Sunday, November 23, 2008

We Have A Winner!!

Yesterdays Get Hooked On Hampton Rockfish Tourney did not let us down, yes, it blew again this year. Gain warnings the previous night until 6am, and a small craft advisory all day. Five foot seas in the Bay, and the wind chill factor was 200 degrees below zero! Well, that is what it felt like.
To add to their excitement, the bite was off big time. The ocean fish just were not there yet. So the big win was a three pound fish caught by the third island by Andy Simmons on board the Clare Skys. I got to hand it to this team, they braved some mighty tuff conditions!

Their prize was one Suzuki four stroke 2.5 HP engine, brand new and in the box. Also they received the double DVD Jim Baugh Outdoors TV year end set, and the new Max King Reelin and Eelin DVD.

Congratulations guys, sorry for such bad weather. Next up, the Jim Baugh Rockfish Holiday Dec. 13. This is the same day as the Bluewater Tourney, fish them both! Ours has no entry fee. Just bring your fish to Sunset Boating Center by 4pm. We will have more prizes from Suzuki! We would like to thank Suzuki for continuing to support our tournaments and we sure will be hoping for better weather on the 13th.
Thanks April for showing up and keeping me and the Ducks company during weigh in. Hand feeding our Hampton Ducks is a lot of fun, but "not so much" when it's 20 degrees. LOL

Now after yesterdays chill off, I am going to make a pot of spaghetti.

Tight Lines

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