Monday, October 26, 2009

Oyster Roast and BBQ on Buckroe Beach

We had been planning with some friends who live on the beach at Buckroe a fall Oyster Roast. It was at the Hampton Cup Regatta when we decided to do what probably will now be an annual event. Our friends Karen and Jake live right on the beach near the new Buckroe Fishing Pier, and wow, what a beautiful new pier it is. If you have not yet had a chance to check out the pier, fall is a great time to do so and Rockfish season is in!! This is also a fantastic time to visit Buckroe, Hampton has done a great job at managing the beach area, it is now very large and well maintained. A pretty and wide beach that also has a children's park area, and nice bike trails.

JB here was put in charge of the NC style BBQ, and I smoked 30 pounds of it Saturday in Hampton right here by the Hampton River. Here is my BBQ tips for what may be the best BBQ you will ever have.Start off with some Boston butts, and soak them in apple juice for 24 hours, then drain. Rub the meat with your favorite pork rub, then inject the meat with a 50 \ 50 mix of Texas Pete and apple cider vinegar. For the sauce, use a third Texas Pete, third crushed red pepper, and a third of vinegar. Coat the butts with the sauce and place in a large pan.

We usually smoke three or four butts at a time, or approx 30-40 pounds of meat. Smoke the meat at a temp of 225-250 degrees for 10 hours. For wood, my favorite is a mix of 75 percent apple, and 25 percent hickory.

When done, let the meat stand for about an hour, then start pulling the meat off the butts. Most of the meat will just fall off.

The 30 pounds of BBQ only lasted about 45 minute at the Oyster Roast, everyone really enjoyed it. There was also some fantastic smoked ribs, and jumbo hot dogs that was a big hit.

We all had a big treat and had the wonderful live music of Phoebus Rio playing right on the beach. It was just awesome, Robin also showed up to play some classical guitar and did a great rendition of classical gas, Ruth just loved it.
Phoebus Rio plays twice a month at the La Bodega wine and cheese shop in downtown Hampton, be sure to check them out, they are a great group!
Fall is a great time to be here fishing, the Rockfish bite has been decent, but the real night time bite should be happening this week. All you have to do is get to Hampton, fish the HRBT with an outgoing tide and cast to the pilings. Remember there is a two fish limit.

Jim Baugh Outdoors will be filming Rockfishing here in Hampton this Wed through next week, and will be reporting here on the fishing action. We will be chunking during the day and casting at the HRBT at night, as long as we catch the tide right!
Thanks again to everyone for putting on such a great Oyster Roast!! Buckroe Beach was beautiful!
Tight Lines!
Jim B

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