Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Go Virginia Green with some excellent Hampton Clam Chowder!

Hi folks, we would like to invite everyone to check out our new "Go Green" Eco-Friendly lifestyle web site at jimbaughoutdoors.com. The first phase is up and running. We are also glad to announce that in our home base port of Hampton Va both the Hampton Roads Convention Center and the Hampton Convention and Visitors Bureau are certified Virginia Green. http://www.hamptoncvb.com/go/visitors

Today, we were very excited to feature the first Virginia Green Certified restaurant in Hampton, the Coffee House in Phoebus!
We did a story there today that featured Hampton Clam Chowder, and it was about the best I ever had. The restaurant is one of the prettiest you will ever see and is centrally located in Phoebus, just down from the Virginia Theater.
Look for upcoming recipes from today's shoot in Travel Virginia Magazine in the May-June issue, "Vacations". The Coffee House is not only Virginia Green certified, but the food is awesome, made to order, fresh baked breads, and even a nice wine list. It is also on the Jim Baugh Outdoors Eco-Bike tour!!
We will be having more info about the Jim Baugh Outdoors "Go Green Fishing Machine" soon, so check back here soon!. Jim B

The Coffee House is also on FACEBOOK, look for daily specials
Here are just some of the ways The Coffee House has become Green and Eco-Friendly

*They reduced use of plastic cleaner bottles by installing a bulk concentrate system using green cleaning products.
*They compost coffee grounds, and offer customers grounds for their home compost pile.
*They do not use any Styrofoam products. All paper products are at least 50% post consumer recycled materials.
*Their recycle container is twice the size of our garbage. Recycling mostly cardboard and glass, but will recycle anything that they can.
*They use compact fluorescent bulbs everywhere we can. (CFL's)
*Most sinks are motion activated faucets and have motion activated paper towel dispensers. *Toilets are low flow.
*Most of our vendors are also green.

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