Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!

Thursday, 27th
Hello everybody, and hope your enjoying a great Thanksgiving holiday. We do love to cook up a storm on Jim Baugh Outdoors TV, and we certainly do not hold back at Thanksgiving. Sooooo- Here is a little bit about our cooking day yesterday. I am not much on deserts, so I will skip those, lets get straight to the meat of the matter. (Uncle Bill Pictured doing the Turkey Dunk)

Fried Turkey All total we fried two injected Turkeys and one marinated Chicken. We injected the birds with hot sauce, garlic, and herbs. One of the birds was 14 pounds, which was a little bigger than we like to fry, but it worked out ok. 50 minutes in the fryer and she was done!
Smoked Turkey, Smoked Brisket, and Pork stuffed Game Hens
All of the above we did on Uncle Bills smoker. The Turkey (almost 20 pounder) went on at 6am along with the Brisket. The smoker was chocked full of fresh water soaked Hickory wood and cooked at 225 untill 6pm Thanksgiving day. The Cornish Game Hens we stuffed with Captain Earls Hickory smoked BBQ and then smoked the Hens for about four hours. Everything turned out fantastic, and the different gravies included a red hot Carolina sauce, and a standard Turkey gravey.
We wanted to do Oyster stuffing, but could not find Oysters anywhere, was a bit bummed about that!

Saturday 29th
Kitty Hawk Pirate Art Show. 290 Years Since Blackbeards Capture
I left the Blue Ridge Mountains and drove to Kitty Hawk NC for the Pyratical Art Show put on by non other than Captain Pyrate Pete. This art show celebrated 290 years of Blackbeards capture. There really was some fantastic art there, I am including some pics here. The show\gallery will be up for a short while, so plan a trip down to Kitty Hawk and see this one in person, some great Pirate art! You can also see some of Captain Petes Pyratical art at the 2009 Hampton Blackbeard Festival in June.
More info just call 757 344 0685.
You can also see some of this awesome Pyratical art at his web site

Scouts are out!!! Fishing report on the Rocks will be out tomorrow, check back to see where the monster bite is!

Tight Lines

Jim B

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