Tuesday, October 14, 2008

River Rat

We have a hard time keeping the boy dry!! Was not long out in Washington State before Ben Baugh found some white water. Now, he called and said he is studying his behind off, and the classes in his masters program are a real bear. He sent me these pics, this must be during study break, ya think??
I have had a lot of people ask me how Tina Turner Baugh is doing out there, Ben says she is in heaven. They have a doggie door at the house so the dogs come and go as they please, and the yard has a large fence around it to keep the beast contained. Tina is an outdoor dog for sure, and has probably chased every squirrel out of the surrounding five mile area!

The word is GOOD! Jim Baugh Outdoors is on standby, we will get the call and meet out for some awesome Yellowfin Tuna fishing. The Blackfin bite was hot, and the Yellowfins are now starting to gather. We will give full reports of our trip and post pics here. We will also be heading out for some more King Mackerel fishing next week, reports will be posted here as well.
Stay tuned

Jim B

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