South Africa

Nice job Jim. ~ Mike Meyer, USA 

For late night listening, I quite like it and I am always impressed by anyone who can actually make piano keys actually "tinkle". Improv skills really show! Also, it's simply beautiful! ~ Michael Sirois, Denmark 

An amazing composition, sounds and performance. Well done with this Jim. ~ D William, USA

Man that was so good I just had to rub my face to help come out of the trance so I could try and compose some thoughts on what I've just heard. Without even the need of a title of any imagery I was immediately drawn under the waves, bubbles floating around my head as I swam deeper and deeper into this piece. There were some truly masterful parts counterpointed by "wash over me" phases that worked so well as a whole. Can you tell, I quite liked it?  ~ Ray Chapman, United Kingdom 

Nice video man and great playing, good work, keep it up ~ Andy Dawson, USA 

Absolutely beautiful.. realizing I don't typically listen to anything less than 30 minutes, but I figured what the heck I really don't have a lot going on in my life so I decided this one time .. seriously amazing piano and shows the bar as of right now has been raised by more than several degrees .. I actually never did lose interest straight thru. ~ Ray Pitts, USA

Beautiful. Mesmerizing, I love it! ~ Janice Lewis, USA

Love George Winston. December is a holiday staple around my home. As such, you can imagine I really enjoyed the piano work here. Very beautiful and very relaxing. Can’t say I honestly listened to the entire piece, but what I did listen to was beautiful (about 10 minutes)I’ll be back for the rest. Nice. ~ David Becker, USA

This is very good ! You really captured the feel of the water. ~ Mary McEwan, USA

I've given the concerto a listen. It is really quite nice. I like the inclusion of band elements in the 2nt movement. And again, the use of effects, which I've not heard you use prior.. reverb, delay.. is handled very well. Enjoyed this a great deal!!  P.S. Your technique is really stunning...whether used for subtlety or bravado.  ~Richard Lumpkin, USA

A wonderful composition, performance and video. Top marks for me Jim. Well done! ~ Douglas Williams, USA

So Soothing,  I Loved It! ~ Eva Winters, USA

I was overloaded by fish-school & glissandi, & decided to eliminate the visuals, & immediately memories of Keith Jarrett's improvisations on piano came to mind. Another movement arrives, & here the atmospherics contribute, connection to 3rd movement, Jarrett full chords played with gusto & glissandi reprise. Your command of the keys is sublime. Finishing with a spiritual surprised. ~ James Pembroke, Brisbane Australia

Beautiful music Jim! ~ Adam Abbity, USA

I can’t look at the ocean without thinking about how we’re killing it. The frenetic pace of the playing stirred me. ~ Trudy Fielding, Sydney Australia 

Really nice film, keep up the good work! ~ A.D. USA

Well this is cool. A beautiful stirring piece full of emotion and possibly angst. you've hit the reaction mark, with this, loved the sweeping addition of the strings and orchestra washing away behind the frantic keys. Some beautiful highs and lows and superbly glued together for a truly dramatic experience. It had to be about water. Great stuff. ~ Alan Pullen, Strawberry Records Australia

Great job JB! ~ Betcie Thrift, USA

Amazing underwater footage! ~Vielen Dank, Germany

I Love your music! ~J. Sweard, USA

After several weeks of travel, I finally had enough internet service to watch Jim Baugh's musical video composition. From the first few moments I was totally enthralled. The music truly accentuated the beauty of the underwater video. A true master piece of music bringing the video to life. Very nicely done. ~ Jack Normand, USA

I couldn't listen to all of it Jim but what I heard was just magical. ~Carol Ratcliffe , Oakham United Kingdom

WOW!!!  Music and diving both incredible! ~ Louise Tutka Scott , USA

Absolutely amazing Jim...CONGRATS and keep it going! ~Ernest Mathewson, USA    

Totally awesome! You are truly a man of many talents! Congratulations! ~Joyce Dick , USA

Monday, May 21, 2018

Black Drum Tournament 2018 Eastern Shore Chris Bait and Tackle JBOTV

Jim Baugh Outdoors TV has been filming the last 9 days this years black drum tourney and there really have been some awesome fish weighed in. Once we finish the show we will post it on our JBOTV Channel, for now is a run down of the events for the week. Tight Lines, Godspeed, JB

Captains Meeting

How to clean Drum
How to COOK Drum / Recipe

Friday, April 13, 2018

"Green Flash" appears over the Chesapeake Bay after Sunset April 12, 2018 filmed by JBOTV

The elusive “Green Flash” is an atmospheric condition where due to refraction, the curvature of the earth the atmosphere causes the light rays of the sun to separate into different colors. A green or green yellow flash sometimes can be seen as the sun dips below the horizon. This is a rare occurrence to see and one we have been chasing for many years to capture on camera. So, once again after setting up our cameras to record the sunset we then proofed the footage in the studio. To my shock I immediately saw what seemed clearly to be a green yellowish flash, actually it was a double flash, the first and second occur at these timeline points. The conditions were as follows, super clear night not really a cloud in the sky. In a distant horizon you can clearly see the sun drop below the horizon, then a green yellow bloom just above where the sun set (no clouds). The second is clearly seen and the upper arch is visible fairly high off the horizon, then quickly moves down to the horizon.

