Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November Nor'easter 2009 -pics, Hampton VA

JB here, just got back from a tour downtown on the Go Green JBO Bike. Only hours into this storm and already we have flooding in the streets. Pembroke is almost not passable down near the bridge. Considering the fact we have three days of this blow, we can expect a LOT of flooding.

I rode down to the JBO CENTRAL docks, and was glad I did. There was a railroad tie jammed up beside the Go Green Fishing Machine, and a couple of boats had a LOT of rainwater in them already.

We will post more pics over the next few days. Jim B

UPDATE ALERT: This storm is predicted to exceed hurricane Isabel by one foot, that is a total of eight feet. Check your boats folks!

Tonight at the peak of high tide, we ventured out with captain Pete (aka Pyrate Pete) in his "Storm Chaser" Ford pick up truck. All I can say is, we did get back! I think that truck is half truck, half boat, or almost, U Boat! But we were able to photograph the flood of downtown. We have not since anything like this since Isabel.

Looking through the front dash window.

Marker 20 restaurant in downtown Hampton sent out a press release today, they would be serving, with generator power if need be, and they were. BIG thanks to the folks at M20 for sticking it out and staying open. We appreciate it!

We Survived the November Nor'easter!
After three days of one of the worst Nor'easters on record, we have finally seen this storm pass. In celebration of our boats still floating and our roof still over our heads, we had a small Blackbeards Crew pirate gathering here at JBO Central Saturday evening. The crew brought over a bunch of food and we all were very happy that we all got through this storm. Some of us still do not have power on the docks, but other than that, no damage.

Today we will get on our Go Green bikes and travel around Hampton helping our friends who were not so lucky. Lots of down trees, and in some areas, houses and business are wiped out, gone.
We are very grateful. The storm surge was very close to that of Hurricane Isebel.

Believe it or not, this IS good for the fishing. Now that this storm has passed, the Rockfish bite is gonna be really good. We will report later in the week once the water clears out.

Off to help our neighbors move trees and debris. It is a mess out there.
Jim B
(Below pics Blackbeards Crew-Captain Trav, Captain Pete, Karen,)


Photo Credit
Leonor. Brea,

Chick's Beach

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