Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trout and Spot Rock

We filmed a good show yesterday catching some decent Trout and big Spot. We cruised in the Go Green Fishing Machine down to Little Creek and fished the Jetties catching of all thing, Crappie jigs. We got on the fish right away and had them about on every cast. We caught a few keepers and the rest were very close.

The Trout would bite right up next to the rocks, as well as literally right by the boat, we even saw some "Chasers" following the fish as we reeled them in. Bait was 1\8 ounce lead head, little joe's Chartruse with speckel flake. (yes, Crappie Jigs)

On the way out we tried the artificial reef at Little Creek, no luck there, so decided to head back to our fav. Spot holes in Hampton Roads and just nailed them during the last hour of outgoing tide. Very nice Spot. Once the tide stopped, that was it. The bite was BIG in 20 foot of water drifing.

Back at JBO Central, we fried up some Spot. Tout, and the best Calamari I have ever had. Barry B. had given it to me, and will ask him today where he got it. I have eaten enough squid in my day to grow suckers on my arms. This was the best I have ever had anywhere or fixed. As soon as I find out where he buys this fantastic Calamari, will post it here.
Tight Lines!!
Jim Baugh
PS. Guess whats cookin over at our

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