Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Miami, West Palm, Key Largo, Marathon, and Key West

It is that time again! The Vette just got back from the shop for her complete check out before making the journey southbound. This year I will be attending the Miami International Boat show and film the Suzuki Booth, the Carolina Skiff in water display and also the Viking booth and the folks from Bluewater in Hampton VA.
This year we are most excited about our new "Go Green Fishing Machine"!!!! Thats right, we are building a boat with Carolina Skiff and powering it with the latest 90hp four stroke engines from Suzuki. We are putting together a fishing machine that you can fish all day in and not even spend 20 bucks. I will be interviewing the folks from Carolina Skiff at the show and will take lots of footage of the boats running. One Carolina Skiff will have twin 90hp's rigged, that one I really want to see. Once we are back from Miami and have the boat all put together, we will have reports on each day we go out. Exactly how much we spend on fuel, bait, everything. If it's more than twenty bucks, then we will of overspent. Jim Baugh Outdoors will be showing first hand to our audience just how affordable recreational boating and fishing can be. But you do need the right boat, and the right engine, all without sacrificing your kids college funds!!! LOL

We will shoot the C. Center-Suzuki Booth, C. Skiff in-water display, and Bluewater\Viking, then leave for Key Largo. Once we first arrive in West Palm, we will hook up with my Cameraman Wayne Baker and stay in West Palm for several Days before heading down to Miami and Marathon to see Hampton Native Barry Buchanon. If we have time, we may shoot some Suzuki Guides down in Key West. This will be a fast trip though, because we need to get back and work on getting the new show boat built, rigged, and ready.

The Suzuki booth is really something to see, and hope that a lot of folks will come down and check out the new product! We will be posting pics and updates here on the BLOG while we are down there.

(Suzuki Fishing Team, Captain Ron Mitchell)

*******Would like to remind everyone just how good the Sea Bass bite is offshore right now. Captain Jim has been tearing them up, and Max King sent me some awesome pics of there trip as well.

Got to go for now, Crockett is calling me on the phone, has some new speed trap updates for us. If you see a Mag Red 2 C5 Vette headin south with the top off-WAVE!

Jim B. Southbound

Hampton VA
Suzuki Marine
Miami International Boat Show

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