Friday, June 8, 2007

Graduation Day For My Daughter, Casey Baugh

Well, I had a pretty good excuse for not being on the water today. My daughter Casey Graduated from high school today! Now, not just ANY high school, but Midlothian High, one of the top 3% highest ranked High schools in the country! Makes me proud to know, that as an old JR Tucker Grad, we used to kill them in Football, but that was to many years ago that I will put in print here.

It was a great day, Casey was so excited! She now is off to a concert and then leaving tomorrow for the Outer Banks for a week with her soon to be college roommate.

For a graduation gift, (besides Beach Bones) I went to Jerads and got her a really pretty gold Butterfly Necklace that had three small diamonds in the center of the Butterfly.
I told her that if her future boy friend ever gave her diamonds any smaller, DON'T marry him!!

Oh well, exciting day and congrads to my daughter Casey. She is a sweetie for sure.

Jim B

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