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June JBO TV Column for the Chesapeake Angler Magazine

Chesapeake Angler JUNE 2010

By Jim Baugh
Reporting from the fly bridge Hampton Virginia

TITLE: An Old Standard

There is a reason why old standards become old, and standard. Can anyone doubt that Round Midnight is a classic Jazz standard?? Probably not. In the world of angling, I doubt that anyone can dispute that wire lining for Rockfish is as successful as Round Midnight is to Jazz. When something works, no matter how old, usually you stick with it. While new inventions and methods of catching fish are always welcome in my book, it is always nice to be able to pull out a couple of old standards from my back pocket, and be sure to catch fish!

I would like to note that while discussing wire lining in this article, it is important to note that not only did we limit out on Rockfish on this trip, but we only burned about 1$ is Gas. Fishing out of Hampton is the best location in the world, and running one of the most fuel-efficient rigs on the water helps a lot as well. For more info on the Go Green Fishing Machine, the new Suzuki four strokes, and Carolina Skiff, just log on to our web site and Facebook.
The older I get, the more I realize how important knowing what tried and true is all about. Wire lining is just one of those techniques that produces fish in a variety of ways, and with a variety of species. What make wire lining so successful?? It is just one word. And here it is--- CONTROL.

The hardest thing in fishing is getting your bait to the exact position and location you want it, and keep it there with out a lot of fuss and aggravation. Wire lining does just that. There is less drag on the line, meaning less drift and more accuracy while fishing. Bait placement is so important. The other GREAT thing about wire lining is that the line is so tuff, that you can run it around pilings getting your bait in between bridge pilings. Also it makes it very easy to fish water columns. How heavy the line is determined by what type of fishing you will be doing. Fishing the HRBT we use lighter line than we do fishing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, however the rig is usually the same. I tie a three way with about three feet from the sinker, and then leader line going out to the bait. Fishing the CBBT, we will usually use a longer leader than fishing the HRBT. Once you have your favorite rod rigged up with wire, don’t only aim for Rockfish, but togs and other species as well. While fishing structure like the artificial reefs offshore, wire line can be a huge asset.

Control over your bait presentation is very important, and wire lining helps in this area greatly. However boat control is just about as important. While fishing the bridge pilings, I only will let one or at most two fisherman with lines in the water of the stern. That is it. The captain has to be at the helm the entire time positioning the boat judging tide, current, and distance from the bridge at all times. The way the current rips around here in the Chesapeake, one can hit a piling mighty fast, and it happens often. So be sure your crew is prepared to fish one or two lines only, and let them know the captain will not be helping to land fish, because his hands will never leave the wheel. Believe me, this advice can easily save your day, and boat!!

A lot of people I have talked to over the years sometimes have negative comments about wire lining. I have heard comments like, “I want to feel the fish more” or “I don’t want to dedicate a rod to wire”. Well, I always respond by asking them if they want to catch fish. Now, wire lining is not the only way to catch Rocks around structures like bridges and tunnels. We love to go out at night and cast light tackle in the light line and pull out some nice Rockfish. The fish are so thick here you can actually see the fish, and cast to which one you want! I just love that, very fun. However that fishing is of course at night. Sometimes it will be that hick in the fall.

Wire lining is just a good standard to always be ready to do. I cant think of many times, if ever, I have been skunked while Wire lining. I have been skunked before doing just about everything else.

So, while there will always be new and inventive ways to catch fish, don’t forget about the old tried and true standard-Wire lining. It may just put dinner on the table!!

I would like to invite everyone to check out all of the celebrations in our home base port of Hampton VA. The 400th anniversary of Hampton Virginia is a huge celebration that you and your family do not want to miss. For a list of events and festivals just log on to or the Hampton CVB web site for accommodations and lodging info. (

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Tight Lines!
Jim Baugh
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