Friday, October 12, 2007

Annapolis Boat Show is PACKED!!

Hello Folks,

Reporting live from the Power Boat Show\Hampton Booth on the Annapolis city Wi Fi!!
What a day here on our fist day at the Annapolis Boat Show. We have been appearing at the Hampton Public Piers booth and have been very glad to see our fans! We have had a lot of inquiries about the upcoming Get hooked On Hampton Rockfish Tourney, and a lot of folks have been thirsty for the local fishing information in the lower Bay. I think I talked five hours today on the Hampton Bar Alone. It is interesting talking to boaters and anglers from the upper Bay about Rockfishing. Generally speaking, we have the monster ocean fish down here around the CBBT. I have had lot of anglers ask about our rig for the big fish. Check out next months issue of the Chesapeake angler Magazine where I discuss in detail one of our fav. ways to fish for Rockfish-Wire LINE!! "Pullin the tube" I had a chance to run over and check out he Glacier Bay booth, they had one awesome rig rigged with twin Suzuki 300 HP four Strokes. I also ran into Terry Chones with Suzuki, great to see him, Terry will be joining us for the monster Rockfish Season coming up this Dec. January. Cant Wait!!
We are about wrapping up for today, and will be here all day Saturday for the show. Would like to thank everyone again for coming out and seeing us, it has been a great day, with hundreds of fantastic boats. This is a great show and one that we look forward to attending next year!

PS: Many thanks to cameraman Sean Finnegan and Hamptn Public Piers Dockmaster, Gary Gatling

(Photo by Terry Chones)

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