Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More Fish on!! Only $3.69 fuel bill, GO GREEN FISHING MACHINE!

We went out again today to do a little more filming. My cameraman Sean was getting ready to hit the road for another month, so we all decided to give him some time pulling lips during Rockfish season. We also had on board our buddy and neighbor, Barry Buchanon.
Once again we were wire lining the HRBT and mostly fishing the Bay side in 20 to 15 feet of water. Bucktails with a trailer worked best, I tried a Storm, but no luck this time. Storms are awesome baits, but just did not produce today.

We were fishing the back side of a full moon, which meant high tides, and FAST current. Never my fav time to fish. But, we did land three small keepers before what bit there was shut down. We were happy.

I also tried pulling the tube on the HRBT, no luck there. However we were able to get up close to one crazy looking naval ship / boat / car / well, not really sure what it was, but have a pic here!
UPDATE: Thanks to our friends on Facebook, (M20 restaurant & TJ) We now know what this boat is. Check it out, it is really cool!!!
Today we left out of the Hampton River from JBO CENTRAL in the Go Green Fishing Machine. Fished the south side of the HRBT, and the tube, and trolled all day while out there. Here is our fuel info.
Suzuki 90hp four stroke. Carolina Skiff JVX20----- 1.3 gallons. for the day
That is a total of
$3.69 in gas expenditure for the day.
Plus, we did land three Rockfish, which is getting $9 bucks a pound at the market. We had about 3-4 pounds of fillets.
Thanks to Suzuki and Carolina Skiff, we are fishing on one of the most fishable fuel efficient boats on the water. It truly is revolutionary!
Come on out and get on these Rockfish
Nightfishing, the tide will be really right by the first to the middle of next week for night fishing. The current should be moving out to sea by the time the sun goes down, excellent for night fishing, plus, no full moon. Everything is lined up for excellent fishing.
Book your slips and rooms now for next week!!! We will see ya out there!
Jim B

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