Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"HOOKED" New Novel by Jim Baugh

"HOOKED" the autobiographical southern gothic humorous novel has awarded a publishing contract! As of today we have decided on the final publisher for the first novel. We will make the announcement on JBO TV web site and Facebook next week. The project will be released world wide both in e book and paperback mid fourth quarter 2011. Without a doubt, one funny read.

We have done some early testing with authors and publishers in the industry and the reviews have been very, very good. The 93,000 word manuscript will receive its final edit from the publisher over the summer and be ready for a Christmas release. The sequel to “HOOKED” is already outlined and most likely to be released second quarter 2013. The sequel, “COOKED” is based on JBO TV recipes and the stories behind each dish. For sure, one of the most entertaining cook books ever written.

More updates soon!

Jim Baugh

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