Saturday, March 24, 2018

2 Free Ebooks HOOKED & Aftermath When Subscribe to Jim Baugh Outdoors TV YouTube

Our publisher Solstice Publishing is helping us with our Subscribe promotion over at JBOTV on YouTube. We are offering 2 Free Ebooks HOOKED and Aftermath for free simply by subscribing to JBOTV. All you have to do is go to our about section and the link is right there at the bottom. It is a secure drop box link and the books will download immediately.

This promotion will end once the subscriber number hits 1000, and as of this blog the count was around 760.

For the past two years Jim Baugh Outdoors has diligently been building our channel with now 30 years of archives in addition to our new shows. Also we have a special recipe and photography playlist. JBOTV is updated several times weekly and is the only place that we have made all our 30 year content available and it's free.

Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions we always like to hear what our viewers like to see the most.

So subscribe today and enjoy the books, they are Amazon best sellers, link below for reviews etc.

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