Saturday, January 30, 2010

Franc White, 84 and still Flyin High!!!!

We have been broadcasting Jim Baugh Outdoors for 21 years now, and ever since the day we first aired, I always get ask about Franc White of the Southern Sportsman. I grew up watching Franc and about 20 years ago, had the pleasure of broadcasting in several states in adjacent time slot to Franc. Both shows pulled good ratings and we usually aired back then on Sunday mornings.

I have met Franc on a couple of occasions in North Carolina when we were both covering stories for our shows. Franc was a REAL character, and actually in person, even more of a character than he was on TV.
Who else in the world could come up with,
"Swinus Americanus"
and of course,
"Do yourself a favor, and take a kid fishing"
and my all time fav.
"Dont re-elect nobody, not even your mama!!!"
This is the truth, rarley in my career has anyone ever ask me about other outdoor TV Show host, except for Franc White. Franc has left an invaluable impression on a lot of us.
Well, a couple weeks ago I got an e mail from someone named Mike Roberson, who told me he and friends were meeting Franc in NC and they are all going to fly airplanes. He ask me if I wanted any photos from the trip, I said, "All YOU CAN GET!!!!"

As far as I know, these are the first pics of Franc that anyone has seen in many years.
He is 84 years old!!!!!! And still flyin!!
Hats off to you Franc!

Below is the e mail that Mike sent me a couple days ago, and I have included a few of his pics.

Subject: Fish and Flying in Plymouth NC"
Hey Jim,
Here are a few pictures from the day with Franc. It was a beautiful day temp in the 60's and clear sky. My friend picked Franc up from his private airstrip and met us at South Oaks grass strip in Ayden. Then we flew to Vanceboro where we met up with some other friends at another grass strip. From there we the 12 of us spread out in 6 planes and made an aerial caravan out to the Pamlico sound and around Pantego then over to Plymouth for lunch. Every Wednesday, weather permitting, the airport in Plymouth cooks lunch. So you just fly over and you can park go have lunch and talk shop and get some cheap aviation fuel, too!! Knapp and Wade operate the FBO there and do a great job of making everybody fill welcome. They also have people drive in for their free lunch on Wednesday. We left there and fly to Edenton and the to Tarboro and back to Greenville, NC. It was a great day with great friends! I asked Franc several times what he was thinking and every time he could hardly find the words. He was so happy to be out flying again and meeting new friends. Franc is now 84 and still looks the same as I always remembered."
Mike Robertson

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