Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fireworks on the Fourth of July over the Chesapeake Bay-A Must See!

Hi everyone. JB here wishing everyone a great fourth of July holiday. We had an awesome view right of off our balcony of the Hampton\Fort Monroe fireworks show. This was a real treat, and everyone one had a ball cooking on the waterfront barbie while this spectacular fireworks show was booming Right in front of us. Hampton has a lot of fireworks through the summer season. Blackbeard Festival and Bay Days have awesome fireworks shows as well. If you have not had the pleasure of watching a fantastic fireworks show over the water, you need to come to Hampton an experience this, great fun for the entire family. For festival dates and more info just log on to

In the top picture, you can see the Hampton Suzuki Show boat is back in the water after about a two month haul out. We had a lot of work done at Sunset Boating Center, many thanks to Cindy and John. (and the new baby of course) The Hot Pursuit got a solid bottom job, worked on the radar, changed the oil in the Suzuki 250's, put in new impellars, and also worked on the AC filters. IN addition, one great cleaning job. She is running great and looking forward to fishing offshore once some good reports start coming in. We got the show boat splashed just in time or the fourth.

Well, at JBO central we are taking the weekend off, and will be cruising over to Salt Ponds on the Bay in Hampton. Here at the clubhouse and pool, they had a great holiday pool party and the grill never stopped.
"Spirit of America Festival" (in Phoebus)
I got a call and just found out there is a Mustang car show being held in Phoebus right around the corner. Vette owers are welcomed. This car show is a part of the "Spirit of America Festival" -So-coffee and car show it is, then we will fire up the twin 250's, and hit the water. Might even set out a crab pot today, we are getting some nice Jimmies in the river now. They are all over my dock! Tina Turner got into a bit of a tizzy with a crab this morning. Tina got reminded that those things have claws. Only thing hurt was her ego.
Sunday concert on the beach at Buckroe
Sunday we hope to see everyone on the Beach at Buckroe for the Sunday afternoon Beach music party. We will be there rolling some tape for Jim Baugh Outdoors and enjoying the concert. Weather looks great! Yall come on out!
Wishin everyone a happy fourth from JB and Tina!!
Tight Lines
Jim B

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