Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wish a Fish Foundation is Awesome! Not only for children with special needs, but for their families as well.

We had a ball filming a show with the Wish a Fish foundation over the weekend. Just a great group of kids that were so excited about catching fish! The kids may have special needs, one of them is more bait because these kids can catch fish!!!!! The pictures say it all. So does the Wish a Fish mission statement.

"Mission Statement: The Wish-A-Fish Foundation's mission is to provide a little relief for a family from the daily stress of having a child with “special needs” such as a life-threatening illness, or a mental or physical disability, by taking the entire family out for a day of fun and fishing on the water.

For more info. just log on to the Wish a Fish site at
We hope you will support Wish a Fish, one worthy cause for sure!!
The show we filmed will air during our 2011 series.

A BIG thanks to All Bunnel for everything he has done for hundreds of families. Also we would like to thank and support a great fishing charter, the Sally T!!!! call them and tell them Jim sent ya! 757-515-3051 Captain PETE as you can see is ON THE FLOUNDER, SPOT, and TROUT BIG TIME. Book a trip NOW while the bite is on!!!!
We will be filming again with Captain Pete during Rockfish season and even do a cooking segment on the head boat. A new fall Rockfish recipe. Captain Pete is on the fish, a great captain and crew. Book today! And take a kid fishing!

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