Thursday, October 16, 2014

RIP Captain Buddy Harrison

Last time on board with Captain Buddy
this past spring 2014
We sadly say good-bye to a true Chesapeake Bay legend. A very successful charter captain, fisherman, hotelier, and restaurateur; Captain Buddy Harrison above all was an original the likes of which we are not apt to see again.
All who met Captain Buddy never forgot this old salt. For me it was twenty years ago when we had a super time featuring him on Jim Baugh Outdoors TV while filming out of Baltimore on the Chesapeake Bay. We caught a boatload of fish that day and Captain Buddy was very accommodating. He was a natural on camera especially with that old, Tilghman Island accent. That show was the very first travel feature we ever produced –what a godsend to feature a charter with Captain Buddy at the helm!

Just this past spring, it was amazing to meet up with Captain Buddy again on our 25th Anniversary Show featuring Talbot County, Maryland. Donna and I enjoyed our stay at his family’s Harrisons Chesapeake House on Tilghman Island. We also fished with him all day joined by his son and grandson. We limited out pretty quick, and were back at the docks ready to filet Rockfish for the evening’s supper. and fished with the Harrisons all day.

I spent a lot of time swapping tales with Captain Buddy and his son that day, mostly about fishing and the many uproarious stories that went along with years of running a fishing charter business. We laughed and laughed –time spent with the Captain always included plenty of those. I gained a lot of respect for Captain Buddy, his family, and the legacy they’ve built in the charter business. They run a first class fishing operation from check in to check out, where keeping customers happy is the family motto.

Rockfishing is here again, and if your looking for a great charter, come on out and enjoy what Captain Buddy built on his beloved Tilghman Island. The Harrisons will set you up right.

The show we produced on Talbot County featuring Buddy is broadcasting now on NBC Universal. View it online at anytime. Link is below.

Captain Buddy is one of those larger than life characters, or as his fan club use to sing, “If he can’t do it, nobody can.” Meeting and working with someone like him makes being in this business truly worth it.

It’s the end of an era, and that can be sad. Yet Captain Buddy’s legacy lives on in the businesses he built, certainly with his family that carries on, and most of all the laughter he shared with all on deck and on land.

I do believe there is a Rolex Presidential waiting for him at the pearly gates.

JBO sends our prayers and condolences to Captain Buddy’s family and his many friends.

Until we cast a line with you again, Captain Buddy!

Jim & Donna
Jim Baugh Outdoors TV

Click Here to see JBO TV Talbot County feature with guest Captain Buddy and crew!

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