Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Big Boys Are Back! Tuna Time!!

Here is a report from my buddy Capt Don Malkowski, AWESOME! JBO TV will be headin down soon to get these "Puppies" on film.
The season sure is off to a GREAT start after such a harsh winter
Capt Jim..

Bluefin seem to have moved closer to the Point, and even further north. Fish are still being caught, mostly on the jig, ranging from 100- 200 pounds on average with a few giants from 300-400+ thrown in here and there.
A great yellowfin bite started Saturday and continued into Sunday near the 280 Rocks. A couple of boats came in with a dozen or more between 30 and 40 pounds. The boat 'Marlin Mania' out of Teach's was hooked up with a nice blue marlin Sunday, but he had other plans and hit the road.

I fished on 'Still Think'n' with owner Bob DuBell and some buddies (Jeff Brown, Mike Winner, and Colin Ottersten) and we got a nice Bluefin that weighed 150 pounds on the troll. We also had a mistery bite that was very marlin-like that never came tight. Pirate's cove reported good catches of Bluefin and several wahoo this weekend. Spring came in and so did the tuna!!!
Don Malkowski

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