Friday, January 19, 2018

Northampton County Sheriff's Office Deputy JW Foisey Aids Stranding Team in porpoise rescue THANK YOU!

THANK YOU!!! Northampton County Sheriff’s office and Deputy J.W. Foisey!!! Well, things were going well with the Virginia Stranding Team here at Mermaid Bay on the Chesapeake, right up until it came time to haul this 300+ pound porpoise off the beach and up the dune to make the trip across the Bay for a necropsy.

We did ok until we reached the top of the dune and that is where we got stuck! No one else around to help, so I called the Sheriffs office in hopes that maybe somebody could give us a hand. Low and behold, a knock on the door and there stands Deputy JW Foisey and let me tell ya this man cast a shadow. Big strong dude!

Deputy Foisey headed out to the beach with us, and man that was all it took. At one point he was hauling this 300+ pound mammal by himself, and we still needed a crane to lift it in the truck! This is not regular duty for an officer to do, and can’t thank him enough and the Sheriff’s office for helping us out. I mean, this is not exactly a cat stuck in a tree. Without them, that porpoise would have never made it back to Virginia Beach. Thanks again and thanks to the Virginia Aquarium and the Stranding Team for the work that they do.

Somebody should by that deputy a beer when he gets off work! JB

Thanks again JW Foisey
and the Northampton Sheriff's Office
The Virginia Stranding Team from the Virginia Beach Aquarium
To Report stranded marine life 24/7
757 385-7575

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