So on a super clear evening, there did not seem to be any clouds that would cause some sort of reflection or anomaly. In all the years I have been chasing sunsets, this is the first time I have ever seen this type of artifact, anomaly, or Green Flash. There could also have been some sort of weather condition far away that was not visible to the naked eye that could have caused this effect. Only God, Nature, or a good meteorologist could know for sure. (In that order)

We were fortunate to be filming in 4K and output the project in a 1080 resolution. This enabled us to create a two camera/shot effect without affecting the resolution. The camera was a hero 4 silver mounted on a gorilla grip. POV was on the lower Eastern Shore at Mermaid Bay Beach looking west across the Chesapeake Bay of Virginia.

Whatever it was one thing is for sure, it was a beautiful sunset. More to come.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Over 1,350,000 people annualy and now celebrating 1000 subscribers to JBOTV on YouTube!! Plus some top subscriber pics!

WOW! What a weekend it has been! Jim Baugh Outdoors is proud to announce it’s 1000 subscriber to our JBOTV YouTube Channel! The JBOTV media machine includes Social media (Three Facebook pages and Twitter) , 6 Jim Baugh Outdoors web sites and blogs plus our JBOTV channel on YouTube which now boats over 1000 subscribers and growing rapidly.
We were very fortunate to track down and find out exactly who was the 1000 subscriber and believe it or not, this was not an easy task. So we want to introduce you to the awesome couple who jointly subscribed to JBOTV. A couple of outdoors loving folks who are quite the outdoorsman, or should I saw outdoors…woman? I think so!!
Marjorie and Wayne just outside Denver Colorado
Without further adoo, let me introduce to you our 1000 subscriber Ms. Marjorie Moore and her partner Mr. Wayne Bradby!!
Marjorie Moore Subscriber #1000 JBOTV
I had a chance to speak with them and here is a little bit about our 1000 subscribers!

   Where are you from? 

   Everywhere…army brat…lived everywhere from Washington state to Italy.  Born in OK.  Marjorie-NJ.

Where is your favorite place to travel?
   Anywhere there are fish. Favorite places include Africa and Maui/Kaui/  

  Favorite all time recipe?

Crayfish etoufee and potstickers. Will put mine up against any restaurant! (not trying to brag, but both dishes are that good!) Marjorie makes some mean ox tails!
Owner of Acrylic-Werks polish…best product on the market for multiple surfaces on boats (eisenglass, hull,  outboard motor housing, stainless steel rails, etc.), auto, and aircraft. and also consultant to Elder Resource Benefits Consulting, which helps veterans and surviving spouses obtain a benefit from the VA called Aid and Attendance, which can help them pay for home care or assisted/independent living facilities.
Favorite hobby?
 I’m assuming that’s supposed to be hobby…as hoppy sounds beer-related. Travel, fishing (kayak-fresh and salt and fly fishing) , cooking and drinking, photography

What is your favorite body of water?
       Depends on time of year and what I’m targeting. Blessed to live in the Virginia Beach, VA area where we usually have something going on year round. On the salt side…favorite target is reds and speckled trout, but love tangling with big blues during spring run and then stripers (when the bother to show up) in the fall/winter months. We also have a ton of freshwater opportunities within a short distance to the house. All kayak fishing for the most part unless I get an invite from a boat owner. For fresh, I’m liking citation sized catfish. (have 4 citations in past two years for channel cats)

 Tell us about your social life, lots of outdoor related travel?
       Marjorie loves to fish almost more than me. She’s been more of a shore/surf fisherman, but now has a kayak and will  be joining the plastic navy soon!
I am one of the founding members of the Tidewater Kayak Anglers Association, which was founded around 2004. I have been the treasurer since it’s inception and, for the last 12 years, have been the tournament director for our annual “Fish for Charity” kayak fishing tournament. This is one of the largest and longest lasting charity tournaments in the nation and supports two groups, Heroes on the Water and Project Healing Waters. Both groups using fishing related activities to help veterans and their families going through rehab and trying to assimilate back into the civilian community. Am very proud that we have raised over $100,000 to help these groups.  and  Our local HOW chapter is very active and has monthly outings for veterans and their families at no cost to them!

What would you like JBOTV to film more of?
Get you on a kayak for a show!
Thanks Wayne and Marjorie!!
While JBOTV is certainly appreciative for our viewers in the USA over the past 30 years, it is great to know that our JBOTV channel is now reaching viewers all over the world. This is just a sample of 10 channels out of the over 1025 subscribers to Jim Baugh Outdoors TV. Fascinating stuff!

1 Brazil
Nelson Lang

2 Chesapeake Bay USA
   3 United Kingdom
Scott Tilley

4 Berlin Germany
5 United Kingdom
The BBQ Chef
   6 United States
Realistic Fishing
7 United States

Amped Anglers

8 Sydney Australia
Travel with Tom Park

9 United States

Ernest Mathewson
10 Hungary

We welcome you to JBOTV!