Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rockfishing in Hampton, season is now!

JBO TV will be filming most of this week at the HRBT for night time Rockfish. Fishing the light line at the HRBT is an awesome experience. You can actually see which Rockfish you want to cast to. We don't usually get trophy fish at this time of year, but we will catch upwards of 20 pounders later in the month.

We will be fishing out of the Go Green Fishing Machine and report our fuel expenditures for the week. I doupt we will even burn five bucks in fuel, and limit out everyday!!

Only in Hampton! Fish On!
Jim Baugh.

JBP INC today is posting some commercials for the Magnolia House B & B here in Hampton. Ruth and I stayed there this past spring, and for sure, it is the most incredible B & B I have ever stayed, and it is convenient to everything downtown as well.
If you are going to be coming to Hampton to fish our fall season, or especially if you have family coming into town and would like them to have an incredible experience, contact the Magnolia House B & B. You will be glad you did!

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