Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pit Stop to Miami

It was quite a fast trip from Hampton down to Florida, we made it to Amelia Island in only seven hours from our boat slips. I love to stop by Fernandina Beach to check out the fishing and see whats happening at the beach. This is only 15 min or so over the state line, so it is a great stop on the way to Miami.

The new C5 show Vette did great, I did do a Mobile one oil change before heading down. She only had 8000 miles on her when I got her last fall. I have set the trip distance so once back in Hampton we can report trip\fuel totals. But on the road, we are getting about 28 miles per gallon, that is with the top on. We just took off the targa top so or mileage wont be quite as good on the way to Miami.

I brought down some fresh Hampton Rockfish that we all will be cooking up tonight. Fish Tacos complete with about five different relishes will be served up around 7pm. Look for the complete recipes in the upcoming issues of Virginia Lifestyles Magazine.

We are excited about the Miami International Boat Show, and visiting with all the folks from Suzuki. Their on water show and display at the convention center is just awesome. This year we have quite a few friends from Hampton coming down for the show, looking forward to see our boating friends!

Well, must be off, and I must say, Crockett and Tubs have been doing a great job at keeping the streets of Miami clean an safe. Thanks guys!!! We will se ya on the water in a few days!!
Jim B

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