Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"HOOKED" is available NOW!!

“HOOKED” Is available for early on line E Book Release!

Official release date for print and E Book is July 19th. However our publisher has already got Hooked up on several E Book sites. You can order HOOKED from any of the links below and be the first to get your favorite summer read on in seconds. HOOKED will also be on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel later this week. GO GREEN! E book today!

Order "HOOKED" from the official publishing house directly!! SOLSTICE PUBLISHING

You can also order from these other retailers below.






“Fishing, booze, girls, booze, fish, water, crazy times - yep, more booze - all are part of the lives of most anglers. Jim Baugh blends them together well in this intoxicating and humorous look at his life on and around the sea.”

"HOOKED" has some super funny stuff, a lot of it that had me thinking “wow, that’s very familiar. I remember when I……”

“That’s one of the things that’s really good about HOOKED, these are stories people can relate to. Reading this book will have you remembering things you may have forgotten about or hadn’t thought about for a long time. A great book to read with your feet in the sand.”

Lee Tolliver, Virginia Pilot Newspaper

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